We have created our new country now what?

Now that the American Revolution is over we are going to learn about how the country expands and the impact on the natives as a result of it.

You were given the vocabulary for the unit on Thursday. You need to make sure you define these words because it will help you to understand the concepts in the unit.

Friday: You took the bell question assessments. Remember the bell questions are designed to help you create a review for all your assessments. You need to make sure you are doing them as we go.

You also did the Geography Recap task. 3rd period this will be due when you return. All other classes had enough time to get it finished.


I hope that you all have a wonderful break and that you enjoy your family. Remember the purpose of the holiday, be thankful for all you have. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bell questions for this week

Wednesday 11-16

1.Concern over representation in the national government was settled in what we call the _________ ________.

2.Name the 4 ancient cultures in chorological order.


Tuesday 11-15

1.Georgia was the ______ state to ratify the U.S. Constitution?

2. Which two economic activity is found in the Ridge and Valley region?

Monday 11-14

1.What issues developed under the first form of government for the United States?

2.Many of the water falls for the state are located along which geographical feature?


forming our government

On Friday we started the Decisions Decisions which was a simulation for the Constitutional Convention. We learned from the is simulation the issues that developed because of the Articles of Confederation, the topics that were discussed at the convention and the Great Compromise being a result of the debates.

Monday: We continued working with Decisions Decisions.  Please review and take notes from the power-points below that you are ready for class tomorrow.




Tuesday: We will learn more about the Articles of Confederation as well as the Constitutional Convention. There will be an open Notebook assessment. GPS organizers for the standards will be given out.  These can be found under pages and unit 4.

Wednesday: review and finish any discussion.

Thursday: Final assessment for Revolution and Statehood. Vocabulary for Westward expansion.

Friday: Bell Question assessment and a grade will be taken for the Geography of Georgia recap assignment.


For the Novel study this week you are reading chapter 9-10 for Sam and Hangman and chapter 5 for Johnny.

Deadline fast approaching

Today was our last day to work on the newspapers in class. Your final editions must be submitted to OneNote be tomorrow.  If I check to see if you have submitted your final draft and you haven’t your group will lose points.

You took the assessment on battles, events and documents today.

We will be starting the foundations of our government tomorrow still part of the unit but a new topic.




Nov. 7th- 11th

All Newspapers are due on Friday. You should be finishing your final touches on Wednesday and Thursday. Which means if you haven’t written your articles you need to do so.

Novel Study: Because you are not in class Tuesday we will assign tasks for the chapters on Wednesday and they will be due on Friday.


Wednesday: All classes have an assessment on Battles, Documents and Events. You will be working on newspapers.

Thursday: Final day to create your newspaper. We will not have computers on Friday and they need to be submitted by beginning of class on Friday.

Friday: Now what? We will begin to discuss the creation of government for a new country. Was it easy? Were they successful?


Looking forward: Next week we will have several grades taken. Tuesday  11-15 will be the Notebook assessment.  Thursday 11-17 will be the final unit assessment. Friday 11-18 will be bell question assessment.

Revolution War and Bell Questions for the week

We have studied the causes of the American Revolution. We have learned about the people who were key players for both Georgia and the nation. We analyzed the Declaration of Independence. It is now time to researching the battles. We discussed Lexington and Concord briefly.

The next three days of class will be used to finalize your newspapers. All articles and letters should be written by the end of Monday so that you can use Wednesday and Thursday to put the final touches on your paper.

Thursday Nov. 3rd

1.What were the two sides of support leading up the American Revolution? Tell what each side views were.

  1. What is the largest fresh water wetland in Georgia?

Wednesday Nov. 2nd

1.Which event persuades many people to the patriot side?

2. Which ancient group was the first to live in small village because they started cultivating the land for subsistence farming?

Tuesday Nov. 1st

1.Which set of acts closed the Boston Harbor, took away citizens’ rights , and re-enforced the Quartering Act?

  1. Which country explores and establishes settlements in Florida?

Monday Oct.

1.Which Georgia county is the only one named after a female?

  1. Why were early Georgia colonists urged to plant mulberry trees?

Oct. 31st- Nov. 4th

Monday: You took the People assessment and worked on your Revolutionary newspapers.

Tuesday: 1st period work on writing your articles and building your newspaper.  2nd, 3rd, 6th 7th: We spent half the class working on our novel study your now have your task for Chap. 5-6 for Sam and Hangman and chapter 3 for Johnny. You then worked on your newspapers.

Wednesday:  Boston Massacre- We will be learning about the massacre through plays.  We will also discuss the Boston Tea party and the Intolerable Acts.

Thursday: Analysis of the Declaration of Independence.  2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th Your literature circle tasks are due.

Friday: You are into your final 3 days for creating your newspapers. You need to make sure you have written your articles and that you and your group are working to build your final draft.


There will be a grade taken over the documents, events, and battles next Wednesday 11-9.  The final draft of the newspapers need to be submitted by Friday 11-11.