Last two weeks

I can’t believe we are in the final days of schools. It just doesn’t seem like it should be that time of year already.

ALL spring trip experience work is due on Thursday. I know there was a miscommunication but Disney students need to complete the journal entries and the scrapbook. We are asking that you document your experience. Create primary sources for your experience. Again these are due on Thursday.

If you didn’t attend either trip and were not in school there is a post with the work that you need to complete for the days of the trip.


Finals next week. Below is the schedule for Finals. The review sheets for the final have been posted were posted on May 3rd.

Monday             6th period

Tuesday            4th and 7th periods

Wednesday      3rd and 5th periods

Personal finance task

Homework for Thursday 4-19: research a career you would want to have when you are older. Write down characteristics/duties/responsibilities  of the career, training/education required, and the average yearly income/salary.


Below you will  find websites to help you with our career search.


Real-estate websites




April 18-27th

Now that testing is over we are slowly getting back to a normal schedule.

This week we will be working on personal finance lessons. Thinking about a career and then applying salaries to budgets. This will be a formative grade and will be due at the end of class on Friday.

Next week we will be starting a performance task. You will be planning a vacation!! There will be 3 formative grades as well as a summative grade taken for this performance task. You will have 9 days in class to complete this task. Details for the task will be given out on Monday.


March 26th – 30th

Government should be what you have been working on! We started the government information last Wednesday. We are moving quickly through these standards as I have said in class you will need to make sure you stay on top of the work and your learning to make sure you understand and can ask any clarifying questions in class.


Monday: Review the Legislative Sessions: Communities, and the bill process

Tuesday: Revenue for the State, formative assessment on Legislative Branch

Wednesday: Where does the money go and the departments of the executive branch.

Thursday: Summative on Foundations, Legislative and Executive branch.

Friday: Review for Milestones

March 19th -23rd

We are in our final weeks before the EOG. This means all of your classes will be moving quickly and that you will have to keep up with your studies. This may also mean that there will be more to do at home to prep for class tasks/activities.


This week we are moving into our government standards. This week we will cover Government standard 1 and 2. The content will be foundations of government and legislative branch.


Monday: 20th century assessments

Vocabulary for foundations of government and legislative branch

Tuesday: Finish 20th century assessments

Work on Vocabulary, comparing U.S. Constitution to Georgia State Constitution, and checks and balances

Wednesday:  Activity for separation of powers and review Tuesday’s work, Federalism

Thursday: Requirements for being a part of the legislative branch, committees, and how a bill becomes law

Friday:  Citizenship and voting requirements, a formative grade will be taken on Foundation of Government and on Citizenship