I hope you all have a wonderful break and come back ready to review and take the Milestones.

Math: You took the final assessment for unit 6 today. We will be reviewing the week after spring break.


Social Studies: Today was your final day to work on your Asia tasks. Below are the reminders again.

Asia Independent Study Reminders:

  1. All projects are due the Monday following Spring Break – 4/11/16
  2. You should be ready to present one of your projects that day
  3. You will sign up for one of the standards to present from on Friday 4/1/16
  4. Projects must either be submitted on Office 365 or as a hard copy
  1. Each project should have:
    • Your Name
    • Class Period
    • Title of the project
  1. You must have 100 Points in Projects in each of the 3 categories
    • Geography, History, Gov/Econ
    • 300 points total
    • Remember these projects replaced our traditional Unit Tests