Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a fun, safe, and relaxing fall break! Attached below you will find the enrichment schedule for the month of October. Please make sure to send your child in tennis shoes on the days that we have P.E. Also – don’t forget that this Friday, October 2nd, is picture day! Please make sure to send in order forms if you are ordering your child’s school pictures.

October Enrichment Schedule

A Visit From the Police

What a day! This afternoon, we had an officer from the Marietta City Police Department come to our class to tell us all about his job. We were able to pass around real handcuffs, see a police radio, and look at (not touch!) a real police taser! Our class had lots of questions for the officer, and he was happy to answer all of them, and told us that he may come back for a visit with his police car and dog! At the end, Officer Daniel passed out Marietta PD pencils and Junior Officer Police Badge stickers. We were also happy to present him with a book of all of our pictures that we’ve been working on and a letter thanking our Marietta City Police for all their hard work, and for keeping us safe each and every day. Below you can see a picture of our class with Officer Daniel!



Remembering 9/11

Although none of us were born yet, we learned all about 9/11 and the tragedy that struck the U.S. 14 years ago. In order to get more background information, we watched a Brain Pop video all about 9/11 and it really helped us understand what this day is all about. Since we have also been learning about first responders and community helpers, we wrote thank-you letters and drew pictures for our local police department (Marietta City Police). All of our wonderful pictures were laminated and turned into a book that we will be giving to a local officer that is coming to our classroom on Wednesday! He will be telling us all about his job and what he does to protect and keep us safe – we can’t wait for his visit! Below you’ll find a picture of our class showing off our wonderful drawings!

first responders

Where Am I?

Throughout the past week and a half, our class has been working on “where we live”! We’ve been going over things like our city, state, country, and even our continent! Everyone has been doing a great job of locating themselves on a map, and our speech teachers are even helping us by giving us lessons on maps and globes. We’ve been able to watch videos, do crafts, and read lots of books to help us get a better understanding of where we are in the world. This week, we also learned a lot about Labor Day, why it is a holiday, and who we honor on this day. Later on in the week, we’ll be learning about September 11th and what happened on this day 14 (WOW!) years ago. Check back next week for more about what we learned!

Week 5

As you can see from all of the WONDERFUL work your children have brought home, throughout the month of August, we were focusing on emotions, feelings, and how to be a good “citizen” in and out of the classroom. As we’re all still getting to know one another, I feel like this year started off better than I could have ever imagined! One thing – please make sure to send your child’s communication log to school every morning! This is how I am able to communicate with you and let you know what your child did that day (OT/PT, speech, enrichment) and what homework they may have. Thanks for a great month, and I look forward to a fun September!

Learning Manners

Work doesn’t have to be boring! In class today, we divided up into 2 groups; each group picked one member to lay down and be traced, and then all of the students decorated their posters. After decorating, we went over different ways to show manners/respect (for example, keeping hands to self and using kind words to everyone) and wrote them down on our posters. We then hung up the posters in our class so that our wonderful work was on display! Check out the pictures!!

body tracing 2 body tracing

Left group: Junior, Emma, Jaylen

Right group: Gavin, Julian, Jasmine, Quynn

Hi All!

So far, this year is off to a great start! Your children have been nothing short of an absolute joy to have in my classroom (even if it is only the second day). We’ve been doing lots of “back to school” activities in order to learn more about our classmates and teachers. We’ve also been practicing our writing by coming up with imaginary stories on different topics. Even though it’s only the second day, I feel that I am learning so much about your kids, and I can’t wait to see what the year holds!


Hi parents and students!

Open house is just a couple of days away, and I can’t wait to meet everyone! Make sure to keep up with our class blog for information and updates within our classroom and Kincaid Elementary!