Dec. 12-15th

I hope that you all enjoyed your time in the snow. It really was beautiful.

The summative for Unit 5 Expansion and Removal that was scheduled for Friday was taken today ,Tuesday, in class.


Tuesday: Summative unit 5

3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th: worked on differences between north and south in the 1800s.

6th: you were given the semester review to start working on.

Wednesday:  Create mind maps for the regions and take notes on the opposite region.

Review guide for the semester summative.

Thursday: Finish notes on Region

GIST- Circuit Riders

Review for summative

Friday: Semester Summative



Week 16 Expansion and Removal

We have been discovering the Native American Culture and the removal of them from Georgia.


SS8H4 Explain significant factors that affected westward expansion in Georgia between
1789 and 1840.

d. Describe the role of William McIntosh in the removal of the Creek from Georgia.
e. Analyze how key people (John Ross, John Marshall, and Andrew Jackson) and events (Dahlonega Gold Rush and Worcester v. Georgia) led to the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia known as the Trail of Tears.


Monday: Comparing Viewpoints and Treaty of New Echota

You were given instructions for the Jackson Debate. The debate will be on Wednesday and you must come with your written portion completed in order to participate. Trial – Andrew Jackson (Autosaved)-2f9d6ou

Tuesday: Vocabulary assessment and work on written evidence for debate.  Vocabulary 2017-1mi17tm

Wednesday: Jackson Debate

Thursday: We Shall Remain video and review

Friday: Summative for Unit 5 Expansion and Removal

Below is a Kahoot we found to help you review for the assessment on Friday. We did not make it but it fits the unit we are studying.

You will have Cumulative summative assessment on Friday Dec. 15th. This will be a summative that will cover all units we have studied so far.  Do not wait until next week to start reviewing. Spend some time each evening reviewing your notebooks.