Tuesday, February 27

MATH 6:  We practiced finding the surface area of rectangular prisms.  HW:  Solve at least 4 problems on the handout given in class today.  Be sure to show your work for credit.

MATH 7:  We applied the volume formula in real life type problems.  HW:  P. 706, #19-22.  Be sure to show your work in order to get credit.

Monday, February 26

Hope everyone enjoyed some time off from school and is ready to get back to learning.  I will be available at 8:20 on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for students to make up quizzes and tests.  Check in at the cafeteria before coming to my classroom.

MATH 6:  Today we began instruction on surface area of rectangular prisms.  We  looked at how nets show a 2D representation of a 3D object.   HW:  P. 672, 1-3.

MATH 7:  Today we began instruction on volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.  We discussed the importance of writing the formula and using substitution in order to find volume.  HW:  Handout


Thursday, February 15

MATH 6:  Unit 5 Test tomorrow over area of parallelograms, triangles, composite figures and Volume of a rectangular prism.  Study all your notes, practice the example problems in your MSG or redo the problems from the check ins. Complete the Study Guide.   Make sure you know how to change a mixed number to an improper fraction and how to multiply them.  If your want to practice for the test then join Quizizz at the following link and use the game code: 696635.

Link to the website: https://quizizz.com/join/

MATH 7:  Finish your composite area performance task.  Review your notes on composite area, and surface area of prisms and pyramids for the quiz tomorrow. Practice with the quizizz codes that were given on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

MATH 6:  Today the concept of volume of a rectangular prism was introduced.  The first 7 minutes of the attached video will help you make some connections between area and volume.  You might want to watch it again.  HW:  p. 649, #1-3.  Work on your study guide for the test on Friday over:  area of parallelograms, triangles, composite shapes and volume.  If you will write formulas and show substitutions you will be more successful.  Practice multiplying fractions!!!! Look back in your MSG from the beginning of the year or search for a video online! The test will have fraction measures.  Everyone should have a copy of the study guide.  If not, it was posted earlier this week and you can print your own copy.

volume video

MATH 7: If you haven’t taken the Unit 4A test on triangles, cross sections, circumference and area of circles you need to come see me during homeroom tomorrow.  Today we continued practicing surface area of prisms.  HW:  Finish the classwork handout.  Work on composite area performance task due Friday.  It won’t hurt to turn it in on Thursday though!  Look at the QUIZIZZ codes from yesterday to practice for the quiz on Friday.  I have attached a new code today.


Tuesday, February 13

If you are out sick please be sure to read the blog and try to do any of the book work pages listed and watch any videos posted.  You can always search Kahn Academy for the topics  we are covering in class and get a little extra instruction there. With the high number of absences it is difficult to gather work for individual students, but any missed work will be available in the classroom when you return.

MATH 6:  We finished notes on area of composite figures and practiced today.  HW:  Finish classwork and do the top row on the handout.  Try some others if you want more practice.  If you were out, textbook pages 623-626 cover information and p. 627 has practice problems.  This is not required for students at school today.

MATH 7:  Today we began notes on surface area for 3 dimensional prisms.  HW: P. 729, #1, 2, 4, 5.  Textbook pages 726-728 will help  you do the problems. Don’t forget:  Composite area performance task is due Thursday.  Quiz Friday!  The following quizizz codes will help you prepare.

surface area prisms


Monday, February 12

MATH 6:  Today we started taking notes on composite area of figures.  HW:  Review notes on area of parallelograms and triangles.  We will have a test on Friday over:  area of parallelograms, area of triangles, composite area and volume.  A copy of the study guide is attached below, but I will have copies for students tomorrow.Study Guide for Area and Volume Test-1hhsv48

MATH 7:  Today we finished up with composite area and introduced a performance task for composite area that will be due Thursday.  HW:  1st period:  Finish composite area of initials  7th period:  work on calculations for area of items to go in your backyard.  If you are struggling with composite area then you need to watch some of the videos posted last week and come for help during homeroom.

Thursday, February 8

MATH 6:  Today we continued to practice finding the area of triangles.  HW:  VERY important for you to do!  P. 591, #2, 3, 4, and 5!  Use your MSG notes to help you.

MATH 7:  Today we reviewed for the test on angles, triangles, cross sections, circumference and area of circles.  We started using formulas we know to decompose a  composite figure in the shapes we have an area formula for.  HW:  Study for the test, make sure your OMG has your notes glued in and your parent letter is signed.   Look at the videos on yesterday’s blog for help with composite area. 1st Block: Finish at least 3 problems on p. 695 (classwork).  7th Block:  Finish problems 1, 2, and 4 on the handout.

Wednesday, February 7

MATH 6:  HW:  p. 585 –all; Watch the video on finding area of parallelograms and triangles if you want more information:      Area video

MATH 7:  If you have been absent, refer to Chapter 9, lesson 1 and 2 starting on p. 673 for Circumference of Circles and p. 683 for Area of Circles.  HW:  Complete the study guide for Unit test over Geometry concepts we have learned in so far.  Watch the following video or two on finding area of composite shapes.  Not the most exciting videos so feel free to search YouTube for one more to your liking.  Just at least watch one to help you better understand how to find composite area.

Tuesday, February 6

MATH 6:  HW:  Read through and do all the problems on pp. 587-590.  You are finding the area of a triangle (which is half the area of a parallelogram).  Be sure to use the formula Area equals base times height divided by two!  It is on page 588!!! If you were absent today then you can use the online textbook to do this too!

MATH 7:  HW:  Work on Study Guide for test on angles, triangles, cross sections, circumference and area of circles.  If you were absent today or yesterday then you should look in your book on pp.683-686.  Pay attention to the examples and do practice  problems on p. 686 and 687.

Monday, February 6

Math 7 RE-TAKE, Tuesday 2/6 at 8:20 am.  Come with your corrections to the triangle and angle quiz from 1/29

MATH 6:  Today we practiced solving area of parallelograms.  HW:  Finish classwork (handout).  Make sure to write the formula, show the substitution, and include units in the answer.  You might take a look at the video I posted Friday.

MATH 7:  Today we took notes of area of circles.  If you were absent watch the following video and refer to your book pp. 683-686.  You can try the problems on p. 687 because the class had a handout to complete.   HW:  Finish classwork handout on area of circles.  Read through your notes for quiz over triangle inequality theorem, cross sections, circumference and area of circles.  We will go over classwork before taking the quiz, but I encourage you to go back and look at the videos posted last week.