Math: We finished the county touchstone today. We also reviewed for our final assessment for Unit 6.  There is another paper review in yesterdays. Here is the jeopardy review that we did in class today.

GAME – Jeopardy


Social Studies: You entered the first part of the Economic questions. We then discussed the economic zones in China and did a review of government in Asia.

You can find other reviews under the Milestones review page.

Math: We took the county touchtone today. If you scored well on it you don’t have to take our local assessment on Friday. You took it on I-respond so you should know your score. If you did not do well you need to make sure that you practice more tonight. Make sure you have the review guide that I gave you on Monday complete. There is an additional review below  that you can work as well the extra practice problems from your textbook. Use your composition books and the pages in your book to help you better understand the material.

Unit 6 Study guuide CTLS




Social Studies: We are down to the last two days of class time to work on your performance tasks.

I look forward to seeing what you all have created!

You will also find a page that has a ton of review links for the Milestones.

Asia Independent Study Reminders:

  1. All projects are due the Monday following Spring Break – 4/11/16
  2. You should be ready to present one of your projects that day
  3. You will sign up for one of the standards to present from on Friday 4/1/16
  4. Projects must either be submitted on Office 365 or as a hard copy
  1. Each project should have:
    • Your Name
    • Class Period
    • Title of the project
  1. You must have 100 Points in Projects in each of the 3 categories
    • Geography, History, Gov/Econ
    • 300 points total
    • Remember these projects replaced our traditional Unit Tests



Math: More compounding: We reviewed the counting principle and compounding events again today. You all were given another Independent events sheet. It is due tomorrow and is will be a grade. m7u6 Independent Events VersaTiles   this will be a grade

CC m7 u6 StudyGuide (revised)

PROBLEM SOLVING theor & exper wksht (MH)

RETEACH Theoretical_and_Experimental_Probability wksht (MH)

We also discussed the differences between experimental and theoretical. You were given a notes page and practice problems. You were also given the study guide for the unit. The final assessment will be Thursday.


Social Studies: We are down to our final days of working on our tasks. All tasks are due April 11th.  All tasks will either need to be submitted through 365 or hard copy.  Remember you will presenting at least 1 of your tasks to the entire class. Don’t forget to sign up for the standard that you want to present.

Math: We continued to work with and understand compound probability and using the counting principle to determine the number of out comes.

1st and 3rd took the vocabulary and skill check.  2nd will take it on Monday.

All classes will have a grade on compound taken on Monday.

Bell Questions:

  • 1. At the fall festival the tennis team is selling hamburgers for $2.00, hotdogs for $1.50 and drinks for $1.00.Half of the money raised will go towards the purchase of team uniforms. If they sell 21 hamburgers, 34 hotdogs, and 65 drinks, how much money will they have to put towards the purchase of uniforms?
  • 2.   (-56) (-10)


S.S.: Today was spent working on your performance task for Asia. You should be finished with geography, and at  least on history task. If you are not this far you should be working at home to make sure you have these completed. ALL performance tasks are due on Monday 4-11.

Bell Questions:

Several countries have built dams along their portion of the river, cutting off water to those living downstream causing __________ in Southwest Asia.

2. Power distribution in China is highly centralized therefore it is considered a _____ type of government.

Math: I was out of the building for these classes today but you were to complete the You Can Count on It! and The Counting Principle ws. These will be for a grade. I know there were a couple of problems that we need to discuss tomorrow.  You also need to make sure you complete the Fundamental counting Principle practice and the Probability of Compound events worksheets.  So that we can discuss them tomorrow.


Social Studies: Yesterday you continued to work on your performance tasks. You should have finished your Geography tasks and should be on your way to completing your first history task. Today in class you entered the comprehension questions history part II. We also watched the Crash Cruise on the dominion effect. This video can be found on Mr. Rhodes’ blog. Remember the water and religion video’s are also there.

Bell Questions:

1. In a unitary government system, who holds most of the power?

2.What is the name Mao gave his army of young people who enforced his laws?

Tuesday 3-22

Math: Today completed the SMI assessment. This was our second time taking this assessment. You should have done better this time around than the first time.

HWK: single event practice. m7u6 Probability of Simple Events


Social Studies: You entered the questions for the History Understanding  554-576. The rest of the questions are due on Thursday. There will also be an assessment on history of Asia on Thursday.

We then watched a video on India’s struggle and played Kahoot!.

Bell Question:

1. Why is irrigation essential for growing crops in the Middle East?

2. Which new countries were created in addition to independent India?

Monday 3-21

So There wasn’t a post on Thursday as many of you know I had to leave early because my daughter broke her arm.

