Extra Classroom Field Experiences- If you need more points

This is the page that you will come to if you need more points after the unit is completed. All assignments will be time sensitive and will not be announced in class.

1st 9 weeks extension field experiences: 

Native and Explorer unit was available from August until Oct. 2nd.


2nd 9 Weeks extension field experiences 
The following are the choices students can go visit for additional points.  The assignment for the specific location must be completed, along with a copy of the receipt to the location.  The assignments are due no later than Monday December 11th.  Students can choose one activity up to all four (student choice). The points will be added to the Summative assessment for the content learned during the experience.


New-Echota-Extra-Classroom-Extension-Activity-113w0i3-2fu1nmi   this site is not to far from the Chickamagua battle field site which is an extension field experience for the 3rd 9 weeks.



Smith House Family farm http://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/explore/destinations/smith-family-farm

Visit the House and write a summary of what you learned and experienced. Submit the receipt as well as have an employee of the Atlanta History center sign a brochure.


3rd 9 weeks Extension Trips

Below you will find several extension trips. These must be completed by Monday March 6th. You can earn  toward Antebellum or Civil War summative assessment. Visit 1 site earn 15 points toward the lower score. Visit 2 sites and 15 points will added to the other assessment.


Kennsesaw Mountain Battlefield Park Extra Credit Activity-22j4jj7

The Southern Museum Extra Credit Assignment-2hrbqqz


https://www.nps.gov/ande/planyourvisit/directions.htm   – Andersonville Prison- Visit the prison have a park ranger sign a brochure from the museum.  Write a summary of your visit and your thoughts on the prison.


4th 9 weeks: Below you will find several extension trips. These must be completed by Tuesday, May 22nd. You can earn toward your final summative or 20th century formative assessments. Visit 1 site earn 15 points toward the lowest score. Visit 2 sites and 15 points will be added to the other assessment.

Complete the attached task while visiting any of the following sites. field experience any site-15x0lu4

Warm Springs Little White House- tour the museum/Little White House- write a summary on your visit and FDR’s impact on the community because of his visits.

The Carter Center- write a summary on your visit and the impact that President Carter had  and continues to have on our state, country and world.

Delta Museum: http://www.deltamuseum.org/    Make sure to include Delta’s impact on our culture and society.

Kennesaw History Museum: http://historymuseum.kennesaw.edu/about/

Atlanta History Center: visit the “Gatheround: The stories of Atlanta Exhibit”  http://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/explore/exhibitions/gatheround-stories-of-Atlanta

Oakland Cemetery: http://www.oaklandcemetery.com/plan-your-visit/self-guided-tours/

Marietta History Museum of History: http://www.mariettahistory.org/