I hope you all enjoyed the cultural extension on Friday. I really loved seeing all of your finished products. I also loved watching you all learn how to do something that might have been out of your comfort zone!  Thank you to the parents who helped.

Math: We reviewed the homework practice on mean, median and mode from Thursday. You then took the grade questions, you were able to use your composition books to help you with these questions.

Bell Questions:

1. The principal of a new middle school is holding an election to decide on the school mascot.

Part A

How can the principal predict which mascot will win the election   without surveying all the students? Explain why your method is   valid.


2)   (-3.7)(4.7) + 2.5 +6


S.S. We discussed the concept map today. Get more detail about our the economies are interdependent. Going into detail about what trade barriers, currency exchange, and free trade are and how they impact our interdependence/economy.

Bell question: 1. Shia Muslims believe that leadership should go to a direct decent of ___________. 2. Supply and demand determine prices in which kind of economy?


Bell Question assessment will be on Thursday. The final assessments for government and econ of Africa will be on Friday 3-4.  There will be graded questions over economies on Wednesday.

hwk: 7th period needs to have the South African part of the graphic organizer completed.  For class tomorrow. You will find the powerpoint and organizer under resources.


Tomorrow is our cultural extension day for Africa. I look forward to seeing your finished products for the activities we have planned!

Math: We continued to discuss biased and unbiased sample groups as well what makes a sample valid or not valid. We then reviewed mean, median and mode. We did so by completing the foldable for you composition book. You can find the foldable under the unit 5 resources tab. Then we did a quick question I-respond check to see how well you understood mean, median and mode. The result of your check determined your homework for the night.

Bell Questions:

1.Every 15th student who walked into the cafeteria was surveyed to determine his or her favorite lunch. Out of 60 students, 29 students stated that they liked the burgers best. The staff concluded that about 50% of the students like burgers best. Is the sample method biased or unbiased?

2.)   -2/3 divided by 3/4

There will be a grade taken on populations, samples, mean, median and mode on Monday.


Social Studies: We began to talk about economics with an overview of what we already know about it. We then work on completing the concept map on the relationship of the economic concepts.

We will continue this on Monday.

1. What has caused the Sahel to expand?

2.Many feel that girls should be married rather than educated which is why the ______ rates are so low for females in Africa.

Tuesday 2-23

Math: We continued to work and learn our vocabulary for statistics.  We did so by reviewing our notes and using the I-responds to answer question that related to our sampling notes. You then did the guided practice on page 546. Your homework is based on how you did on the guided practice. Remember to find the probability you use a ratio (the part over the total number surveyed), then divide the part by the total.  To make the prediction you will set up a proportion.

Hwk:     page 547-548

Less than 3 correct # 1-8 and 11

3 or 4 correct #1-5 odd 7, 8, and 11

5 or 6 correct #7-11

Graded Questions on Vocabulary Monday 2-29

Bell Questions:

1.) John’s test scores are 96, 88, 90, and 92 in math. Find the mean of his test scores to the nearest whole number.

2.) – 3(4x+5) + 2x


Social Studies: You had about 20 minutes to finish your summaries for your African news tasks. We then shared our summaries and discussed how government is involved in everyday life, some of the issues that government has to deal with as well as government is involved in economics. If you did not turn in your summaries they need to be turned in tomorrow.



Monday 2-22

Math: We are into unit 5 statistics. Today you completed guided notes on samples and populations. You will find the power-point for these notes as well as the graphic organizer under Math Unit 5 resources.

Bell Questions:

1. A horse can run at a speed of 75 miles per hour. How many miles per minute is this?

2.     2/3 + 4/5


Hwk: page 543 and 551.


Social Studies: You continued to work on the  African News task.  You will find the link to this task under the post entitled African News. The summaries will be due at the end of class tomorrow.

Bell Question:

1. What organization controls both the supply and price of a majority of the world’s oil?

2. Presidential and parliamentary governments are both forms of which type of government?

Our next cultural extension day will be on Friday.  We have some great activities planned. You can find a sign up for volunteers as well as a the letter about the movie under the post entitled Cultural Extension.



Math: We took the pre-test for Unit 5 Inferences. You then had time to work on your vocabulary for the new unit.

Social Studies: You entered your government check and government understanding answers on a grade cam. You then had time to start the African News task. We will continue to work on this task after the break on Monday and Tuesday.


Be on the look out for additional assignments for both subjects. These will be posted under the Additional assignment page.

Thursday- We are almost to the break.

Math: You took the final assessment for Geometry today. Our next unit will be inferences. We will be using and analyzing data.


Social Studies: I was out of the class today for training. You had a quick check on governments. Then you were supposed to work on the Government Understanding questions. 6th period due to behavior your understanding questions were taken up and will be graded. 7th period you were allowed to take home your questions to finish for homework. They will be graded tomorrow so make sure you have them completed. Remember all of the answers to the questions are in the reading passages.


Wednesday 2-10

Math: We reviewed our bell question for the cube. We then reviewed.  You will find additional review. The final assessment for geometry will be tomorrow.

M7 (Pick a Ride) cross sections, triangles and more                    m7_workbook_practice_problems_key_for_u4_test[1]                Unit_4_Geometry_Workbook_Review_for_Test[1]


Social Studies: We continued to learn about the Kenyan and South African governments. You were given the closed notes for South Sudan. These need to be completed for homework.  South Sudan (002)

There will be graded questions over governments tomorrow.

Bell Questions: 1. The Iraqi leader__________, was seen as a threat and the U.S. believed he had weapons of mass destruction.

2. In which form of government does the legislature chose the leader of the government ?


Math: We continued to work with volume today.  You were given the study guide for the unit assessment. The unit assessment will be on Thursday. GSEm7u4Study Guide – rev

Bell Question: Part C What is the volume of the cube? What is the volume of each of the two pieces after the cube is cut? Show your work or explain your answer. Determine the relationship between the volume of the cube and the volume of each triangular prism. Explain your reasoning.


Social studies: We finished the graphic organizer for the citizen participation. We then started discussing the governments of Africa. We took notes on Kenya today. We will take notes on South Africa tomorrow. There will also be graded questions tomorrow over both these governments. You will be able to use your notes.

Bell Questions:

1. Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are the worlds leading supplier of _______.

2. Which type of government has the highest level of citizen participation?