Wednesday, May 16

MATH 6:  Tomorrow we will take our open note final test. Go to:

Today’s new quizizz codes are:

Unit rate:  Game code: 902357

Percents:  Game code:  689079

Percents:  Game code:  497231

If you haven’t done any quizizz games then look at yesterday’s blog for other game codes.

MATH 7:  We started a statistics project today with a partner.  NO homework.

Tuesday, May 15

MATH 6:  Be looking over your notes in your MSG.    Here’s a new game code for equations and inequalities: GO to Game code: 789183        See below for the codes posted yesterday.
Game Code: 521431

If you want specific practice with writing ratios and equivalent expressions you can use the following game code at quizizz: 078963

MATH 7:  No homework


Monday, May 14

MATH 6:  We took the MI the last two days so there has been no assigned homework.  We will be taking an open note final Math 6 on Wednesday or Thursday. Here is a link to a quizizz to help you prepare for the kinds of questions you will see. Play as often as you like. The more you practice the better you will know the information.
PS – Use your MSG to help you. Mark the pages you use with a post-it so you can refer back to those pages when you are taking the final.
Game Code: 521431

If you want specific practice with writing ratios and equivalent expressions you can use the following game code at quizizz: 078963


MATH 7:  We finished the MI today and started some basic math caching.  Some of you found it challenging to have to work accurately and read carefully in order to find the hidden boxes.  No homework tonight

Thursday, May 10

WOW!  This week has flown by.  Tomorrow is Fun Friday.

MATH 6:   We will be in LAB 214 for the MI on Friday and Monday.  Come with a pencil  NO HOMEWORK

MATH 7:  We will be in LAB 214 for Math Inventory on Friday and Monday.  Come with a pencil.  NO HOMEWORK

Monday, May 7

Only two more Mondays left in the school year!  Don’t stop giving your best effort just yet.  We are still learning new information and reviewing information to get you ready for the next grade.

MATH 6:  HW:  Create line plots (half sheet).  You can do these in your MSG.

MATH 7:  HW:  Bring your OMG to class tomorrow.  We will be taking the UNIT 6 Touchstone for Probability unit.

Wednesday, May 2

MATH 6:  Students turned in their coordinate city projects today.  A few people were out sick so they will need to finish theirs up at home.  HW:  2nd page of rounding decimals and homework practice page for plotting polygons.

MATH 7:  Finish surface area calculations for vacation home. These will need to be complete in order to build your house. Thanks to everyone who brought in supplies for construction.  We will build our models tomorrow.

Monday, April 30

MATH 6:  We are finishing our coordinate city project.  It will be due at the end of class on Tuesday.  HW:  Finish the first page of simplifying fractions.  You only have to do the front side for tonight.  Remember to look for common factors to help you reduce proper fractions.

MATH 7:  Today we created our models for the vacation home.  If you haven’t done your calculations for 3/4 scale then you will need to do that tonight for homework.  Talk to your parents and bring your materials in tomorrow so we can start construction on Wednesday.  HW:  Calculate scale factor dimensions. Test corrections and extra credit are due tomorrow.

Friday, April 27

MATH 7:  Don’t forget to talk to your parents about bringing something in to create the vacation home.  I’m not sure if we will be ready to build on Tuesday, but I would like to have the materials by then.  Remember if each person brings in something then it’s not too much for any one person.  Look in your pantry, you may have some cereals or candies that would be good for decorating.  Thanks to those students who have already brought in graham crackers and icing!

Monday, April 23

MATH 6:  HW:  Study MSG notes for Unit 7 test.  Complete the Study Guide then check your answers on this post.  I think the QUIZIZZ code of 802272 is still valid.

answer key


MATH 7:  HW:  Study your Statistics and Probability OMG notes ( you have two packets).  Know how  to find mean, median, and mode from a set of data.  Know how to find simple and compound probability, the difference between theoretical and experimental probability, and probability of independent and dependent events.  The review we did with Grudgeball should also help you prepare.