Bell questions for the week of 10/24-10/27

Thursday 10-27 :

1.Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett and George Walton all have counties named after them. What did they do to earn this honor ?

  1. The group of the malcontents were unhappy about which Trustee regulations?

Wednesday 10-26:

1.Which secret organization was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?

  1. Which three groups of people were not allowed to settled in the colony of Georgia?

Tuesday 10-25:

1.Which act was a tax on glass, lead, paints and other items?

  1. What are the reasons Oglethorpe gives for creating Georgia as an English colony?

Monday 10-24- no bell question

Moving along

We have been working on your newspapers. At this point you should be starting to import your articles into your newspapers. You need to start writing your interviews it is expected that you will have these for Monday for your group members to proof.

All classes started learning about the people of the American Revolution. Remember if you aren’t here tomorrow that you need to make sure you understand who these people are and what they did to help shape our country.

I am enjoying some of your creativity and how some of you are working together to create and accomplish the task.


Today we conducted our second discussion with our literature circles. These should have been turned in today as well.

Reminders: People assessment is on Monday.

Interview draft should  be ready for class on Monday.

For the classes doing the novel study the next two chapters are due on Tuesday 11-1. This mean chapter 5-6 for Sam and Hangman and chapter 3 for Johnny.


Oct. 24-28 at a glance

We are continuing to learn about the causes of the American Revolution.

Monday: All classes completed the guided reading notes on the Acts and the Continental Congresses. The guided reading can be found under Pages Unit 4.

Tuesday: All classes will work on their articles for Acts for their groups newspapers.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th- chapters 3-4  for Sam and Hangman, chapter 2 for Johnny- We will be working your literature circle task. These will be due on Thursday.

Wednesday: King for Day Activity and People of the Revolution

Thursday- work on Revolutionary Newspapers

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th – work for literature groups due and discussion will occur.

Friday- Work on Revolutionary Newspapers – Don’t forget that many will be on the Civil Rights Museum trip so you will need to make sure that you are working on your articles outside of class. By the end of Friday two articles should be written.


What’s going on.

The video parodies can be found under pages and Unit 4.


The next two chapters for the novel studies need to by read by Tuesday Oct. 25th.  I will be here in the mornings if you need to come and use my books just make sure you get a pass.

My Brother Sam is Dead and The Year of the Hangman Chapter 3 and 4.

Johnny Tremain: Chapter 2.

2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th: You quick check on the Acts and vocabulary will be on Tuesday.

We have started the newspapers. 3rd, 6th, 7th: should be writing your first articles. 2nd period- you should be almost finished researching and will start writing next week.

1st: you took the quick check today. There are were many of you who struggled with this. You need to make sure you complete the vocabulary when assigned and review all material learned in class each evening.

Bell questions for this past week:

Friday 10-21:

1.What is a monopoly and which Act gave an English company one?

  1. What geographic features are known for protecting the mainland from winds and water that cause erosion?

Thursday 10-20:

1.Why does England start to tax the colonist?

2.Which three cities are located along the Fall line?

Wednesday 10-19

1.What were the new boundaries of Georgia according to the Proclamation of 1763?

2.What city is the “Carpet Capital of the World?”

Tuesday 10-18

1.Who wins the French and Indian War, which document is written as a result?

2.Which physiographic region of Georgia receives the most rainfall?

Monday 10-17

1.Who was the French and Indian war between?

2.Who was the final royal governor for the colony of Georgia?


Oct 17-20th

We are well into the American Revolution unit.  This week we will be discussing the French and Indian and the taxes and duties that were imposed on the American colonist as a result of the war.

1st: Monday- review the French and Indian war- Wants and Needs E#2 and  the Crabby cartoon questions E#3.

Tuesday- Georgia Border Map 1763 E#4

Wednesday-  review the 9 weeks assessment, Start learning about the Acts – reading an completing Just the (F)Acts E#5.

Thursday- continue Just the (F)Acts. Start Revolutionary newspaper

Friday- Quick check on French and Indian war and the Acts,  Revolutionary newspaper day 2.


2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th:

Monday: review 9 weeks assessment and Colonization assessment

Tuesday: start the literature circles: work on Chapters 1 and 2 for Sam and Hangman. Chapter 1 for Johnny.

Wednesday:  Class discussion on French and Indian war,  Map of Georgia 1763, Start Revolutionary newspaper research Just the (F)Acts.

Thursday: Literature circle work chapters 1 and 2 due. We will conduct our discussion. Continue work on the Revolutionary newspaper day 2.

Friday: Quick check on French and Indian war and the Acts, Revolutionary newspaper day 3.


Bell questions:


1.Who was the French and Indian war between?

2.Who was the final royal governor for the colony of Georgia?


1.Who wins the French and Indian War, which document is written as a result?

2.Which physiographic region of Georgia receives the most rainfall?



The week at a glance

Monday: Colonial 9 weeks assessment

Tuesday: 9 weeks assessment – this will count on the 1st 9 weeks grading period.

Wednesday: PSAT- I will not see 1st or 2nd period. 3rd, 6th, and 7th:  We will be reading our novels for the novel study and working on vocabulary.

Thursday:  The French and Indian War

Friday: Finish French and Indian War. There will be a grade taken on this assignment.


Novel study: 3rd, 6th, and 7th were given their choices today. 2nd will be given their chose tomorrow.  You will have a choice between two specific books. Once we have created our groups you will not be able to change your book.  I do have some copies of the novels that can be used during class. Unfortunately, I do not have enough to allow you to have them for home use.




Monday 10-1

We have made to October!!

1st: We worked on learning about the Royal Governors.  You completed the R.E. W. organizer. You were given Changes in the Georgia Colony.

Hw. Complete the Under Trustee’s Rule side of Changes in the Georgia Colony.


trustee-vs-royal-colony-compare-contrast-grid                 georgias-royal-governors-grid-key

2nd: We are still trying to catch up with the other classes. We finished the notes for the creation of Georgia. You then completed the R.E. W. organizer learning about the royal governors.

3rd and 7th: You all completed the R.E.W. organizer and started on the Changes in the Georgia Colony. Make sure you come in with the Trustee’s side complete and part of the Royal side complete.

6th: You all completed the R.E.W. organizer and started on the Changes in the Georgia Colony.


Open Notebook assessment Tuesday 10-4

Final assessment for unit Monday 10-10

9 weeks benchmark assessment 10-11- yes it will be counted as a grade for this 9 weeks


Don’t forget tomorrow is Hawaiian day for spirit week!