Thursday, January 26

Math 6:  We have been learning about Area of parallelograms and triangles.  HW:  Finding area of triangles p. 591, #1-6.  Spiral Math #12 due Friday.

MATH 7:  We started the Geometry Unit.  HW:  Review types of angles in OMG.  Complete p. 613, #4-11, and p. 621, #1-6.  POW #2 is due on Monday.  I am attaching videos we have watched this week.


Friday, January 20

OOPS I did it again…Some homework over the weekend! 🙁

MATH 6:  Enjoy!  You took your test today.  Monday we will start a new unit.  A few students will need to finish up the test the first 10 minutes of class.  If you think it will take longer then you need to check in with me during homeroom.

MATH 7:  Since we moved the percent test to Monday, you need to STUDY over the weekend.  I have given you several pages of problems to practice (that’s the best way to study Math)!  The Study Guide (1-18) is mandatory for all students.  Some students have a “Reteach” packet that will take the place of the other papers distributed in class, but the Study Guide is still mandatory! Make sure you look over your notes, foldables, handouts, etc. to prepare for the test.  I have attached a copy of the Study Guide in case you misplaced yours.  The third page is another copy of the first page! My mistake!  I couldn’t figure out how to delete it!  LOL!

Study Guide


Thursday, January 19

MATH 6:  INEQUALITIES TEST tomorrow!!!  Complete the study guide. This is a good way to practice the types of problems that will be on the test.  Use your MSG and textbook to help you.

MATH 7:  PERCENT test is moved to MONDAY.  HW:  Read through your notes.  Make sure you have completed all problems on Green Foldables except “Percent of Change”.  We will work on the Study Guide during class.  3rd period has the study guide, but 4th does not.  Chapter 6 in the textbook (except lessons 2, 5) has many examples and explanations if you are still struggling.

Wednesday, January 18

MATH 6:  We took MSG notes on solving inequalities (which are done the same way as solving equations).  We graphed inequalities and discussed that a number line is the best way to show all the possible solutions for an inequality.  HW: P. 557, #14-20.  If you need more examples then look at pp.552-554 in your textbook. Test on inequalities on FRIDAY.

MATH 7:  We continued solving problems involving sales tax, tip, discount, mark up and commission.  We added notes to OMG about which types of problems required you to add to original amount and which meant to subtract.  HW:  Finish classwork (problems in green foldable, #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8).  P. 505, #16-19 in the textbook. Use your notes as a resource for how to solve problems.  Chapter 6 in the textbook (all except lesson 2) have additional examples and tips for solving percent problems.  Test on FRIDAY.

Tuesday, January 17

MATH 6:  We played a game to learn about substituting numbers for variables to make inequalities true or false.  HW:  Complete the ODD numbers on the Skills Practice worksheet. Front side only.  If you do the even numbers you can earn extra credit. We will have a test on inequalities on Friday so make sure you look over the notes.

MATH 7:  We reviewed the percent equation and how it compares to solving percent problems with a proportion.  We discussed sales tax and tip as percent added to the original price and discount as percent subtracted from the original price.  HW:  P. 495, #2-8. Discount Foldable #5 and #6.  Use a calculator to get accurate answers.  When dealing with money, always round to the nearest 100th.  For example, $6.243 rounds to $6.24 and $2. 745 rounds to $2.75.  Test Friday on percent.  Be reading over your salmon colored percent notes and doodle notes.  Chapter 6 in your textbook is on percent.

Friday, January 13

Hope everyone enjoys the 3 day weekend.  Even though I don’t typically like to give homework on a weekend, we have missed two days that we need to make up for in some way.  Forgive me 🙂  Somehow I don’t think what I am asking you to do will cut into much of your fun time off!

MATH 6:  We copied notes on Inequalities today, but you need to do a little reading about them too!  Read pp. 534-536.  Work the Got it? problems on p. 534 and 535.  Do problems 1-6 on p. 537.

MATH 7:  We have discussed how to solve percent problems using proportions.  The textbook explains how to use a percent equation to solve problems.  Read pp. 470-472 and try the Got it? problems on these pages.  On p. 475, complete #21-27.  As always, use your Doodle Notes, salmon pages, and green foldables for assistance.  If you didn’t get your foldable problems done on Thursday night, be sure they are done by Tuesday.  Attached are a few basic videos on percent:






Thursday, January 12

MATH 6:  HW:  Lesson 4 on HW Practice worksheet.  Only this side needs to be done!

MATH 7:  HW:  Textbook, P. 465, #1-10.  3 practice problems in lime green foldable (IS/OF and Tax & Discount that we modeled in class)  Don’t forget Scale Factor packet is due and we will check in class.

Wednesday, January 11

Hope everyone enjoyed the extra days off!

MATH 6:    Today we covered direct variation equations and showed how an equation can be used to find sets of ordered pairs that can be graphed in a straight line.  HW:  Finish the classwork sheet on graphing direct variation we started in class.  You have two examples to guide you.  Review the note side of the sheet we did in class.

MATH 7:  Today we discussed different types of percent problems and ways to solve for an unknown by taking Doodle Notes.  HW: Read back through your notes and compare them to the percent notes on the salmon colored sheet.  Textbook pp. 447-448, #2-20 even.  Scale Factor packet is due Friday ( hopefully it is already finished).  We will go over the answers in class so turning it in late will not be possible.  Look at the videos I posted on January 8th if you are still having trouble with scale factor!

Sunday, January 8

Math 6:  This week we will finish up with functions and direct variation and will start on solving and graphing inequalities.  Be sure to bring your MSG and if you have a calculator bring that too.  I hope everyone is ready to start the new year off on a good foot.  Report cards went home Friday so right now the grade book is a clean slate!

MATH 7:  This week we will finish up with scale factor problems we started before the break.  The packet will be due Tuesday since our classes were cut short on Friday. We will start solving percent problems involving percent of change, discounts, mark ups, sales tax and tips.  These topics are in the foldables we created Friday so be sure to bring your OMG to class along with a calculator!  If you were absent Friday, make sure your pick up your papers when you come to class.  I have attached several videos on SCALE FACTOR.  I have also attached a power point on scale factor.

scale-drawings-and-scale-models-ppt  (This one is funny!  If you liked Ratey the Math Cat, you will like this one!)