We continued to learn about explorers today.

You all researched the explorers learning where they sailed and which country they sailed for. You did so by working on the Age of Exploration.  An Age of Exploration names


You can now access the Georgia and the American Experience text book through the link under the Ga. Studies general page.

–Open Notebook assessment Friday 9-2

–Final assessment Natives and Explorers Wednesday 9-7


Bell Question: What were the 4 reasons the Europeans were exploring?

Savanah stuff deadline Sept. 12th

Dahlonega stuff deadline Sept. 16th


Tuesday 8-30

We started learning about explorers today.

We started the lesson by reading and analyzing quotes from famous explorers. Sharing your responses with to “Straight from the Explorer’s Mouth”  E#8 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) E#6 (6th and 7th) with each other.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd : Then started researching to complete the Age of Exploration organizer E#9

6th and 7th:  After sharing your responses with each other we discussed Columbus and watched video to introduce the reading on  Columbus and the Indians. You were to write down on your own sheet of paper details of the reading so that we can have a discussion later in the week.

Open Notebook assessment will be Friday 9-2

Final assessment Natives and Explorers Wednesday 9-7


Don’t forget: Dahlonega and Savannah stuff is due in early September. You can find the information under the page entitle Field Experiences.


Today we reviewed the native cultures. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd you shared your comic strips. 6th and 7th shared your journal entries.

You all took the native assessment. If you were absent you need to make sure you make this assessment up.

You were supposed to take the Explorer Vocabulary. You will add this to your native vocabulary E#1.

We will start discussing exploration tomorrow.


Bell Question: This native group made pottery and tools by coiling a rope of clay.


Don’t forget to talk to your parents about both the Dahlonega and Savannah trips. September is fast approaching and you don’t want to miss out on these trips. You can find the information about these trips under pages and Field experiences.


Don’t forget tomorrow morning is your opportunity to earn extra points by going to the Etowah Mounds. See additional assignments under pages for details.

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Today in class you conducted the museum walk to learn more about the native groups.

Hwk: Complete the comic strip about the progression of the native cultures. comic strip


6th and 7th: You self checked the native grid. You then wrote your journal entry for “A day in the Life.”  Make sure you are include at least 4 clues about the native group you were supposed to write about.

A Day in the Life Ancient Native


ALL Classes will have graded questions on Monday over the native cultures.


Don’t forget Dahlonega stuff is due by Sept. 16th.


Wednesday and Thursday

We have continued to learn about the Ancient Native cultures.

1st, 2nd and 3rd: You should have completed your native grid E#5. Native Grid Today we started on the museum walk using symbols to  learn more about the cultures. symbols and legends

6th and 7th: You researched and created symbols for the categories for the native groups. Today you wrote about the groups as a whole using the symbols E#4.

Homework: 6th and 7th complete the Native Grid E#5.Native Grid

Bell Questions: :

8-24: Which native culture was the first to use the bow and arrow?

8-25: The late Archaic early Woodland natives were the first to save seeds to cultivate plants and trees. This concept is known as ___________. (not farming or agriculture)


DON’T FORGET:   SATURDAY WE WILL BE AT THE ETOWAH MOUNDS.  You can find information for this under the Additional assignment page.

DAHLONEGA FIELD TRIP STUFF – information is under Field Experiences page.


Monday and Tuesday

Monday: We finished the final assessment for Geography. You also started on the vocabulary for unit 2 Natives and Explorers.

6th and 7th: Completed the Archeologists for a day activity and discussed how artifacts can help us lead to learning about people and cultures.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd: You completed the Archelogists for a day activity learning how artifacts learning about artifacts, archeologist, anthropologist and carbon dating.  We then used visuals to start learning about the Ancient Natives.

6th and 7th: You were given groups to research one of the following topics: tools/weapons, family, home, religion, clothing, interesting facts and time periods. You were to research each of the Ancient groups.

Hwk: complete the Padlet for your class period.

1st period:

2nd period:

3rd period:

6th period:

7th period:

6th and 7th you also need to make sure you complete your research.


Friday 8-19

I enjoyed meeting many of your parents yesterday during Open House.

Today in class you took the final assessment for Geography. This was a two part assessment multiple choice was the first part and short answer writing was the second.

1st, 2nd and 3rd: will finish the assessment on Monday.

We will be moving onto the Ancient Natives and Explorers.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday 8-18

You took the open notebook quiz today. Some classes also watched a video Hartfield Jackson Airport. Learning about what it takes to operate the airport and how many of thousands of people are employed because of the airport.

You should all have the GPS organizer. These are your study guide for the unit. They are due on Friday. You will have some time tomorrow to work on them in class.

SS8G1 GPS Organizer SS8G2 GPS Organizer

The final assessment for the unit will be on Friday.

Bell Question: What types of bedrock can be found in the Piedmont region of Georgia.



Tuesday 8-16

Today we watched the following video to better understand how the transportation systems work together to provided goods to the citizens of Georgia. We discussed the systems to better understand how they interact.

All but 3rd period took the vocabulary assessment. Do to a change in schedule because of pictures 3rd period did not take the assessment and will do so tomorrow.

Notebook and Bell Question assessment Wednesday 8-17

Final Unit assessment Friday 8-19

GPS organizer due Friday 8-19

Bell Question: What protects Georgia’s mainland from winds and erosion?