Monday, May 8

MATH 6:  HW:  Complete Study guide for Unit 6.  Make sure you read through your MSG notes too.  Unit Test is tomorrow.

MATH 7:  HW:  If you have not created your large grid for scale drawing project you need to complete that tonight.  If you have been absent you just need to make sure you have your cartoon image and have created the 1 x 1 centimeter grid on the small image.  If you have questions, come see me during homeroom tomorrow.

4th Period Math 7–Be sure to look over the Color Battle handout you received today. Please show your enthusiasm for the fund raiser by trying to get at least one donation tonight!  Remember, you can make a donation to your own account. $5 is the minimum donation.

Tuesday, May 2

Math 6: HW: none

MATH 7:  Probability Unit 6 Test tomorrow.  Finish Study Guide for homework.  We will go over the answers before the test on Wednesday.  Make sure you understand the difference between dependent and independent events, when to add or multiply probabilities, how to determine all the possible outcomes, how to make a tree diagram and figure probability for overlapping events.

Monday, May 1

MATH 6:  HW: p. 911, #1-7

MATH 7:  HW: Complete “What did the Teenage Yardstick Say” side of the worksheet.  This will be part of your study guide grade, you will get the 2nd part tomorrow in class.   Unit 6 Probability test will be Wednesday.