The last few days

Math: We have been and will continue to review for our final.

Social Studies: We are presenting our World Vacations. I have enjoyed the ones I have see so far and look forward to seeing the rest.


The final exam schedule is as follows. These will be early release days students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Tuesday 5-24

1st, 3rd,  7th

Wednesday 5-25

2nd, 6th, 7th



The Honor Assembly for those who have earned honors will be Monday 5-23 starting at 12:45. Students who are receiving awards should be coming home with an invitation.



Asian Cultural Extension Friday May 6th

Below you will find the link for volunteers:

Our final Cultural Extension Day will be this Friday, May 6th. We will be trying Indian food prepared by a local Indian restaurant. We will be sampling Chicken Tikka Masala, Chana Masala, and Naan. I have included a list of ingredients found in each of the dishes. Contrary to popular belief, although many Indian dishes can be very spicy (when asked for) most are not. The dishes we will be sampling will not be “spicy.” If you have any questions concerning food allergies, please see your Social Studies teacher before May 6th. 

Chicken Tikka Masala:

Chicken, yogurt, cream, tomato, onion, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, coconut, yogurt, butter

Chana Masala:

olive oil, onion, garlic, onion, chickpeas, garam masala (spice), turmeric, ginger, tomatoes, lemon juice, cilantro, salt


Yeast, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, yogurt (or milk), olive oil, butter