Tuesday, December 13

The days are flying by way too fast…. so much to do, so little time!

MATH 6:  We finished writing equations for multiplication and division word problems today.  We also reviewed how to solve one step equations with inverse operations.  Took a quick check in for multiplying and dividing equations.  Tomorrow and Thursday we will be in the computer lab taking the Math Inventory.  HW:  Review Unit 4 MSG notes for the test on Friday.

MATH 7:  We practiced solving proportions by using cross products or finding equivalent fractions.  We took notes on how to solve word problem proportions and did sample problems.  We did a quick check for understanding of solving proportions with a variable.  We will be in the lab Wednesday and Thursday taking the Math Inventory. HW:  Review Unit 3 notes on proportions for the test on Friday.  Look at the two green foldables, salmon sheet on direct proportion and the 1/2 sheet notes about equivalent ratios and solving proportions.

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