Monday, January 14

Tonight’s homework is page 539-540, #15-22.  Warmup #15 was due today if you didn’t turn it in Friday.  Several students have not turned in p. 547 from Thursday.  Please get this work in ASAP.

Students interested in sharing their talent in the school Talent Show can get an application from the media center or Mrs. Stahler.  These forms are due January 18th, with the Talent Show being February 7th.

A Memory Competition will be held in Mr. Cunningham’s room Tuesday after school. Students are invited to participate in this new program.  It will end around 6:15.

Remember, math tutoring is offered on Thursday mornings at 8:15.  This is open to any student who would like to attend.



Tuesday, January 8

Today we practiced writing inequalities for real world situations.  Tonight’s homework is to practice using QUIZIZZ.  The code 370541.  Be sure to play using your first name and last initial.  If you can’t connect to the internet for some reason then you can do an alternate assignment on p. 531-532, #1-6.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!  Welcome back for the  2nd semester.  Remember that math tutoring is open for any student who would like to attend on Thursday morning at 8:15 am.

Today in class we started learning about how to represent real world situations with an algebraic inequality.

No homework tonight.  Enjoy it.


Monday, December 17

TKO p.1

TKO p.2

Finish the TKO on equations that we worked on in class.  This will be good practice as you prepare for the Unit 4 test we will take tomorrow.  Many students were out with Chorus today.  I have attached the TKO in case you didn’t get a chance to come by my room to find out what you missed.  We will review several problems before we start the test tomorrow, so come with questions if you have any.  Read through your MSG notes too.     Quizizz code 171179

Thursday, December 13

Quiz tomorrow on multiplication and division equations.  HW:  Complete the Equation practice handout.  If you want more practice with word problems look through lessons 4 and 5 in your textbook and do some of the problems that have not been assigned for classwork.  I have attached the handout for tonight’s practice.  Along with notes if you have been absent this week.

equation handout

fraction coefficient notes

Wednesday, December 12

1st period and 5th period  Homework:  Complete the Equation Practice handout.  Prepare for multiplication and division equation quiz scheduled for Friday.

2nd period and 3rd period Homework:  Complete problems on p. 473, #30, 32, 33, 34.  Prepare for multiplication and division equation quiz scheduled for Friday.

Math Tutoring tomorrow at 8:15.  Report to the cafeteria and Mrs. Forester or Mrs. Rudd will sign in and pick you up.

Tuesday, December 11

Homework:  P. 483, #13-23.  Be sure to show inverse operations for isolating the variable.  There are examples to look at in your textbook on pp. 477-480 if you are having difficulty.  Attached is a video on solving one step equations (different from mathantics one posted yesterday)

Monday, December 10

Today in math we learned how to use inverse operations to solve multiplication and division equations.  We watched a short video and recorded notes in our MSGs.  I have attached the video to watch again (or for those who were absent).  Homework:  p. 471, #1-7, #11 and #12.  On #12 you will have to do a little more thinking in order to solve.