Final days of Civil War and Reconstruction

Monday: Continued with Virtual poster presentations. Most are complete if not the class didn’t finish today it will finish tomorrow.

Tuesday: All Classes Reconstruction Vocabulary Assessment.

1st: Reconstruction plans: Republicans vs. Johnson’s and what happens to Georgia.  Start Comprehension questions for Civil War.

2nd-7th- finish presentations, complete Comprehension questions for Civil War.

Wednesday: 1st period Comprehension question Civil War and Reconstruction.

2nd-7th Comprehension questions Reconstruction.


Thursday: 1st: finish comprehension questions

2nd-7th- Final assessment for Civil War and Reconstruction


Friday:  1st Final assessment for Civil War and Reconstruction

2nd- Vocabulary for Progress and the Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Laws.






Bell Questions 1/23-1/28

Remember the Bell Questions are meant to be done in class when you walk through the door. They are designed to help you make sure you understand the content and can serve as a one of your study tools for assessments.

Friday 1-27

1.Having a “standing,” or established, army and navy, a heavy railroad tracks and more miles of track and many more factories that could produce war materials were all advantages for which side during the Civil War?

2.What were the towns developed by the German Sulzberger’s during the colonial time period?


Thursday 1-26

1.Why did the South absolutely have to keep its ports open and operational during the Civil War?

1.What were the details of the Dred Scott Supreme Court Ruling?


Wednesday 1-25

1.What state was the site of the largest number of battles during the civil war?

2.Which set of acts were a punishment for the Boston Tea Party?


Tuesday 1-24

1.Who was the commanding General that orders Sherman to destroy as much as possible?

2.What is the effect of Eli Whitney’s invention?


Monday 1-23

1.The first battle of the Civil War was held where?

2.According to the charter which groups of people were not allowed to settle in the new colony of Georgia?


Network access for students.

Many students received new devices and would like to configure them for the Lovinggood network.  Because the network was changed in October, students must use a new log-in procedure.  Once they have accessed the network it will keep them connected for the remainder of the school year.


User Name :     (Must be this format.  This is the same as their Office 365 sccount.)

Password:  Password used at school to log into the school computers and Synergy




100 item update


Lovinggood’s goal for the can food drive = 4,800. As of today, our count = 1,844

 Our “Can Food Drive Challenge”‘ update as of Wednesday morning goes as follows:


6th grade- Hahn at 131 cans and Puckett at 103

7th grade- Jackson at 224 and Townsend at 76

8th grade- Senior James at 161 cans and Mr. Johnson at 69 cans


The highest can count for the whole school goes to Mrs. Jackson’s homeroom at 224 cans!


WE ONLY HAVE TWO MORE DAYS! We can change these numbers quickly, so BRING IT ON LOVINGGOOD!


High School Registration information

The 8th Grade Parent Night is Thursday, January 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Joseph B. Boland Theater at Hillgrove High School. Department Chairs and Professional School Counselors will be available to answer specific curriculum and registration questions.

 The Hillgrove High School Course Registration Handbook is being sent home with your student today, Wednesday, January 25th. Thoroughly review the handbook prior to attending Parent Night.

 The orange Elective Course Registration Worksheet (completed and signed) is due back to your student’s homeroom teacher by Friday, February 3rd.  The Academic Core Courses Registration Form will not come home. Teachers will make these recommendations for each student. Hillgrove will mail home your student’s Registration Verification form in April showing all of the courses (both academic core and electives) for which your student is registered. Refer to page 6 of the handbook for more detailed information on the registration process.

 All students will complete the Hillgrove forms. Magnet School, Employee Student Transfer or School Choice placements won’t be finalized until after the registration process, so it is safer to just have all students complete the Hillgrove course registration process. Employee Student Transfer and School Choice (HB251, Hardship, and IEP) students will also be required to complete the registration process for your home school. As soon as the registration materials are in for the other schools, your student will receive instructions on the process.

 A follow-up parent meeting to answer any additional course registration questions is Thursday, February 9th 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. in the Zinta G. Perkins Theater here at Lovinggood.

