Wednesday, 3/29

MATH 6:  HW:  Finish Study Guide for Unit 6 Statistics test.  Be sure to read through MSG notes after you have completed the study guide.  Make sure you know what makes a statistical question, measures of center, measures of variation, how data distributions show shape of data, differences between bar graphs, line/dot plots, histograms, box and whisker plots. All of this is in your MSG!  Look at videos from earlier blog posts.

MATH 7:  HW: Review Chapter 10 Lessons 1, 2 and 3 in your textbook.  Use the online textbook if your book is at school.  Read through OMG notes on probability.  Watch today’s video and ones from yesterday’s post.

Tuesday, 3/28/2017

MATH 6:  HW:  p.799-800, #1-5, and  Reteach Line graph side of worksheet.  Review MSG notes for Unit 6 and watch videos posted Monday 3/27.  TEST is Thursday!!!!!

MATH 7:  HW: p. 797, #13 and p. 798, all problems.  Review OMG notes on Probability.  Plan on a quiz over the material we have covered so far either Thursday or Friday. Take a look at the following videos for review.  I’m sure there are plenty others for you to take a look at too!

Counting Principle

And versus Or Probability


Four more days and we will have Spring Break!  I know everyone is excited, but there is much to be done before the week is over!

Math 6:  Took notes on box and whisker plots today.  Our MSG notes are almost complete about statistical displays.  HW:  Reteach side of Box plots #1 & #2.  Follow the steps listed (or MSG notes) to make a box plot.  If you didn’t finish histogram worksheet in class, please finish up tonight.  UNIT 6 TEST ON THURSDAY!!!!!  READ THROUGH YOUR MSG NOTES DAILY. Review the videos I have attached.  When you click on each link there will be multiple videos you can watch.

MATH 7: Discussed simple and compound events, and theoretical and experimental probability.  HW: p. 795, 1-4.  Read through OMG notes on a daily basis.




MATH 6:  HW:  Read through pages 768-770.  Complete Got it? problems a, b, and c on these pages.  Try your best.  We will go over in detail in class tomorrow.

MATH 7:  HW: Read through pages 769-772.  Complete Got It? problems a-e on pages 770 and 771.

Sunday, March 19

MATH 6:  We will finish up with measures on variation on Monday.  We will take  a few minutes to finish up Friday’s classwork and then check.

MATH 7:  Hopefully you have completed your study guides for Unit 5, and are here checking for the answers!  If so, great, but you won’t find the answers here! I have decided to move the test to Tuesday, March 21.  We didn’t have as much time in class as I would have liked to work through the practice problems and go over questions.  Therefore, we will check the study guides for a grade in class on Monday, answer questions, and review selecting an appropriate data display.  BE SURE STUDY GUIDES ARE COMPLETE WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS MONDAY!!!!!

Thursday, March 16

MATH 6:  Took notes on outliers for data sets today.  We will practice more tomorrow with measures of variation and outliers. HW:  Find outliers (if there are any) for the homework worksheet from last night.  READ through your outlier notes and come in with any questions you may have tomorrow.

MATH 7:  Continued comparing populations from graphs and making inferences.  HW:  Finish worksheet started in class.  Make sure to use measures of center and variation to make inferences.  You do not need to do the Problem Solving side.  Unit 5 Inferences test on MONDAY.  We will work on study guide tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14

MATH 6:  Took a quiz on measures of center.  Finished notes on measures of variation.  HW:   Got it? Problem A on p. 734 and #2 and #3 on p. 737.  Please refer to your MSG notes on measures of variation we took yesterday and today to help you find:  median, Q1, Q3 and interquartile range (IQR).

MATH 7:  Reviewed how to create/read a box whisker plot.  Foldable and notes should be in OMG.  HW:  Create 3 box whisker plots from 3 sets of data on worksheet.  Refer to notes as needed to help you complete.  I have attached the video we watched in class and another one you might find helpful.

March 13, 2017

MATH 6:  Introduced measures of variation.  HW:  Quiz tomorrow on mean, median, and mode. Look over your notes and complete practice worksheet to prepare. Pages in the book for review are 715-727.  Optional extra practice on p. 727, #12-15.

MATH 7:  A number of students were out sick today or on Orchestra trip.  We reviewed misleading graphs.  HW:  none

Friday, March 10

MATH 6:  Today we practiced finding the mean, median and mode of a set of data by working with a group in centers.  HW:  Read over measure of central tendency notes.

MATH 7:  Today we looked at how graphs and statistics can be misleading.  HW:  Review OMG notes on samples, populations, how to find mean, median, mode and ways graphs are misleading.

Here’s the video we watched in class:

Tuesday, March 7

Math 6:  We started our unit on Statistics and did a quick survey to collect data.  HW:  Tuesday Spiral Math problems.

MATH 7:  We discussed different types of sampling to get unbiased, valid results.  HW:  p. 555-556, #1-9.  Be sure to read the problem carefully and answer completely.  If you didn’t copy the chart on p. 552 last night, then please do so today.