Jan. 29th – Feb. 2nd

We are into the Civil War/Reconstruction standards. This week you will be creating a presentation on the topic that you chose on Friday.

You will have Monday and Tuesday to create your presentations. Wednesday we will submit and start presenting.


Monday: In Media Center creating presentation

Tuesday: In Media Center creating presentation

Wednesday: Finalize and submit to One-Note start presentation

Thursday: High School Registration

Battles and Sherman’s Campaign and March   Map Directions-xk4w1w

Friday: Presentations


Notes organizer for Presentations: Standard organizer civil war and reconstruction-w5g8le


There will be a formative assessment the week of Feb. 5th.

Retakes for Antebellum Summative will on Friday Feb. 2nd. Below is the remediation for this assessment. You need to come in with both completed.

study guide-remedation Antebellum-1oi737d

Antebellum Summative Assessment Study Guide 2018-14kpy4z


Jan. 22nd- 25th

Well it is crunch time for all you classes so make sure you stay on top of your work and learning.

I pushed the formative until Tuesday of this week so that you could get back in the swing of learning before you had to take it. See the below schedule for grades being taken this week.


Monday: Election of 1860 discussion and videos

GIST Federal vs. State:  formative grade – should have been completed in class and turned in.  Federal vs State GIST-1aqacfs

GIST Election of 1860: formative grade- if you didn’t finish this GIST it is due tomorrow when you walk through the door.

GIST – The Presidential Election of 1860-1brq7ab


Tuesday: Formative assessment on the events leading to the Civil War- Compromises, North vs. South, Vocabulary, and technology


Wednesday: Summative on Antebellum


Thursday: Civil Rights day: if you are not attending the trip on this day you need to realize that we will have a grade taken over the information taught in class.


Friday: Civil War- Order of session- border states- vocabulary



Field experience

Balance sheets for Savannah were given out today.  The forms that need to be turned in can be found under Field Experience tab under pages.


There are also additional point field experiences posted for the 3rd 9 weeks.



Snow Days so work and assessments pushed

Due to the weather days we will be pushing the formative and summative assessments. The formative will no be on Monday 1-22 and the Summative will be on Wednesday 1-24.

All students will be doing something with civil rights on Friday 1-19 and Thursday 1-25. If you are not attending the trip you need to make sure you are in class because you will be responsible for the work that is being done in class that day. There will be a grade taken on civil right and will be due on Monday 1-29. This will allow those who are going to experience the trip before the task is due.

I hope you have enjoyed your days but I look forward to a getting back in the groove again.




Jan. 16th -19th

We are finishing Antebellum concepts this week.

I am attaching one of the activities for Wednesday just in case we have a inclement weather day. If we do have a day off please take the time to analyze the cartoons.


Tuesday: Georgia Plat form and State’s Rights. states rights -13qyga6

Wednesday Election of 1860  election of 1860 through cartoons-stf2eh

Thursday: Formative assessment Antebellum concepts

Friday: Civil Rights Museum/Eyes on the Prize- Maynard Jackson


We will be taking the summative for Antebellum and moving onto Civil War content next week.

New Policies for all 8th grade students

Students are now allowed to go to their lockers during transition between class periods. There will no longer be locker breaks during the class periods. With this change in procedure is a new Tardy policy. Please see this policy below.

Remember you goal is to be prepared and ready to learn when the bell rings so plan accordingly.


Teachers will create a non-graded category in Synergy for “Tardy” marks. All tardy marks will be recorded there. The consequences are as follows:

• 1st Tardy: Verbal Warning
• 2nd Tardy: Synergy Mark
• 3rd Tardy: Synergy Mark and Silent Lunch
• 4th Tardy: Synergy Mark and No Hawk Time
• 5th Tardy: Synergy Mark and Referral


Students will also now be allowed to carry track bags from class to class. A track bag is not the same as a backpack and must be kept on the back of their chair or under their seat during class. Students will be able to get their backpacks at dismissal .


These policies will begin with a trial run on Thursday and Friday of this week to allow student to become acquainted. The  tardy policy will be implemented firmly beginning on Tuesday January 16th.

Jan. 4-12th

Welcome back. I hope that you all enjoyed your break and that you are ready to start the new semester strong.

We started unit 6 Antebellum before we left for break. We will continue this unit this week and next. Discussing the more of the issues that the country faced during the early 1800s.

Thursday: Finish Missouri compromise and learn the back ground leading to the Compromise of 1850.

Friday: Continue these issues and compromises.

Monday: We will continue the issues leading up to the Dred Scott case.

Tuesday: Finish our compromise and issues activity.

Wednesday: How the cotton gin and railroad impacted the economy.

Thursday: Formative assessment on issues and technology

Georgia Platform analysis

Friday: State’s rights and election of 1860.