Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!  One more day, and then we can enjoy a break.

HW:  Handout on surface area in the real world; study for the quiz over surface area.  Read through all of your notes, work problems from the packet if you didn’t finish them in class today, and complete your homework.  I have attached the key for the classwork packet.  The problems are not in the same order as the ones in your packet.

Wednesday, February 13

Today we took notes on the surface area of triangular prisms.  They have two congruent triangle bases and 3 rectangular faces, for a total of 5 sides.  An equilateral triangle will create 3 rectangles with the same dimensions, but a triangle with 3 different side measures will have 3 rectangles with 3 different dimensions.

HW: p. 685, #15-18  You may need to show your work on a separate sheet of paper.

I have attached the answers and work shown.

Tuesday, February 12

Today we took notes on how to find the surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms.

Tonight’s homework:  p. 675, #13-16, and 18, 19  (Look at pp. 670-672)

Be sure to pay careful attention to the side lengths and be accurate with your calculations.  Surface area requires attention to details.

Here is a copy of the work space for the problems.


Monday, February 11

Today we started learning about surface area of three dimensional shapes. We learned that a net is the pattern for a solid figure and we can use a net to find surface area for a pyramid or we can break the shape into 2-D figures. We will continue to use the formulas for the area of a parallelogram and triangle in order to find total surface area. Today we looked at the surface area for a pyramid with a rectangular base and a triangular base. HOMEWORK: p. 695, #16-2o. You don’t need to do #21 even though I wrote it on the board. Two examples are given at the top of the page, plus examples in your MSG and textbook on p. 690 and 691. Make sure to show your work for finding the area of the base and the faces in order to get credit for your homework. I am attaching a copy of the answers so you can look for help if you need to.

If you did not turn in Warm up #18 today, then you must turn it in by tomorrow to receive full credit. Several students still need to turn in the composite area check-in that was given in class on Thursday.

You may want to watch the following videos for another example of how to find surface area.


Tuesday, February 5

There is no homework tonight.  We took a quiz over area of triangles and parallelograms today.

Test retakes for the Direct Variation and Inequalities Test will be tomorrow and Friday, February 8 at 8:15 am.  Be sure to make your test corrections and bring them with you on the morning of the retake.  Your correction form is your “ticket” to retake the test.

Talent Show is Thursday, FEB 7th.

Monday, February 4

HW:  Prepare for the area quiz on parallelograms and triangles.  Look at your MSG notes.  Complete the mixed practice handout given in class today. Remember, to write the correct formula for area, show the substitution and solve using a calculator if necessary.  I have attached a copy just incase you misplaced yours or you were absent.

Wednesday, January 30

HW:  Complete the Area skills practice handout.  Remember to write the formula, A = bh and show the substitution you used to solve the equation.  Don’t forget to change mixed numbers to improper fraction before you multiply.  Since area is a measurement, you need to make sure to include the units.

Monday, January 28

Enjoy the Snow Day on Tuesday.  School has been cancelled for Tuesday, January 29th

HW:  p. 578,#1-6  You might want to watch the following videos on quadrilaterals and solving area of a parallelogram.  You can stop the Mathantics video about 6 minutes in.      quadrilaterals

Thursday, January 24

Study for the test on writing and graphing inequalities and direct proportion.  Look over classwork we have done and practice quizizz.  It is the same code as yesterday–280948.  If for some reason you have trouble, try the code posted on Mrs. Rudd’s or Mrs. Forester’s blog.  The quizizz is the same for all of us.