Math: Today we started learning about compound events for probability. Learning how to create and use a tree diagram to determine the sample space.

hwk: page 795-796

Bell questions:

  • For a class assignment, a group of math students compared the number of hot lunches purchased in the cafeteria during a given month by 7th and 8th graders. Data was collected and analyzed from two groups of randomly selected students.

Part A

  • Why do statisticians use a sample when they want to find out information about a population? What is the sample in this class assignment?

Number of Hot lunches Purchased

7th Graders 8th Graders
Mean 12 12
Median 12 12
IQR 5 5

2.     ¼ + 2/5 =


Social Studies: We are continuing to work on our independent study for Southeast Asia.  You should be starting on your history performance tasks. Grades for history will be taken on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.  The resources for history are already posted. Remember to look at both my blog and Mr. Rhodes blog.

Hwk: complete the history reading comprehension questions. 554-576 will be taken as a grade tomorrow.

Bell Questions:


1. What is an Ayatollah?                              2. People cooking over wood or coal fires is another source for _______ pollution.


1. Which ethnic group is most numerous in Southwest Asia (Middle East).                                                   2. What was one of the early goals of the Indian National Congress?

Wednesday 3-16

Math:  Yesterday we made corrections to the Inferences assessment. You then took the pre-assessment for Probability.  Today we reviewed pages 769 and 772 discussing what probability means1st  and how to find basic outcomes. We then started the shuffling cards activity.

Hwk: 1st and 2nd finish the shuffling cards activity page.

Bell Questions:

There are two rides at a carnival with different rotation speeds.

  • The first ride completes 2/3 rotation in 1/12  of a minute.
  • The second ride completes 3/4 rotation in 1/6 of a minute.
  • A third ride completes 1/2  rotation in 1/4 of a minute.

Part A What is the unit rate of the first ride in rotations per minute? Show your work or explain your answer.  (Tuesday 3-15 question)

Part B Is the second ride proportional to the third ride in rotations per minute? Show your work or explain your answer. (Wednesday 3-16 question)


Social studies:  Yesterday we reviewed the physical and political features of South East Asia. You then took the map assessment. Today you were able to work on your performance task. You should be well into your geography performance task.


1.Because South Africa is a Parliamentary Democracy the ________ is chosen by the Nation Assembly.

2.The quality of ______ was a concern for the athletes during the 2008 Olympics in China.

1. The segregation of races in South Africa is known as __________.

2.The Three Gorges Dam along the Yangtze river was built because it is a reliable source for ____________.


Math: Happy Pi day! We listened to the Pi song to learn more about pi. You then had time to finish the Inferences assessment and entered them into I-respond. Once finished you worked on creating your bar graph for pi.

Hwk: finish pi bar graph and complete 769.  Pi Song and bar activity

Bell Quesitons:

  • 1. Mr. Falcone’s pizza shop offers three sizes of pizza. The small, medium and large pizzas have diameters of 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches.
  • What is the area of each size of pizza?


Social Studies: You were able to use the class period to work on your performance tasks and finish your comprehension questions.

The map assessment grade will be tomorrow.

Second set of Comprehension questions due Thursday 3-13.


Math: We took the quick check for predictions. I also gave you the answers for the study guide. We then reviewed using the Where in the Hall activity. Below is the Where in the Hall as well as a Jeopardy review from last year. It will have two questions about MAD that we did not learn this year, but all the other questions you should be able to answer.

Where do I go review

Unit 4 Review_ Jeopardy- with answers

Bell Question:

1. Average temperatures of two different cities.

Data set 1:  61, 65, 68, 58, 60, 65, 70

Data set 2:   60, 54, 52, 50, 55, 65

Find the mean, median, range, and interquartile range, for the data above.    Make an inference comparing the two data sets.

2)   – 5.3(2.2) + 12


Social Studies: We learned about Sway which is a newer program to create presentations. This would be a great program to use when creating your performance tasks for Asia.  We are able to use it because we all can get Office 365. If you haven’t signed up ask your parents if they have received an email so you can get signed up. It will be a great way to work on your tasks both here and at home! Below is the link from Cobb County on Office 365.

You then had time to work on either your performance task or your Asia maps. Remember to refer back to the gold sheet on when grades will be taken. All of the information for the Asia Independent study unit can be found under pages. I look forward to seeing what you all create!

Bell Questions:

1. Which country is east of the Persian Gulf and West of Afghanistan?

2. Which mountain range borders China and India?