Thursday, January 18

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow days!  I’m so glad I gave you a few long range tasks to complete so you wouldn’t be bored on your time off!

MATH 7:  Meant to post these videos the other day, although I know you guys can search YouTube just as easily as I can!!!

Tuesday, January 16

MATH 6:  We took notes on how to solve and graph one step inequalities.  We also wrote inequalities represented by a graph.  HW:  P. 537, #1-7.  If you need to look back in the text, refer to pages 534-536 for examples.(due 1/17) Chocolate Bar task is due on Friday, 1/19.

MATH 7:  We started the Unit 4: Geometry today.  Get your parent letter signed ASAP for 5 bonus points on the test.  HW:  Angle Maze–refer to OMG notes. Due dates for POW and Scale Factor problems have been postponed until Thursday.

Thursday, January 11

MATH 6:  We continued to work on using equations to graph direct proportions.  HW:  Finish any classwork not completed today.  Watch the following Khan Academy videos to help with understanding. independent and dependent variables

MATH 7:  Due to the block schedule I didn’t meet with 7th grade today, but there is homework due Friday.  HW for 1st block:  Complete 7 out of the 10 scale factor word problems. POW will be due Tuesday.  HW for 7th block:  Finish the POW by Friday.  You will get word problems for scale factor on Friday to complete by Tuesday.  The attached video may help with understanding.

Wednesday, January 10

Math 6:  Today we had a block schedule so I didn’t meet with 2nd or 3rd block.  HW:  3rd block needs to finish classwork graphing packet.

Math 7:  Today we worked on task cards involving scale factor.  No Homework.  I have attached the Scale Ella video if you would like to watch it again.

Tuesday, January 9

Welcome Back again!

Math 6:  We continued with direct variation today and did some classwork practice.  HW:  P. 515, #1-7

MATH 7:  We started notes on scale factor and scale drawings/models.  HW:  p. 524, #1-3.  Also read the bright yellow OMG notes on scale factor.

Thursday, January 4

Welcome Back!  It’s a new year, but is it a new you?  I challenged students to think about what they could do at home and at school to be their best.  They all have a clean slate as far as grades are concerned so they can give their best effort to do good this semester.

Math 6:  We reviewed how to solve fractional coefficient equations and started learning about functions.  HW:  p. 499, #1-5

MATH 7:  We took the Unit 3 Touchstone.  HW:  none

Monday, December 18

Tuesday and Wednesday are early release days!  School dismisses at 1: 30!

MATH 6:  Started Equation Test. We will finish tomorrow.  If you were absent today, then you need to look over your notes and be prepared to start tomorrow.

MATH 7:  Started Percent Test.  We will finish tomorrow.

Friday, December 15

MATH 6:  Complete the practice for division and multiplication problems.  We will go over the answers on Monday before we start the test.  Make sure to read through your MSG notes on equations.  Watch the Mathantics videos on solving basic equations.  Look at previous blog posts.  FractionalCoefficients-2eqlid9

MATH 7:  Test Monday on application of percents!  Practice, practice, practice.  Complete blue foldables on  Sales tax and tips, and Sale and discounts.   You can also do some of the problems on Pedro’s Cafe.  Practice with Quizizz using the codes I posted on Thursday.  Many of you may be out shopping this weekend so talk to your parents about sales and discounts and what that means.  Pay attention to your lunch or dinner bill if you happen to eat out and talk about how your parents figure tip for the meal.

taxes and tips

percent application

Thursday, December 14

MATH 6:  HW: p. 483, #13-23.  Be sure to show inverse operation used to solve the division equations.  Test on Monday over solving all 4 types of equations.  Be reviewing your notes.  Make sure you can do operations with decimals and fractions (especially finding a common denominator to add and subtract).

MATH 7:  HW:  Percent of Change worksheet.  Finish discount dinner ticket for Pedro’s Cafe.  Start preparing for your test on Monday that will be all types of percent application problems.  Practice at Quizizz.  Use the following codes to play.

percent application

taxes and tips

Wednesday, December 13

MATH 6:  Check for missing assignments in Synergy.  Get them turned in ASAP!  HW:  Watch the Mathantics video (on yesterday’s post) if you didn’t get a chance yesterday.  Textbook p. 473, #18-26.  Show your work.  TEST corrections are due on Friday for 2nd and 3rd period, but due Monday for 4th period.  Test on Monday over 1 step equations.

MATH 7:  Check for missing assignments in Synergy.  HW:  Textbook, p. 503, #1-6.  Be sure to look at blue OMG notes on how to find discounts.  The bright yellow Percent Problems notes also have examples of how to solve discounts and sales price problems.  Remember you are looking for the “part” that needs to be added or subtracted from the original price.  Some problems require multiple steps. Think about whether or not your answer makes sense.  Test Monday on application of percents.  Your textbook has lots of good information in Chapter 6: lessons 5, 6 and 7.