Thursday, December 13

Quiz tomorrow on multiplication and division equations.  HW:  Complete the Equation practice handout.  If you want more practice with word problems look through lessons 4 and 5 in your textbook and do some of the problems that have not been assigned for classwork.  I have attached the handout for tonight’s practice.  Along with notes if you have been absent this week.

equation handout

fraction coefficient notes

Wednesday, December 12

1st period and 5th period  Homework:  Complete the Equation Practice handout.  Prepare for multiplication and division equation quiz scheduled for Friday.

2nd period and 3rd period Homework:  Complete problems on p. 473, #30, 32, 33, 34.  Prepare for multiplication and division equation quiz scheduled for Friday.

Math Tutoring tomorrow at 8:15.  Report to the cafeteria and Mrs. Forester or Mrs. Rudd will sign in and pick you up.

Tuesday, December 11

Homework:  P. 483, #13-23.  Be sure to show inverse operations for isolating the variable.  There are examples to look at in your textbook on pp. 477-480 if you are having difficulty.  Attached is a video on solving one step equations (different from mathantics one posted yesterday)

Monday, December 10

Today in math we learned how to use inverse operations to solve multiplication and division equations.  We watched a short video and recorded notes in our MSGs.  I have attached the video to watch again (or for those who were absent).  Homework:  p. 471, #1-7, #11 and #12.  On #12 you will have to do a little more thinking in order to solve.

Thursday, December 6

There will be a quiz on solving addition and subtraction equations tomorrow.  Review your notes and finish the worksheet you started in class today.  If you would like practice writing equations from word problems, you can find several questions in your textbook on pages 445, 448, 455, and 457.

Unit 3 Test Retake is tomorrow at 8:15 am.  You must have your correction sheet signed and your original test in order to take the test.

Wednesday, December 5

MATH 6:  HW:  p. 447, #15 -25.  Be sure to look back at the example word problems on p. 443 and 444 if you are struggling with the word problems for homework.  Quiz on addition and subtraction equations on Friday.

RETAKE for Unit 3–Expressions is tomorrow and Friday morning at 8:15 am.  You do not need to come both days, just pick the one that works best for your schedule.

Attached is the video on solving addition and subtraction equations:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We started Unit 4 on Equations and Inequalities on Monday.  We will have a quiz over addition and subtraction equations on Friday.  Tonight’s homework it to complete the Equation Handout showing how they isolated the variable to solve the equation.  MSG notes have multiple examples of addition and subtraction equations.  Use those to help you solve the homework problems.  Watch the Mathantics video posted yesterday for a review.

UNIT 3 RETEST is scheduled for Thursday and Friday morning at 8:20.  Report to the cafeteria and a math teacher will come to pick you up around that time.  You must have your test corrections signed by your parents and stapled to the original test in order to receive the retest.

Tuesday, November 27

HW:  Complete Study Guide for Unit 3 (front and back).  Remember to review your notes in your MSG to prepare for the Unit 3 test on Thursday.  Review videos from previous blog posts on exponents, order of operations,  evaluating expressions, distributive property, and combining terms. Kahn Academy is a great resource for reviewing the topics we have learned in this unit.

Monday, November 26

HW:  P. 413, ODD; If you did NOT finish your TOD then you need to complete it for homework as well.  Be looking over your MSG notes for UNIT 3 on Expressions.  The test will be on Thursday.  We will review tomorrow and Wednesday so come prepared with questions if you have them. You can always go back and look at previous blog posts for helpful videos.