 Contact if you have questions.


100 days of school item collection

It is the goal of the school for each homeroom to collect 100 items for Must Ministers.  We will be collecting all of this week. So please look in your pantry and see if you have any to spare.

The following are list of some items that we are looking to collect.

Peanut Butter Crackers & Cookies
Jelly Cake Mix & Frosting
Canned Vegetables Brownie, Cookie, Muffin Mixes
Jell-O & Pudding Snack Cups Corn Bread Mixes
Canned Fruit Popcorn
Hamburger Helper Juices & Juice Boxes
Cereal & Pop Tarts Flour
Grits & Oatmeal Sugar
Pancake mix & syrup Cooking Oil
Canned soup Pam spray
Canned meat (tuna, chicken, etc.) Granola Bars
Macaroni & Cheese Fruit Cups & Fruit Snacks
Rice & Rice-a-Roni Laundry Detergent
Dried Beans Soap & Body Washes
Instant Potatoes Deodorant
Spaghetti Noodles Toothpaste & Tooth Brushes
Spaghetti Sauce Shampoo & Conditioner
Any type of pasta noodles Diapers & Baby Wipes
Pasta Sauces Baby Food
Ravioli & Spaghettios Baby Wash, Lotion, etc.
Canned Chili Toilet Paper
Canned tomatoes

Tomato Sauce & Paste

Mayo, Ketchup, & Mustard

Salad Dressing

Paper Towels

No expired items please!

week of Jan. 23rd-28th

Monday: You all started researching and creating your presentations on the Civil War and Reconstruction topics. Below you will find the guidelines and the rubric.

Virtual Slide directions-20dnyzv       Virtual Poster Presentation-1ksmazr

Tuesday: You will continue to work on your presentations. By the end of class you should be well into creating your actual presentation.

Wednesday: There will be Vocabulary Assessment on the Civil War. You will use the remainder of the time to continue and finish your presentations.

Thursday: There will be a Vocabulary Assessment on Reconstruction.  Presentations will be submitted to One-Note. For those going on the Orchestra performance trip. You need to make sure your partner can submit and you will take the assessment on Friday. If time permits we will start presenting.

Friday: We will be presenting in some classes, however, because of the Band performance trip we will be doing an alternative activity in many classes.


Monday, Hillgrove’s administrator’s and faculty came to talk with you about programs can classes that are offered at the high school. This is the first phase of registering for Freshman classes.  We will be doing so within the next month or so.  So make sure you are have deliberate  success in your classes.


End of week

We took the bell question assessment yesterday.  These are in the process of being graded and all should be entered by the end of the day. The bell questions are way for you to make sure you understand the material. If you don’t know the answer right away you should look it up so that you can correctly answer the questions. They should also be used to review for assessments.

Today we took the Antebellum assessment. These should also be entered if not today by tomorrow.

After the assessment you were to get the vocabulary for Civil War/Reconstruction. These terms can be found under the unit 6 page. There will be an assessment on Civil War terms Wednesday 1- 25 and one on Reconstruction Thursday 1-26. If you are in the orchestra and will be gone on Thursday you will take it Friday upon your return.

You also received the Georgia Platform document analysis.  2nd-7th this will be a graded and should have been turn in by the end of class.  1st period you need to make sure you complete the analysis as well. I have not decided if it will be a grade or not.  The Georgia Platform can be found under pages as well.


We will start research for presentation on Civil War and Reconstruction topics tomorrow.




Week of 1/17-1/20

Tuesday: The Election of 1860. We learned about the details of candidates and the results of the election.

Wednesday: Bell Question assessment and review for Antebellum

Thursday: Antebellum final assessment this will go in the summative category. Vocabulary for Civil War and Reconstruction.

Friday: Start research for Civil War and Reconstruction presentations.


The 100 cans or boxes drive is starting!! It is the goal of the school that each homeroom collect 100 cans. There are 16 homerooms in the 8th grade. Can you imagine the number of families we would be able to help feed.

All of the items collected will be donated to MUST Ministries to support the Save It Forward Food Pantries in Cobb County Schools.