Wednesday, January 11

Hope everyone enjoyed the extra days off!

MATH 6:    Today we covered direct variation equations and showed how an equation can be used to find sets of ordered pairs that can be graphed in a straight line.  HW:  Finish the classwork sheet on graphing direct variation we started in class.  You have two examples to guide you.  Review the note side of the sheet we did in class.

MATH 7:  Today we discussed different types of percent problems and ways to solve for an unknown by taking Doodle Notes.  HW: Read back through your notes and compare them to the percent notes on the salmon colored sheet.  Textbook pp. 447-448, #2-20 even.  Scale Factor packet is due Friday ( hopefully it is already finished).  We will go over the answers in class so turning it in late will not be possible.  Look at the videos I posted on January 8th if you are still having trouble with scale factor!

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