Wednesday, March 13

HW:  Study for test that we didn’t finish today.  If you want to practice go to and use code 474386

Unit 5 Retake will be offered tomorrow and Friday morning at 8:15.  You must have your test corrections completed in order to retake the test.

Tuesday, March 12

Early Release tomorrow!  Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

HW:  Study for the test over Measures of Center and Variation.  You should know the meaning of Mean, Median, Mode, Quartile 1, Quartile 3, Interquartile Range, Range and how to find all of these measures in a data set.  Review your notes and complete p. 732, all and p. 737, #1-3.  

Monday, March 11

Retakes for the Unit 5 test will be offered on Wednesday at 8:20 this week.  The end of the quarter is Friday, so be sure to get the test corrections done and show up Wednesday if you want to improve your test grade.

HW:  p. 724, #1  and #2.  Find the measures of center and variation for both sets of data.  We will take a test over measures of center and variation on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 5

We continued to learn about measures of center–mean, median, and mode.  HW tonight is to find the Median and Mode from Monday’s homework.  Students may use calculators.

Unit 5 Test Retakes will be Thursday and Friday and a date to be determined next week.  I will be available tomorrow morning at 8:20 to help students with test corrections.  Come to the cafeteria and sign in to get a pass to my room.

Monday, March 4

Today we finished taking the Unit 5 test.  Students can make test corrections and retake the test later in the week.  Thursday will more than likely be the first day retakes are offered in the morning.

We started Unit 6 on Statistics today by watching part of a video and recording MSG notes.  HW:  Find the Mean for 10 problems.  Watch the first 5 minutes or so of the video we watched in class (stop when he starts discussing median).

Thursday, February 28

Today we did a Scavenger Hunt to review Unit 5 concepts.  Study for the test tomorrow by reading through your MSG notes, looking at problems in your textbook, reviewing the attached power point,  and completing the QUIZIZZ review using code: 324424.  The chapters in the textbook are 8 and 9.  You can access the online text by clicking on the link at the top of my blog.

I have attached the problems from the Scavenger Hunt with the correct answers beside the problem if you want to review some you didn’t get to complete.  Unit 5 Review (Scavenger hunt) with answers-1irm176

Tuesday, February 26

HW:  Volume of Rectangular Prism Handout.  Be sure to show substitution and cubic units in your answer.  Here is a video on finding volume with fractional dimensions.

volume with fractional dimensions

Volume practice on Quizizz 

Unit 5 Test Friday

UNIT 5 Quizizz Review code:  324424   This code is available through Friday.

Here are a few videos to review if you are still struggling with fraction operations:

convert mixed numbers

mixed numbers

multiplying fractions

Monday, February 25

Hope everyone enjoyed a little break from school, but we were busy today learning about volume of rectangular prisms. Review your MSG notes  before you complete the handout for homework.  Always show substitution of the measures and included units in your answer.  Students need to have a 4 function basic calculator.  One can be purchased at the school store for $2.00.  I have been reminding students of this for the past month.

We will have the UNIT 5 Geometry test on Friday. Be reading through your notes and looking at example problems. The warm up this week has a review of area and composite area problems.