Friday 9-23

Open Notebook assessment Tuesday 10-4

Final assessment for unit Monday 10-10

9 weeks benchmark assessment 10-11- yes it will be counted as a grade for this 9 weeks

1st: You presented your one slide on the people of the colony. You then took the vocabulary assessment.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: We discussed Savannah plan vs. reality. Completing the notes on the Creation of Georgia. You then took the vocabulary assessment. 3rd, 6th  you were given your royal governor and started researching. 7th was given your royal governor and will research when we return.


Thursday 9-22

1st: We discussed the reading for the Savannah plan vs. reality activity. Discussing the plan for Savannah and taking notes on our notes page. We also discussed the reality of the events when the colonist arrived.

You then created your one slide presentation on the people of the colony. If you haven’t signed up for 365 please discuss this with your parents.


2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th: You took the quick check. You then worked on comparing  Savannah plan vs. reality. We started to discuss these in most classes but will continue to discussed what you learned tomorrow.

All classes have the Vocabulary assessment tomorrow.

Bell Question: 1. According to the charter who was to govern the colony of Georgia?

2. Columbus, Macon and Augusta are located along which geographical feature? 



1st period: You all completed the Quick check on the creation of Georgia.  You then continued to work on Savannah plan vs. reality E#8. We started to discuss these. Remember if you have not finished them you need to make sure they are complete for our class discussion tomorrow. You were each given a person or a group of people. You are to make sure you come to class with that row complete on the Diversity in Georgia organizer E#9.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: You all learned how to submit to OneNote. We will continue to use OneNote throughout the year to submit work and presentations. We then presented the people who planned a role in Georgia during the Colonial time period. While the groups presented you were to fill in your organizer. E# 9.  You will have your quick check tomorrow.


All classes: Vocabulary assessment will be Friday 9-23.

Bell questions:  1. According to the charter which religion was excluded from the colony of Georgia?

                                2.Which area of Georgia receives the most precipitation annually?




1st: We created the map of Georgia in 1732 according to the charter. Discussing which borders where the same today.  You then started Savannah plan vs. reality. Comparing the plan of Savannah and to a journal entry from one of the colonist of Georgia, Peter Gordan.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: We discussed the Charter of 1732 analysis. You were then given time to create your one slide presentation on the people of the colony of Georgia.  We will present these tomorrow so that everyone else in the class can learn about the people of Georgia.


Bell Questions: What were the three reasons for establishing Georgia as a colony?

Savannah plan vs. reality


Using the visual on the main page answer #1.

  1. What patterns do you see in the way this town is being built?


Then click on Images link (not the image). Using the images on this page along with the reading provided to you answer questions 2 and 3.

2. Compare Drawing 1 with the account given by Peter Gordon in Reading 2. List the landscape and built or constructed features in Drawing 1 that were also described by Peter Gordon in his account.


3. What details does the picture provide that the written account does not? What details does the written account supply that the picture does not? Is Drawing 1 an accurate representation of the account given by Peter Gordon? Why or why not?


Monday 9-19

fWe are still creating the colony of Georgia. See Colonial Life for resources and copies of activities.

Today we used segments of the Charter of 1732 to learn why Georgia was created. We also created a map showing the borders of Georgia according to the charter.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: Friday you were given the Background Essay on Reasons for Settlement. This was to be finished for homework. Today we clarified the responses to the questions and turned these in for a grade. After the charter analysis you were given one of the following: Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, Africans, Highland Scots, Salzburgers, and Jewish colonist. You are research to find why the person or group of people were important to the colony of Georgia/the creation of Georgia. Where did they come from, what were their contributions, where did they live in Georgia? You need to come to class tomorrow ready to use the information you find in your research.

Remember there are links under the page Georgia Studies general that will help you research.


Bell Question: According to the Charter of 1732, Georgia would be governed by who?


Colonizing Georgia!

We are well on our way to creating the colony of Georgia. We have chosen the occupations of the colonists.

1st period: You then became a colonist and chose which items you would bring with you to your new home.  We the starting talking about the agreement between the Trustees and the colonist.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: You continued to analyze the manifest of the Queen Ann. You should be almost finished with putting the original colonist into your categories based on their occupations. You also worked on the analysis questions.  queen-ann-analysis


Monday 9-12

We side stepped today and discussed the events of 9-11-2001. We also tied in our previous unit and the use of artifacts to tell the stories of the people in the towers on that day in September.

We will go back to colonization tomorrow. So if you haven’t finished your 13 colonies work please make sure it is finished for tomorrow.


Wednesday is wear GREEN day  for   ” Leaf It To Lovinggood” day.  So make sure you come in your green!


The deadline for the Dahlonega trip is fast approaching. If you haven’t turned in your stuff please do so.




I hope that all has gone smoothly with the transition to new classes. I will miss those that I no longer teach but look forward to meeting my students.

Thursday you all took the Natives and Explorers assessment.  We will review this assessment next week.

Today you work on the 13 colonies. We will continue to discuss these next week as well as learn specifically about the creation of Georgia.


I hope you all have a good weekend.


Today we finished learning about Desoto and his path through Georgia. Completing the Amazing Race activity. We also read about his background.

1st and 3rd also watched a short video about Desoto’s expeditions.


All students were given the GPS organizer for this unit. We will review these tomorrow. GPS Organizer

I have decided to push the test until Thursday. This will give us one more day to make sure we completely understand the material.

Don’t forget about Savannah and Dahlonega stuff. The deadline for both these trips is next week.