August 20

Today we finished up with the Math Inventory and many students got started on the Division Quiz.

Block 1 and 4:  Finish open note quiz for homework

Block 2 and 3:  Work on Weekly skills review #3–Monday and Tuesday

Block 5:  These are the Quizizz codes if you didn’t finish in class or your score wasn’t greater than 85.

727008 Multiplication/Division Fact Fluency

914670  Value of a digit

469529 Decimal Operations ( you will need paper and pencil for this one)



August 19

Today we took the Math Inventory during class. We will finish that tomorrow and begin the decimal division quiz.  Be looking over your MSG notes, but you will be able to use your notebook on the quiz tomorrow.  Be sure to ask me any questions you may have at the beginning of class.


August 15

Today we took notes and practiced dividing multi-digit decimal numbers.

All blocks Homework:  Handout, #1-6; Weekly Skills Review #2

The following video can help you with your weekly review and the handout.  Division of a decimal by a decimal starts around 8:50 in the video.  Multiplication with decimals starts around 3:50.  Watch the whole thing for all operations!

Wednesday, August 14

We continued to practice with long division.

Blocks 1 and 4:  Even numbers on Divide Decimals by Whole Number worksheet

Blocks 2 and 3:  Odd numbers on Divide Multi-Digit Numbers

Block 5:  Practice math fact fluency

See yesterday’s post for videos on division

August 13

Tonight is 6th grade Open House starting at 7pm.  Report to your student’s homeroom.

Today we reviewed division with whole numbers using a standard algorithm (digit by digit). Many students remembered this from 5th grade. HW:  Divide Multi-Digit Numbers handout–Due Thursday.  I have attached two videos on long division if you are struggling or would like to view just to refresh your memory.

2 Digit divisors

basic long division (1 digit divisor)

August 12

Today students took a quiz over decimal addition, subtraction, and multiplication. We want to encourage students to take good notes in class because they are allowed to use their MSG when taking quizzes, but not during tests. Students started on Weekly Skills Review #2 after the quiz. Weekly Skills are due on Friday.

Remember Open House for 6th grade is Tuesday, August 13th.  We will start out in homeroom promptly at 7 pm.  After homeroom time with some school wide announcements, parents will follow their child’s schedule of classes.

August 8

Today we practiced decimal multiplication on the new dry erase boards that were installed yesterday. It was exciting to see how well students did solving the problems and helping each other when mistakes were discovered.  We will take a quiz over addition, subtraction and multiplication with decimals on Monday.

The following video might be a good refresher for decimal

If you are having trouble with multi-digit multiplication then you might want to review the following videos:


August 7, 2019

Today in Math we reviewed multiplying with decimals by watching a Mathantics video, recording notes and modeling examples.  For homework:  Complete the odd numbers on the Homework Practice handout. If you show your work on another sheet of paper, be sure to staple it to the handout!

Continue to work on your weekly skills review that is due Friday.

August 6, 2019

We practiced with decimal addition and subtraction today. This was mainly a review, but just wanted to refresh everyone before we get started on multiplication with decimals tomorrow.

HW:  finish any classwork problems that weren’t complete.  Work on weekly skills review that is due Friday.

Monday, August 5

Welcome Back to your first full week of middle school.  I appreciate your patience as I try to learn everyone’s names.

Today we started organizing our Math Survival Guide and reviewed adding and subtracting decimals.  Weekly Skills Review #1 is due on Friday.  Use your judgement about how many problems you want to do each night, and you will have some time in class to work on them too. Start the year off right, by putting your math papers in the math section of your binder!  Block 1 don’t freak out!  You did not get the Weekly Skills Review today!

Make sure to bring your MSG with you to class EVERY day.