Thursday, August 31

MATH 6:  HW:  Read through pages 131-133.  Complete the step by step problems on these pages.  On page 133, do numbers 1-4.  Try your best even if you are somewhat confused.  Think about the rulers and how we divided them in class. I have confidence you can figure it out!

MATH 7:  HW:  Rational quiz tomorrow (9/1).  Finish the operations with fractions worksheet.  Use the step by step guide on the side of your paper.  The quiz will cover:  converting fractions to decimals, converting decimals to fractions, ordering rational numbers, and operations with fractions.  Remember integer rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ALL apply to rational numbers.  I have posted the answers to the worksheet, but you need to solve them by yourself first.  This is just a way for you to check that you have done the operations correctly. HINT: If it’s hard to read the answer sideways then take a picture with your phone and you can change the orientation!  You learn math by doing math!  Practice, practice, practice.  Join and play!

answer key multiplying and dividing fractions

Answer Key Adding and Subtracting Fractions




Wednesday, August 30

Math 6:  Wow, it was a fast day today! Hope everyone enjoyed there early afternoon.  HW:  Finish the 1/2 sheet of LCM problems.  Remember I will be grading it for accuracy.  Use the CAKE method to solve.

MATH 7:  Time flew by too fast in class today.  HW: Page 111, Even #2-10.  Remember to find common denominators when you are adding and subtracting fractions.  Also, positive and negative integer rules apply to fractions too!  We will have a quiz on Friday over changing fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions, ordering rational numbers, and operations with rational numbers.  You can practice these concepts by going to





Tuesday, August 29

Math 6:  Today we took notes on multiples and finding the Least Common Multiple.  We used the upside down birthday cake method just like we did for the Greatest Common Factor.  HW:  P. 167, #1-10.  Be sure to use the CAKE method to find the LCM or GCF.  You may know  other methods but give the CAKE method a try.  It really is much easier when finding common multiples!  Watch the attached video for more examples:

MATH 7:  We converted decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals then compared them on a number line.  HW: Two short assignments:  p. 83, #5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.   Review textbook pages 88-90.  Do problems 1-4 on p. 90.

Monday, August 28

Math 6:  We took notes on how to find the greatest common factor  between two numbers.  HW:  Watch the following video on using cake method to find GCF.  We will practice more in class tomorrow.

Math 7:  Today we discussed how to convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals.  HW:  Complete the left hand side (back and front) of the KUTA handout from class.  Show your work.  Do not try to solve the fraction conversions in your head.  If you need help and don’t have your OMG at home, take a look at the following video.

Thursday, August 24

Math 6:  We practiced decimal division  today.  HW: Division quiz Friday.  Finish classwork for homework because it will be good practice to prepare you for the quiz tomorrow.  Refer to your MSG notes and look at example problems to help you with handout from class today.  The way to study math is to read through your notes daily and practice, practice, practice!

Math 7: We went over the study guide in class today.  Students should have corrected their papers.  HW:  Integer test is Friday. Read through your OMG notes and look at example problems. Here are the answers to the study guide in case you were absent today: Unit-1A-STUDY-GUIDE-key-pld1tg-12l96hm   Study!  Practice on quizizz!

GO TO then ENTER CODE: 579390

Wednesday, August 23

Math 6:  Today we took notes and practiced dividing decimals by decimals.  We will have a quiz on Friday on decimal division. HW:  P. 73, #1-7.  Be sure to show your work and watch when you are moving decimals.  Refer to your notes as you work. You can check the answers to the odd ones in the back of the book.

MATH 7:  Today we practiced multiplying and dividing integers.  HW:  Complete the Study Guide for the Integer Unit test on Friday. We will go over the answers in class tomorrow.  Use your OMG notes to help on the Study Guide.  To prepare for the test you can go back and watch videos I have posted.


Tuesday, August 22

MATH 6:  Today we practiced dividing decimals by whole number divisors.  HW:  Even numbers on the handout.  Make sure to remember not to leave remainders.  Annex a zero or two at most to see if the decimal quotient will terminate.  Textbook pages 62-64 will provide examples.  Expect a quiz  on decimal division on Friday.

If you are still struggling with the algorithm for long division watch the following video:

MATH 7:  Today we took notes in our OMG about multiplying and dividing positive and negative integers.  Refer to your notes to complete tonight’s homework.  HW:  p. 55–#17-22, and p. 63, #5-12. Quiz retake will be on Thursday morning at 8:30.  Correction form signed by your parent must be completed in order to retake the quiz.  This is an excellent opportunity to improve your grade.  Please take advantage of it.

Watch the following video on multiplying and dividing integers:

If  you are still struggling with adding and subtracting integers watch the following:

Wednesday, August 16

Math 6:  It was so nice to see so many parents at Open House last night.  If you ever have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email.  I will try to get back to you within a day.  HW:  no written work as we took a quiz in class today, but watch the following video on Long Division.  If you have trouble with the link, then go directly to and look for long division under the arithmetic tab.


MATH 7:  HW:  Study for quiz on adding and subtracting integers.  Review the video posts from earlier this week.  Complete # 1-15 on the worksheet from class.  Review your notes in your OMG!  Practice, practice, practice.  Remember the words from the rap–Same sign add, and keep the sign.  Different signs subtract, keep the sign of the larger.  Two negative signs together make a positive. Here’s another video from on integers:


Tuesday, August 15


Math 6:  Hope to see as many parents as can make it tonight for Open House at 6:30!  HW:  Finish p. 37, #21-26 unless you were given a word problem worksheet.  You DO NOT have to complete both.  Quiz tomorrow on multi-digit decimal multiplication.  Be sure to review your MSG notes about placing the decimal in your product.

MATH 7:  It was nice to see so many parents last night at Open House.  The time passed quickly so if you left with questions, please do not hesitate to email me and I will try to get them answered for you.  HW:  P. 35, #1-9.  Review absolute value, additive inverse, and adding/subtracting integer notes in OMG for quiz tomorrow.

Watch the following videos to help you  review.

Monday, August 14

MATH 6:  We are practicing multi-digit multiplication with decimals.  HW:  Page 35, #2, 4, 6,  8, 10.  Page 36, #13  There will be a quiz on decimal multiplication on Wednesday.

MATH 7:  We are practicing adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.  HW:  page 23, #1-10  Watch the following video to remind you of the rules.