Friday, October 20

MATH 6:  Read through MSG notes and prepare for test over percents on Tuesday. You need to know how to solve using a model and using math.

MATH 7:  1st Period:  Do practice problems on 2Step Doodle sheet.  7th period:  Even #2-14 on handout “Solving 2 step equations”

Wednesday, October 19

Math 6:  We continue to work on solving different types of percentage problems.  We have moved from some of the modeling to solving percents using algorithms.  HW:  Handout changing percent to decimal form and solving percent problems.  (This is very much like Tuesday’s homework so work carefully and accurately to complete.  Use your MSG notes for examples.)

MATH 7:  We reviewed solving one step problems today.  HW:  Correct your fraction one step problems.  Reduce fractions first because it will make it easier.  Remember to multiply both sides by the inverse of the fraction.  Complete the one-step addition and subtraction handout.  Remember to show your work.

Tuesday, October 17

Math 6:  HW:  complete handout converting percent to decimal form and solving three percentage problem.  You don’t have to model!  Just do the math!

Math 7:  HW: Solving one-step fraction equations handout.  Remember to reduce fractions first (if you can) then isolate the variable by multiplying by the inverse (reciprocal). Whatever you do to one side of the equal sign you must do to the other.  Check your work.  You can use a calculator but fractions can’t be changed to decimals.  Answers must be in fraction form.

Thursday, October 12

Hope you are enjoying your afternoon at home.

Math 6:  HW:  Model percentages for the following two problems:  1.  What is 40% of 80? 2.  What is 60% of 25?  Then choose to do an equivalent ratio or math (decimal multiplication) to support your model.  Use your MSG notes.  Do your best.

Math 7:  HW:  none.  You can copy doodle note tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 11

Math 6:  HW:  Study the Percent, Fraction, Decimal Equivalency  Chart.  Watch the following video on percents.

MATH 7:  HW:  Review Unit 2 OMG notes on expressions and operations with integers from Unit 1.  We finish the test tomorrow.  Look at Tuesday’s post and practice with Quizizz if you didn’t do so yesterday.

Tuesday, October 10

Math 6:  Today we started modeling percentages.  HW:  P. 314, #4-6.  Look at the example we did on page. 313 and refer to your MSG Equivalency Chart.  Remember, start by drawing 2 rectangles–one to represent 100% and the other one the same size to represent the total number.

MATH 7:  HW:  Study for the expressions test.  Review through the corrected study guide, rework problems, and then practice at QUIZIZZ!







Monday, October 9

MATH 6:  Today we reviewed how percentages can be written as fractions and decimals.  HW:  p. 273, #1-10  If you missed class today or just want to watch the video again, here it is:

MATH 7:  We finished discussing how to translate words into algebraic expressions and how to evaluate expressions.  We started on an open note quiz in class that will be finished at the beginning of class on Tuesday.  HW:  Complete the study guide for unit test on properties, combining like terms,  evaluating expressions and using the distributive property to simplify expressions.  Make sure all of your notes are in your OMG.  Read through them tonight as you are doing the study guide.  Test is Wednesday.

Monday, October 2

Wow!  How did it get to be October already?  This Friday is the last day of the first nine weeks grading period, so if you are missing assignments in Synergy then you need to get those papers turned in!  Be looking for information to come home this week regarding scheduling conferences.  Conferences will be held the week of October 16-20 and it will be early release all of those days.

MATH 6:  We started notes on equivalent ratios today and creating a ratio table.  HW:  P. 211, #1-3.  Look at MSG notes or examples on pages 208-209 to help you complete homework.

MATH 7:  Today we discussed the distributive property.  HW:  1st period:  P. 193, #1-12.  Refer to examples on p. 191 if you need help.  7th period:  Finish combo meals handout.

Wednesday, September 20

MATH 6:  HW: Finish unit rate classwork.  Review MSG notes about ratios, rates and unit rate.  We will review homework in class tomorrow, then start on Open Note test over ratios.

Go to and play the following games to practice.

ratio and rate practice



MATH 7:  Retest for Unit 1 B Rational Numbers will be tomorrow at 8:15. You must complete test corrections to be able to retake the test.  HW:  Finish “How Does A Hawaiian Baritone Laugh?” worksheet on simplifying expression.  Review OMG notes on algebraic expressions, properties, and simplifying expressions.  We will have a quiz tomorrow after we review homework.

Go to: and use the code to practice simplifying expressions.

simplifying expressions