Tuesday, November 29

MATH 6:  HW:  Work on Spiral Math.  Review the video we watched in class. If the link doesn’t work go to mathantics.com and click on Algebra tab, and then on “solving basic equations 1.”  I liked that some students solved that problem for themselves last night!


MATH 7:  HW:  P. 353, #1-8.  Show your work: set up ratio, write division problem, solve.  You may use a calculator but you must set up the ratio first.

Monday, November 28

MATH 6:  HW:  Be sure to get your parent letter signed for 5 bonus points.  Watch the following video “what is algebra?”  Write two things you learned after watching it.  Work on Spiral Math #10 due on Friday.http://mathantics.com/index.php/section/lesson/WhatIsAlgebra

MATH 7:  HW: Finish ratio and rates handout.  Do Monday problems on POW.  Remember, I am going to count these as a classwork grade, so work carefully and refer to your OMG if you have forgotten how to accurately work the problems.

Wednesday November 16

MATH 6:   STUDY, STUDY, STUDY for the Unit 3 test.  Look over all your MSG notes.  Finish the practice worksheets on distributive property and combining like terms if you didn’t finish in class today.  I have attached copies of the answers for the worksheets.  Make sure your do the practice sheets and study your notes before you complete the multiple choice study guide.  Check your answers.  Try to figure out why you missed questions (if you miss any).  Look at the correct answers and try to figure out what you did wrong.  The best way to study math is practice doing many kinds of problems.

matching distributive property

matching distributive property

distributive property and factoring

distributive property and factoring


combining like terms

combining like terms

Tuesday, November 15

MATH 6:  Students watched a video about the Distributive Property and its uses with numbers for doing mental math and uses with variables when terms can not be combined.  Finished taking notes on simplifying expressions and distributive property.  HW: “Let’s distribute!” worksheet in MSG.  When it asked you to draw a picture remember there is more than one correct way to do that.  You can just draw blocks like the example given on the distributive property worksheet or pictures that represent the items in the problem.

Video link to distributive property in arithmetic and algebra:


http://mathantics.com/index.php/section/lesson/the-distributive-property  (this is the one with variables)

MATH 7:  Started Unit 2, Part C Inequalities Test.  We will take 15 minutes of class tomorrow to finish.  HW:  POW due Wednesday, NOV 16

Monday, November 14

MATH 6:  We reviewed combining like terms to simplify expressions and recorded notes in our MSG.  Briefly talked about the distributive property and how it can be used to simplify expressions.  HW:  Finish worksheet on combining like terms and P. 403, #4, 5, 6 using distributive property.  Students should be reviewing Unit 3 notes to prepare for the test on Thursday.

MATH 7:  Continued solving inequalities and did a quick check and review for the test tomorrow.  Students should have a good idea of how much they need to study tonight.  HW:  Finish the inequality packet tonight. The complete packet is for a grade.  Most of it should have already been done in class or previous homework.  Rework some problems just to practice for the test.  Only new problems for homework were 3 and 5 on Lesson 3, p. 33 (#is at the bottom of the page).  Of course, it won’t hurt you to do more!

Friday, November 10

Math 6:  The unit 3 test on Expressions will be Thursday, November 17th.  Start reviewing your MSG Unit 3 notes now because we have covered many concepts in this unit.

Math 7:  We will take the Unit 2, Part C test on Inequalities on Tuesday, November 15th.  Start reviewing your notes this weekend.  Your packet will be your study guide and I will collect it on the day of the test.  Your homework this weekend is in the packet!!!!!  Do Part B: 1-4 on Pg. 31 and p. 1 and 2 Inequality Word Problems Multiple Choice 1-9  (omit #2).  You won’t know whether or not you understand how to do the problems if you don’t try them for yourself!  Please try to break down the important parts of the word problems by underlining or making notes of what you know and what you are trying to find out.

Have a nice weekend, but be productive!!!!

Wednesday, November 9

MATH 6:  We covered how formulas are special types of equations with variables.  Took notes in MSG.  HW:  Work on Spiral Math due on Friday.

MATH 7:  Reviewed solving one step inequalities and graphing inequalities.  HW:  POW due Friday.  Select problems on worksheet pages. I would do the 1-step inequalities page first!!!  2 step inequalities:  #2,5,7,and 9   1-step inequalities:  #4, 5, 7, and 8.  Plan on a test Monday or Tuesday over inequalities.

Monday, November 7


Math 6:  Work on Spiral Math 8 that is due on Friday.  Make sure to work on test corrections because they are due when you return on Wednesday

Math 7:  Today we compared solving inequalities to solving equations.  The biggest difference is, if you multiply or divide by a negative number, then you must switch the inequality sign!!  HW:  P. 315, #1-11 odd.  P. 323, #2-12 even.  You use your OMG and pp. 312-314, and pp. 320-322 for extra examples.  These are one step inequalities so they should be fairly easy to solve!

Friday, November 4

Math 6:  Students got the Unit 2 test back with opportunity to make test corrections.  The corrections (on the test correction form) will be due Wednesday, November 9.   Students got Spiral math #8 on Thursday.  It will be due Friday, November 11.

MATH 7:  Students got the Unit 2 Part B Equation Test back today.  Students with an 80 or below can make corrections.  Test corrections must be on the appropriate form and will be due Wednesday, November 9.  If the problem requires solving an equation, then students need to show all steps and check their work by putting the value for the variable back into the equation.