Friday, October 28

MATH 6:  HW:  Look over MSG notes from Unit 2 and the Rate, Ratio, and Percent Review.  The review will be due on Tuesday, November 1.  You will have to complete the unit review in order to take advantage of making test corrections.  The completed review (with all work shown) will be worth extra credit points.

MATH 7:  HW:  Finish your Study Guide (many are already done).  The Study Guide will be for a classwork grade so make sure to check your answers.  I will take the first few minutes of class to answer any questions you have before the Test on Solving 2-step Equations.  Review videos and OMG notes and sample problems for the test Monday.

Thursday, October 27

MATH 6:  Reviewed evaluating expressions and related vocabulary.  Practiced order of operations while solving expressions that substituted a value for a  variable.  HW:  Finish Spiral Math #7.  Review vocabulary, order of operations, exponents, and evaluating expressions notes.  Quiz on Monday.

MATH 7:  Reviewed special types of 2 step problems and rational coefficients.  Worked in groups on Study Guide.  HW:  POW corrections due Friday. Work at least 8 of the odd numbered problems on the Study Guide.  The more practice the better.  I will pick several problems from the top and the bottom to grade.

Wednesday, October 26

MATH 6:  Today we identified parts of an expression and discussed how to evaluate expressions.  HW:  Find examples to put on page 1 of the Vocabulary Review.  Complete the page in your MSG on “Evaluating Expressions.”

MATH 7:  We reviewed homework with rational coefficients in solving equations.  We practiced 2 step equations with rational coefficients.  HW:  POW corrections due Friday.  Practice the “special” problems on 7-2 worksheet. Test on equations Monday.

Tuesday, October 25

Math 6: We reviewed exponents and began substituting values in equations.  HW:  p. 367, #2-7.  We will have a quick touchstone quiz on exponents tomorrow so review your MSG notes.  Work on spiral math due Friday.  Consult your MSG for examples and be sure to show your work to get credit.

MATH 7:  Reviewed solving equations with rational coefficients (fractions and decimals).  Took notes on Distributive Property in equations and learned two ways to solve.  HW:  p. 299, #1-5.  Do problems 19-23 on 7-2 Practice worksheet.  Make sure to solve all work.  Corrected POW will  be due on Friday.

Monday, October 24

MATH 6:  Practiced order of operations.  Look over your notes tonight.  HW:  Work on spiral Math #7.  Use your MSG to help you.  We have covered all of those skills so far this year in class!  SHOW your WORK!

MATH 7:  Continued with 2 step equations and practiced 1 step equations with fraction and decimal coefficients. I encourage you to watch the videos listed on Friday’s blog!  HW:  P. 275, #1-6. Check your work with a calculator.  If you have a different answer, then ask yourself where you may have made a mistake.

Friday, October 21

MATH 6:  Students received a letter about Unit 3.  Please have your parents sign it and return it on Monday.  Tuesday at the latest.  If you have it signed by Tuesday, you will get 5 bonus points on your test!  Enjoy the weekend!

MATH 7:  Here a few of the video links I mentioned in class today.  You know whether or not you are struggling with solving equations.  There are multiple ways to present the same information, so maybe one of these ways will be the one to click for you!  Remember, you are responsible for your grade.  What are you going to do make it the best it can be? (one step, addition & subtraction) (one step, multiplication & division) (two step)



Thursday, October 20

MATH 6:  Practiced with exponents. Recorded notes on Order of Operations. Look for a letter to come home tomorrow about Unit 3 that we are starting.  Resources are listed on it. To access your online textbook, click the McGraw Hill link to the left.  Login: ccsdstudentnumber (actual number you use for lunch) and Password:  cobbmath1     HW:  P. 359, Even # 2, 4, 6, 8.  Show your work!  Every step! Remember to follow the rules on p. 356. Reading a numerical expression is like reading any sentence on a page–start on the left and move right.  You don’t start in the middle of the sentence, so don’t do that in math!

MATH 7: Reviewed one step equations with multiplication and division and fraction coefficients.  Took notes for solving 2-step equations. HW:  Problems 1, 3, 4, and 6 on the worksheet. Look at your foldable for solving equations. Look at examples. Even if you are not sure exactly what to do, try something.  It’s easier to help you when I can see the mistakes you are making. POW is due tomorrow.  You must show your work to get credit.  Test corrections are due too.

Wednesday, October 19

Math 6:  Glued notes in MSG for Unit 3 on Expressions.  Discussed meaning of exponents and writing them in expanded form.  HW:  p. 351-52, ODD #1-11, and #15.   Complete the chart on exponents in your MSG. Watch the video on exponents if you didn’t yesterday for homework.  If you are having trouble with homework, look back at pages 348-350 in your book.

MATH 7:  Continued review of solving multiplication and division of 1-step equations. Remember to isolate the variable by performing the opposite operation.  If it is multiplication, then divide.  If it is division, then multiply.  Review your foldable on solving equations.  Always do the same thing to both sides of the equation! HW:  Look over notes and example problems in OMG.  Complete p. 265, #1-11 ODD.  If you have trouble, look over textbook pages 263-265.

Tuesday, October 18

MATH 6:  We finished with our Unit test today.  We had no new material and didn’t get a chance to go over Monday’s homework.

HW:  Finish 1-6 on Page 350 if you didn’t do it Monday night.  Watch the following video on exponents.  Make sure you know what exponents tell us to do, how to recognize the base and exponent, and what are the two most common exponents.

MATH 7:  We reviewed how to solve one step equations by using the additive inverse. HW:  Work on POW due Friday.  Review your notes on one step equations, and additive and multiplicative inverse. Tomorrow we will start on 2-step equations.


Thursday, October 13

MATH 6:  Reviewed percentages.  Took quiz.  HW:  Study for the Unit 2 test on rates, ratios, and percents.   Spiral Math  is due. Here’s an example involving sales tax.

Example:  A shirt costs $23.  The sales tax is 7%.  What is the total price you will pay?

Step 1:  Find 7% of $23.

Step 2:  Change 7% to its decimal equivalent.  7% = .07

Step 3:  Multiply the price of the shirt  by the decimal form of the percent.   23  x  .07 = 1.61

Step 4:  Add the tax amount to the shirt price.  23.00 + 1.61 = 24.61

Step 5:  The total price you pay is $24.61

MATH 7:  We took the unit 2 test on expressions.  HW:  None…but you can always work on the POW that will be due next Friday, OCT 21