Bell Questions 1/23-1/28

Remember the Bell Questions are meant to be done in class when you walk through the door. They are designed to help you make sure you understand the content and can serve as a one of your study tools for assessments.

Friday 1-27

1.Having a “standing,” or established, army and navy, a heavy railroad tracks and more miles of track and many more factories that could produce war materials were all advantages for which side during the Civil War?

2.What were the towns developed by the German Sulzberger’s during the colonial time period?


Thursday 1-26

1.Why did the South absolutely have to keep its ports open and operational during the Civil War?

1.What were the details of the Dred Scott Supreme Court Ruling?


Wednesday 1-25

1.What state was the site of the largest number of battles during the civil war?

2.Which set of acts were a punishment for the Boston Tea Party?


Tuesday 1-24

1.Who was the commanding General that orders Sherman to destroy as much as possible?

2.What is the effect of Eli Whitney’s invention?


Monday 1-23

1.The first battle of the Civil War was held where?

2.According to the charter which groups of people were not allowed to settle in the new colony of Georgia?