Tuesday, February 28

MATH 6:  HW:  Additional practice with surface area of triangular prisms.  P. 685, #16-18. Do your work carefully to avoid making mistakes that will make the entire answer wrong. Watch the video posted on yesterday’s blog if you still need help.

MATH 7:  HW: Volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.  p. 703, #1-4.  Be sure to write the formula and show work for credit.

Monday, February 27

Welcome Back.

MATH 6: Today we covered how to use nets to find the surface area of triangular prisms.  HW:  Textbook p. 683, #2, 3, and 4.  Be sure you have the area for 5 faces (2 triangular bases, and 3 rectangular faces).  The surface area will be the sum of all five. If you like to organize your info in a chart, the one on page 679 is a good model.  If you are having trouble, look back over the examples in your book on pp. 680-682.  Remember each problem requires many steps.  Show your work. the following video may help:


MATH 7: Today we covered surface area of pyramids. HW:  Textbook p. 740, #1-3.  Be sure to show your work as each problem requires multiple steps.

Thursday, February 16

MATH 6:  HW:  Skills practice for surface area of rectangular prisms.  Problems 2-6.  Be sure to organize your work in a chart or with pictures that will help show the area of all the six faces that make up the rectangular prism.  You can use a calculator for multiplying and adding areas.

MATH 7:  TEST TOMORROW!!!! STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!  Work through the problems on the Study Guide (2 pages).  You do not need to do the volume problems.  Review your OMG notes on triangles (all interior angles equal 180) and ways triangles are classified.  Practice finding circumference and area of circles–know the difference between radius and diameter.  Solve area of composite figures  (p. 697 has problems to practice).  Know how to find surface area for rectangular prisms and triangular prisms.  The textbook has triangle prisms on page 731, #15, 16, and 18).  The following videos may help with solving surface area of prisms.  Look back at earlier posts (especially yesterday) for other videos to help prepare for the test.

Surface area of triangular prisms:


Finding missing angles in a triangle  (You can stop watching after the 6 minute mark)  Example problems go from easy to hard!



Wednesday, 2/15

MATH 6:  No homework.

MATH 7:  Finding surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms.  HW:  p. 729, #1-5.  Look back at the examples on pages 726-728 if you need help.  The following videos may be helpful.

Surface Area videos:




Area of composite figures:  Review textbook pages 692-694.  Try problems on p. 697, #15-18.  The following video may be helpful. remember your OMG has all the formulas you need!


Thursday, February 9

MATH 6:  We reviewed volume of a rectangular prism and area of a parallelogram, triangle and composite shape.  HW:  Practice finding composite area worksheet.  Also, Wednesday and Thursday Spiral Math #14 has composite shapes that will give you more practice.  Look at your MSG notes for breaking down the shape into triangles and rectangles (or squares, or quadrilaterals) and use the formula for each shape, then add them all up.  Attached is a video that may help:              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCsnufMCWUc

MATH 7:  Today we looked at the relationship between circumference and area of circles.  The formulas are similar so we have to be careful in our substitution of numbers into the formulas!  HW:  Area of Circle worksheet, selected problems.  Be sure to write the formula you are using, and the numbers being substituted in.  I have attached a video to review what we learned. https://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/circles-circumference-and-area



Wednesday, February 8

MATH 6:  Today we went over how to find volume of rectangular prisms.  HW:   Work the word problems on the 1/2 sheet in your MSG.  Make sure to write the formula and substitute in the numbers to solve.  Look over your notes on area of triangles, parallelograms, composite shapes and volume of rectangular prisms.  We are going to try to have our test over area and volume on Friday.  Get prepared.

Watch the video on finding volume: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=How+to+Do+a+Volume+of+Rectangular+Prism&adlt=strict&view=detail&mid=0FE3C46AE379536A6C680FE3C46AE379536A6C68&rvsmid=B8C9CA8FC36713150670B8C9CA8FC36713150670&fsscr=0&FORM=VDFSRV

MATH 7:  Today we went over the circumference of a circle.  We will find the area of a circle tomorrow.  HW:  Watch the following video:



Thursday, February 2

MATH 6:  We are working on finding area of a composite shape using the area formula for parallelograms and triangles.  You need to refer to your MSG notes to help you decompose or break down the whole shape into triangles and parallelograms.  HW:  Finish what you were working on in class.  For groups one and two it was a total of 8 problems.  For the group measuring composite shapes you need to complete a total of 3.  Spiral Math #13 due on Monday.  If you have already finished, good for you!

MATH 7:  Today we went back and reviewed types of angles and how to recognize them.  You need to recognize complementary, supplementary, vertical and right angles in order to find missing angles in a triangle.  HW:  Work on POW 3 due on Monday.  Finish classwork you didn’t complete.