Monday, October 15


MATH Homework:  Weekly Homework Practice Handout.  2nd and 5th period will get handouts tomorrow.  Completed handout will be due on Friday.  Plan and use your time wisely to get the worksheet done.  All problems are a review of what we have learned this past nine weeks.  Consult your MSG if you need help.

Friday, October 12

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Remember next week is conference week and it’s early release (1:30) every day.  I look forward to meeting with my 3rd period math students’ parents.  Those that I’m not conferencing with or have requested a phone conference, I will be sending home an information folder on Monday.

There is no math homework!


Tuesday, October 9

HW:  Prepare for the  percent quiz tomorrow  by completing the word problem handout.  You need to look over you MSG notes and practice that you have done for homework and in class.  MSG notes are posted on Friday and Monday blog posts.  Watch the video from Friday if you are still struggling to model.  I have attached the answers to the first three problems of tonight’s homework.  

Monday, October 8

Today we took notes on how to find an unknown total when given the percent, whereas Friday, we looked at finding the percent when given the total amount.  You can use a bar diagram or number line to model the problem.  The percent proportion equation is also used but today’s problems require you to find the missing total.  HW:  p. 327, #1-6 .

I have attached today’s notes from class.  I would encourage you to make sure yours look like mine and if you were absent to look over them.  We will take a quiz on Wednesday over modeling percents and using the percent proportion.  If you didn’t do Friday’s homework, then I encourage you to look at Friday’s blog post.


Tuesday, October 2

Remember this is the week to RETAKE the Unit 1 test.  One of the 6th grade math teachers will pick you up in the cafeteria at 8:20 on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  You MUST have test corrections completed in order to retake the test.

HW:  P. 243, #1-6.

Monday, October 1

Welcome Back!

Today we spent time learning about proportions.  It wasn’t much different than what were we learned about finding missing values on a ratio tables. HW:  proportional reasoning worksheet   Use your MSG with examples to help you.  Remember:  Sometimes you have to scale back before you can move forward!  Remember to look for common factors.  If there isn’t one, then you may have to find the unit rate which might not be a whole number.  I have attached a video on proportions.


Wednesday, September 19

Good afternoon.  You will have an opportunity to make test corrections and retake the Unit 1 test the week of October 2-5 beginning at 8:20 each morning. You will need to get a test correction form from me, make the corrections and staple it to the original test in order to retake the test.  It’s your “ticket in the door” so to speak.  If you have questions, come see me during homeroom tomorrow or Friday.

HW:  Study Guide for Ratios, Rates, Unit Rates and Ratio Tables test.  A parent signature is worth 5 points.  Be sure to bring MSG to class and any questions that you have so we can review them before the test.  I have attached a  video explaining how to solve for missing values in a ratio table.