March 19th -23rd

We are in our final weeks before the EOG. This means all of your classes will be moving quickly and that you will have to keep up with your studies. This may also mean that there will be more to do at home to prep for class tasks/activities.


This week we are moving into our government standards. This week we will cover Government standard 1 and 2. The content will be foundations of government and legislative branch.


Monday: 20th century assessments

Vocabulary for foundations of government and legislative branch

Tuesday: Finish 20th century assessments

Work on Vocabulary, comparing U.S. Constitution to Georgia State Constitution, and checks and balances

Wednesday:  Activity for separation of powers and review Tuesday’s work, Federalism

Thursday: Requirements for being a part of the legislative branch, committees, and how a bill becomes law

Friday:  Citizenship and voting requirements, a formative grade will be taken on Foundation of Government and on Citizenship