Math: We continued with cross sections by reviewing the practice problems to make sure we all understand. We then started circles. You measured 4 objects in class to find the circumference and diameter of circles.

Hwk: complete the chart of the circle investigation. Use the measurements from class to complete columns 4, 5 and 6. Aspects of Circles All Working Together


Social Studies: We continued to discuss independence for African countries. You took your notes on Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria independence and compared the three countries creating a venn diagram.  Attached you will find the diagrams that each class created. venn diagram-Kenya, S. Africa and Nigeria

Bell Questions

1. The five basic obligations that Muslims are supposed to do in their lives are known as the _________.

2. What is the main goal of Pan-Africanism?

Not sure why there haven’t been post

I am sorry about there not being post. I am not sure why the last one that posted was so long ago.

In math we finished learning about angle relationships and finding the missing angles and took a quiz on Tuesday. We then started learning about cross sections. What shape will you get if when you cut a 3d object? We did so by cutting shapes made out of moon sand.

Homework today: page 657 #3-6 page 659 #14-16, and the cross section practice sheet. Cross Sections more practice

Social Studies: We concluded our trial for Africa vs. Europe.  You moved from being part of the defense or prosecution teams to being a jury. You then had to decide if Europe was guilty of harming Africa. Your final product for the trial to write you decision using factual evidence.

Today we started learning about independence in Africa. You all need to finish taking notes of each of the countries. We started in class but you need to have these notes completed for class tomorrow. South Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria.

Kenya         Nigeria           independence-movement—s-africa-kenya-nigeria 



Tuesday 1-19

Math: We continued to work with angle relationships and finding the missing degrees. We did so by completing a walk around.

Hwk: Complet the Math-duko

Bell Question:

1. Dexter is planning a camping trip. He realized his tent is missing the entry way supports. The base of the tent is 6 feet wide. The height of the tent is 5 feet. He bought a rod that is 8 feet long will he be able to make his two supports? Why or Why not.


Social studies: We started working on  our Africa vs Europe case. You were given your roles in the case either prosecution team or defense team.  There was enough time to record facts from at least two exhibits to support your case.  If you were unable to report on two exhibits then you need to work this evening to make sure you come in caught up tomorrow.  You can find the instructions, exhibits and discovery log under the blog entry tiled Africa vs. Europe.

You will present your side of the case on Friday.

Bell Question:

  1. Which branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government?
  2. European influence in Africa started with which time period?

Africa vs. Europe

Africa vs. Europe instructions

Defense discovery log Africa vs. Europe

Prosecution discovery log Africa vs. Europe


maps of Africa political cartoons

Historical Understandings Reading

Results of Colonial Rule and Big Picture

Dr. Livingstone Podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class (Audio Podcast)

African Diamond Trade Podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class ( Audio Podcast)

A Condensed History of Rhodesia Podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class (Audio Podcast)

Colonialism and Development in Africa (Article)

Was Colonialism a Good Thing? (Article)

Crash Course: Imperialism (Video)

Crash Course: Decolonization (Video)



Math: We started discussing angle relationships today. We completed the graphic organizer notes and worked on pages in the book. You also finished the triangle assessments.

hwk: finish Page 617, 620 and 621 (#1-7)


Social Studies: You took the quiz for ethnic groups and then we reviewed for the final assessment for African Geography. Below are is a review to help you study.

Unit 5 Review Game


We made it through the first week in January!! I hope all of you had a good week that you worked hard to start of the semester on a good foot.

Math: We continued to work with triangles today.


There will be two grades taken on Monday for triangles.

Bell Questions:

1. The supports of a wood table are in the shape of a right triangle. Find the third angle of the triangle if the measure of one of the angles is 37°.


2.      10x -4 = 26


Social Studies: You took a quick check on the ethnic groups of Africa. You then worked on the 4 tasks for the Ethnic groups. You will have half the class on Monday to finalize these task.

Bell Question: _____________ and __________ is the most common way people make a living in the Sahel.


Thursday 1-7

Math: We continued to Investigate Triangles. Determine what it takes to make triangles and the differences in the angles for different types of triangles. Investigating Triangles

Hwk: complete Take a closer look and Can it be a Triangle. Can It Be a Triangle AngLeg Kit- hw       Take a Closer Look-triangles


Bell Question:

1. page 643 case #3.

2. -6x + 3 = -15


Social studies: We continued to learn about the cultures of Africa. By completing the graphic organizer for the different ethnic groups. You can find the resources under pages.

Bell Question: The Congo River basin is where which geographic region is located?

Happy new Semester

Today was the first day of the new semester. You started with a clean slate. Did you make the best of your opportunity and start off on the right page? From what I saw I would say yes but only you can truly answer the question.

Math: We pre-tested for the Geometry unit. You were given the Vocabulary for the unit.

Hwk: The vocabulary as well as page 629 and 632.

Bell Question:

1. David scored a 85% on his test. There were 22 questions how many did he miss?

2.   2/3 + 3/7 =


Social Studies: We started by watching the video for the children of the Sahara.  This video was a great example of how the geography and climate impact people. We then reviewed the geography of Africa through a Kahoot.

You assignment is to answer the following question in paragraph form.

How does geography impact people?

  • • Answer the question in relation to Africa
  • • Provide 3 examples- think of the videos, the locations of resources and land.
  • • Your answer should be about 2 paragraphs – total of 10 sentence minimum