Today and this week.

Make sure you know the answers to the following questions about Jimmy Carter:

  1. What major events or accomplishments occurred during his presidency?
  2. What political offices did he hold for the state of Georgia?
  3. Where is he from and what was his family business?
  4. What international award did he earn and why?
  5. What charitable organization is he closely associated with helping?


Wednesday there will be a quick check on the companies and organization from our Economic Museum walk.

Thursday will be the 9 weeks assessment. Remember this assessment will have content we have covered between August and now. So geography and history from the beginning until WWI.




KiDtalk 2017 is here!  KiDtalk is a student competition for Cobb students. NEW for 2017 is the TeacherTalk competition for Cobb teachers!  This year we’re asking students & teachers to tell us how they are committed to impacting their world, community and/or school.  Winners will speak to all educators in Cobb during Learning Kickoff.  All KiDtalk & TeacherTalk submissions are due by April 14, 2017.  Visit for complete competition details. 


If you are interested see Mrs. Ballew for details.


9 weeks assessment- Thursday March 16th

This assessment will be the final summative grade for this quarter.   You want to make sure you are reviewing material from all previous units. The Bell Questions are also a good tool to use for studying.  Attached is an additional study tool. Make sure you are preparing ahead of time, DON’T wait until Monday to start reviewing 18 weeks worth of material.


3rd 9 Weeks Study Guide-1cjf35u







Economic Museum

2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th- started on this task Monday. 1st period will start on it after the quick check Tuesday.

You have been chosen to create a poster display for Lovinggood’s museum that will showcase companies and sports teams of Georgia.

◦In pairs you will randomly choice a company or a sports team.

◦Create a poster(s) to showcase the company or sports team for our museum.

◦The poster should include:


◦history (beginning, founding, founders/owners, creators)

◦number of employees

◦Product or service provided

◦Impact on Georgia and/or Atlanta

◦Other important information

◦Posters need to be neat, organized, and colorful