Thursday, 9/22


It was so nice to see you guys today.  I missed being with you the past couple of days.  One more day of school and then we can take a little brain break for the next week.  You will have an opportunity to do test corrections over the break so I guess you will have to find a few minutes to engage your brain!  HW: P. 204, #14-20.  Check back over the calculations for your Ratios and Rates worksheet you did in class yesterday.  I will be taking it for a grade so don’t forget to bring it back to school tomorrow.  Test corrections will be due on Wednesday, Oct. 5th.


Only one more day of school and we will be off for Fall Break.  It still feels like summer to me, but hopefully it will be cooling off soon!

HW:  Worksheet–World’s Longest Punctuation Mark (practicing distributive property).  Don’t forget to get the parent letter signed.  Tomorrow is the last day I will take it for an extra 5 points on the next unit test.  Make sure your foldables are glued in.

Tuesday, 9/20

Math 6:  I’m not sure if you have gotten a chance to watch this video in class yet, so I’m going to post it here.  It’s a great one on ratios and rates.

HW:  Look over your notes on rates and ratios, finish spiral math 5, watch the video on ratios and rates.

Math 7:  Looking forward to starting a new unit!  Tomorrow we will have a craft day as we will be cut and paste the Unit 2 foldables into the OMG.  I sent home the parent letter with 3rd period today and 4th will get their tomorrow.  Be sure to have your parents sign it for 5 bonus points on your next unit test, but don’t forget to put your name on it too!

HW:  Finish POW 6 to turn in Thursday.  Extra credit is due tomorrow.


Thursday, 9/15

Math 6:  I missed seeing you today.  I hate that I won’t be teaching you for the next 4 days, but with the 7th grade testing this week and part of next, they needed me there.  Thankfully, you are in good hands with the eighth grade math teachers. You will need to listen carefully to their instruction as it is unlikely that I will be posting homework to the blog.  For now, work on Spiral Math 5 and be prepared to turn it in on Wednesday next week.

Math 7:  Hope you guys had your super smart brain activated today and will continue striving to do your best on the IOWA as testing continues through next week.  I didn’t see 3rd period today, but hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get your unit test done.  Use this extra time to study your notes and practice solving problems.  Rework problems on the handouts and study guide. POW will be due next Thursday, 9/22.

4th period:  Look over your notes and work on POW due next Thursday, 9/22.

Tuesday, 9/13

MATH 6  HW:  Continue to review your notes in your MSG since we didn’t finish the Unit Test today!  Look over previous blog posts and videos to help you prepare.

MATH 7 HW:  Study for the test tomorrow.  The Study Guide is your “Guide” to the types of problems that will be on the test.  I have attempted to attach the answers to the Study Guide on this post. Study Guide Math 7 Look over them and make sure you come to class with any questions you are still unclear about.  We will take about 10 minutes to answer them before we start the test.  Look back at previous blog posts for videos to review.

If you have been absent over the last few days (or been negligent in taking notes), I am attaching links for some notes that should be in your OMG.     fractions, decimals, distributive property

Monday, 9/12/16

MATH 6   Students started division of fraction quiz but all didn’t finish.  We will finish it at the beginning of class tomorrow.  Complete the study guide for the Unit Test scheduled for Tuesday.

HW:  Study for Unit 1 test.  Look back at MSG. The study guide is optional this time, but I strongly encourage you to complete it as it gives problems similar to the ones that will be on the test. Look back through the blog posts and watch videos I have attached for Math 6.


MATH 7    Students got back Unit 1 part A test and sheet for test corrections.  Students with a D or below on the test are required to make corrections.  Corrections stapled to test are due on Thursday.  Reworking problems will help prepare for Unit 1 Part B test on Wednesday.

HW: Study Guide due Tuesday.  Prepare for the test on Wednesday by looking back at your notes and worksheets in your OMG.  Look at old posts on the blog dealing with rational numbers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing integers; changing fractions to decimals and decimals back to fractions; distributive property).  Re-watch some of the videos we viewed in class.  Look in the Table of Contents in your textbook or online text for more examples of all we have been studying.

Friday, 9/9/2016

And it’s already Friday!

MATH 6:  We continued modeling fraction division. I know some of you are confused and don’t see the point in modeling when you know that you can multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal (Keep/Change/Flip). Take the time to look through some of the pages in your textbook that show modeling or go to the online tutor of your online edition. The following pages in your book have examples of fraction division being modeled: p. 137, 138, 148, 149.  Remember if you have a mixed number, then you have to change it to an improper fraction, then you divide just like your notes for Fraction divided by Fraction.  The link for the text is on the left of this page.  User name: ccsdlunchnumber (put your actual number in). Password:  cobbmath1

HW:   I hate to give homework over the week but ……..Review notes in your MSG, especially multiplication and division of fractions.  The Study Guide for the Unit test (Scheduled for Tuesday 9/13) is for your to figure out what you know and what you don’t know.  You are not required to do it, but I strongly encourage it.  I will go over the correct answers on Monday.  The best way to study math is to practice, practice, practice lots of different kinds of problems!!!!


We took notes and watched videos about the distributive property today and practiced problems on a worksheet.  If you missed class today make sure you take a look at the attached videos.  Also, you can refer to pp 189-192 in your online textbook and even look at online tutor for help.  The link for the text is on the left of this page.  User name: ccsdlunchnumber (put your actual number in). Password:  cobbmath1

HW:  Finish worksheet on distributive property.  Use the properties foldable in your OMG to complete the handout on properties.  We will have part B of the Unit Test on Wednesday, 9/14.  Study guide will be available on Monday .  The best way to prepare is to watch videos again and practice problems.  Distributive property videos:

Thursday, 9/9/2016


We continued to practice modeling division of fractions.  Students are checking work by using KEEP, CHANGE, FLIP strategy.  HW:  #1-4 on P. 145 in textbook.  TRY your best.  Look at examples in MSG.  Spiral Math is due tomorrow.  We will have a test over Unit 1 on Tuesday.  Start looking over example problems in MSG about operations with decimals, LCM/GCF, and operations with fractions.  I will give you a study guide tomorrow.


We continued to work on operations with integer fractions. We will have the second part of our unit test on Wednesday of next week.  HW:  3rd Period:  Finish the EVEN problems on both sides of today’s handout.  4th period: Solve  #’s 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 on the multiplication/division side and EVEN #’s on addition/subtraction side.

Wednesday, 9/7


Progress reports went home today.  Students with  a D or F  in Math received a detailed progress report.  Please remember to have your parent sign and return the detailed progress report to me.  HW:  Complete the operations with fractions worksheet.  Use the notes in your MSG to help you do them.


Progress reports went home today.  Students with  a D or F  in Math received a detailed progress report.  Please remember to have your parent sign and return the detailed progress report to me.   HW:  Complete the EVEN numbers on the Fractions and Decimals worksheet we started in class today.  Use your OMG and look at the pink foldables if you need help. The link for your online textbook is listed under bookmarks on my blog.


Tuesday, 9/6

Math 6

We put notes in our MSG about multiplying fractions.  We made sure to include several examples.  HW: Do problems #3 and #4 on page 115 in textbook.  Work on Spiral Math due 9/9.  Watch the following video about multiplying fractions.


We finished Unit 1 test. We practiced converting fractions to decimals and decimals back to fractions.  HW:  Finish reading through pages 79-82 in textbook and complete the Got it? problems.