Personal finance task

Homework for Thursday 4-19: research a career you would want to have when you are older. Write down characteristics/duties/responsibilities  of the career, training/education required, and the average yearly income/salary.


Below you will  find websites to help you with our career search.


Real-estate websites




April 18-27th

Now that testing is over we are slowly getting back to a normal schedule.

This week we will be working on personal finance lessons. Thinking about a career and then applying salaries to budgets. This will be a formative grade and will be due at the end of class on Friday.

Next week we will be starting a performance task. You will be planning a vacation!! There will be 3 formative grades as well as a summative grade taken for this performance task. You will have 9 days in class to complete this task. Details for the task will be given out on Monday.