Here are the rest of the answers for the Study Guide:  (If you have any questions come prepared to ask me and we will discuss before the test.  Sorry 🙁  )

10)  H    11)  C   12)  I     13)  A     14)  F     15)  D

16)  13   17)  12    18) -1     19)  8     20)  -32     21)  1     22)  56     23)  -12

Wednesday, 8/31


Today we did a quick check to see if we have the skills needed for dividing fractions. If you had trouble (which some did) then its time to search your memory bank and try to retrieve some of the skills you were taught about fractions in 4th and 5th grade.  We will take some review notes tomorrow on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions but we won’t be spending a lot of time practicing because those are skills you have been taught before.  HW:  Finish Quick Check p. 86.  (If you left your book at school never fear because there is an online edition. Go to the Durham homepage and look on the left hand side.  Click on McGraw-Hill.  User name is ccsdstudentnumber (actual number) and password is cobbmath1.)  Spiral Math is due Friday and we will have a quiz on LCM and GCF on Friday too!


We  went over our Study Guide and took an open note quiz on operations with integers.  We have been working on real world problems that use negative and positive numbers.  HW:  Study for test tomorrow on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers.  Practice solving different kinds of problems from previous worksheets.  Remember you have a textbook now that you can use to look at examples and try practice problems (answers to ODD are in the back of the book). Your online textbook is a great tool too.  If you have forgotten how to get to it here you go:  Go to the Durham homepage and look on the left hand side.  Click on McGraw-Hill.  User name is ccsdstudentnumber (actual number) and password is cobbmath1.)

Tuesday, 8/30


Today we reviewed methods for finding LCM and GCF.  We discussed how some methods work better depending on the situation.  HW:  Problem solving with GCF and LCM worksheet.  This is an application for why we might want to know how to find the LCM and GCF.  Use your notes in your MSG to help you problem solve.  Make sure to look at the examples given on the first page too!  And of course, when you are problem solving think, “Is my answer logical?”


We practiced multiplying and dividing integers today.  If you have missed days over the past several weeks, then you need to make sure you have updated you OMG notes and looked over pages in your textbook (Chapter 1, pp. 7-59)  Use the table of contents to focus your attention on the skills you are having trouble with.

HW:  Finish word problems and STUDY GUIDE.  Bring OMG to class tomorrow to use for the quiz on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers.

Video on multiplying and dividing integers:



Monday, 8/29

It’s the start of week 5, and it’s hard to believe we are almost half way through the first nine weeks!


We finished taking notes in MSG on different methods to find the GCF and LCM.  Knowing how to find common factors and multiples will help when we start division of fractions.

HW: Find LCM and GCF for 7 problems.  You can use the list or cake method, but no need to use them both for one problem!  That would be twice the work and no one wants to do that!  Work on Spiral Math problems.  Be sure to show your work for Spiral Math on a separate sheet and in a way that I can follow.   Check out the following videos if you need a little help.

Video on LCM using cake method:

Video on GCF using cake method:


We got our textbooks today! Yay! Yay!  The books are yours to write in and they should not have left the classroom if you didn’t have your name on it in 3 places!  The text is really a great resource with key concepts, explanations and different examples.  Use it to your benefit even if you don’t have an assignment in it.  You also have an online textbook with helpful videos and tutoring.   I was pleased with the number of students who are feeling confident about adding and subtracting integers.  If you still feel a bit confused, look in your new textbook at those sections.  You may find those explanations helpful. Today we took notes on multiplying and dividing integers, but I think you will agree that’s a lot less complicated!

HW: Start on POW, Odd numbers 17-29 on p. 55.  Study guide is due Wednesday.  We will have a test on Integers Thursday.

Thursday, 8/25

There is just not enough time in class…….


Students received their graded quizzes and I was pleased with how they did on the division problems.  I was not as pleased that they didn’t read and follow some directions.  I gave them the chance to fix that mistake today.  We discussed some safety procedures that had been overlooked at the beginning of the year and glued some information about GCF and LCM in the MSG.  We will continue to work on following oral directions. 🙂  NO HOMEWORK!


Checked homework over subtracting integers.  Practiced more subtracting with “golf” worksheet.  HW:  Finish golf sheet (front only) and watch the following video.  Be sure to look at your notes in your OMG if you are having trouble.

Wednesday, 8/24

Math 6

We took a quiz over division of whole numbers and decimal numbers today.  HW: Finish Division Bingo.  Remember you only have to do one column or one row to make a Bingo!

Math 7

Introduced subtraction of integers and took notes in MSG.  HW:  Complete Touchdown worksheet and Side H of 1/2 sheet Adding and Subtracting Integers.

Monday, 8/22

Week 4 of school has started!

Math 6

We are still practicing long division with decimals.  Today we took notes in our MSG about dividing decimals by decimals.  I was impressed by how quickly the students caught on.  Students were not given Spiral Math today.  I wanted to wait on this week’s Spiral Math because there were several fraction problems that I didn’t want students to be confused by.  They will get their sheet tomorrow and we will mark the ones they will need to wait until the end of the week to do.

HW:  2  division problems (decimals by decimals).  Study for quiz Wednesday over decimal division.  Watch the following video to review procedure for dividing decimals by decimals.

Math 7

Students practiced adding integers and reviewed solving problems with absolute value.

HW: Finish Practice 2-3 if they didn’t in class.  Prepare for quiz Tuesday on absolute value and adding integers by reviewing notes and papers in the OMG. Watch video links from previous post on absolute value, integers, and adding integers. (I think it is Friday’s post.)  No POW homework was assigned today.



Math 6

Enjoy the weekend!  We will have a quiz over decimal division next Wednesday, 8/24!

Math 7

Have a good weekend. We will have a quiz over absolute value and adding integers on Tuesday, 8/23!

I have attached the links for a few of the videos we watched in class. (adding integers)   (absolute value) (what are integers?)