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I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing break and that you come back ready to work hard for the final stretch before Milestones testing.

1st period Civil Rights menu


Write a biography for one of the leaders in the standard. It should include the following:

  •  Where you live and your race (black or white)
  •  What you did during the civil rights era (job, student, etc…)
  •  Other important details you find out about the person (awards, honors, etc.)
  •  Describe some key events and/or contributions; include the date or year.
  •  This should be written in an essay format.
  •  You also have to include a primary source document from the life of your person. This can be a letter, speech he/she wrote, journal, etc…
    •   This can be a presentational biography or a written biography.

Side Dish: Chose one to complete if you completed a topic for a different section you must chose a different on

  • 1. Why was Maynard Jackson’s name included in the name of the airport? Do you think he deserved to have his name added, yes/no, defend your answer with 3 reasons why.
  • 2. Why was Georgia’s flag in 1956 change to include the square Confederate battle flag in place of the red and white bars? Additionally, why did then Governor Zell Miller try very hard to get the flag changed before the 1996 Olympics? Finally add your thoughts on the flag controversy once you have researched the topic. What do you think about the 1956 Georgia flag?
  • 3. What did the civil rights act of 1964 change in America? Why do you think it did not pass earlier in the 1950s, give 3 reasons why.
  • 4. Discuss at least one positive and one negative aspect of Lester Maddox.
  • 5. Which do you think is a more effective approach for movements or revolutions: nonviolent or violent? Explain the reasons for your choice by citing others who have followed your choice (an example of people: Booker T. Washington would be more nonviolent where as WEB DuBois would accept violent actions if necessary)


  1. Draw/color a picture of an event from the Civil Rights Movement that is meaningful to you, Include a brief explanation of what is occurring in the picture.
  2. Draw/color the following Georgia flags: the state flag prior to 1956, the state after 1956, and the current state flag. Label the flags and provide a brief explanation of why they changed each time.
  3. Draw/color two maps of Georgia: one should show Georgia’s districts under the county unit system and the other should show Georgia’s districts after reapportionment. Briefly explain the differences in the maps, and briefly discuss why reapportionment was beneficial to Georgia.



Civil Rights standards

We are combining aspects of standard 7 and 11 to learn about the events and people of Civil Rights.



Redemption Years organizer and notes. If you haven’t completed this make sure that you do. We have also been watching short videos on the people so that you learn more about their impact during these years.

You are working on your assignment menu this week. These will be submitted on Tuesday. We will start presenting on Wednesday 2-15.

AC civil Rights menu-2gv6nu8


1st period:

Monday:  Redemption years organizer and questions. Short video and notes on Tom Watson, Rebecca Latimer Felton and Henry Grady.

Tuesday: Appetizers

  1. Explain how one of the following court cases impacted the people living in Georgia at the time and give one example of how people reacted. Include what the person/people said and why                                                                               O Plessy vs. Ferguson          or  Brown vs. the Board of Education
  2.  How has the Civil Rights Movement impacted your life? (This does not have to be a paragraph. You can come up with another way to describe the impact on your life.) Be creative

Wednesday :  We shared your appetizers and took notes on the two cases. You were to turn these in.

You then started working on your either the Timeline or the Newspaper for events. These are due on Friday.


  • Create a newspaper commemorative page that reflects the role of citizens or events in Georgia’s Civil Rights history. The newspaper page must include the following:
  • Name of a newspaper and a date from the civil rights era
  • Main Headline (found at the top of the page)
  • Three articles on events/ organizations from the standards (include a title), include historical figures that contributed to the event. Remember the reader should be able to determine the who, what, when, where, and why from the article.
  • two illustration on something from the civil rights standards along with a caption giving an explanation

Timeline: must include

  • the year and month
  • a short description of the event
  • how it relates to Georgia
  • picture “7” number of events
  • Title for the event
  • Events for timeline: (all 10 must be included)

Events for Newspaper and Timeline.

  • Ending of the White Primary
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Sibley Commission
  • SNCC
  • Albany Movement
  • Civil Rights Act
  • Election of Maynard Jackson
  • Andrew Young role in international affairs
  • Beginning and end of Jim Crow Laws
  • Enrollment of African American students to UGA

Thursday: Continue to work on Newspaper or Timeline

Friday: Newspaper or Timeline due. Create biography


2nd-7th period

If you did not finish both the Civil War and Reconstruction questions today during class I will be here in the morning.

You will have some time in class to complete these but you will also have to complete the multiple choice part of the final assessment for Civil War and Reconstruction.

So judge your time and how much you have to complete.