Friday, December 16

Math 6:  We went over the Study Guide today and practiced more problems with fractions.  Our test will be Monday.  Make sure to review your MSG notes for UNIT 4.  Rework problems if you missed them on the Study Guide.  Pay particular attention to problems with fractions and decimals.  You might even go back to our Unit 1 notes about operations with fractions and decimals. Textbook pages 429-482 go along with your notes.  If you need extra problems for practice look there!

MATH 7:  Many students were gone on the Orchestra field trip so the Unit 3 Test on Proportions was moved to Monday.  Please review your OMG notes from Unit 3.  Especially the two green sheets and 1 peach sheet on Constant of Proportionality and how you can determine whether ratios are proportional through a graph, table and equation.  Make sure you can set up word problems and solve.  Practice problems to prepare.  The following pages in your textbook may help:  pp. 373-391

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