Tuesday, January 30

MATH 6:  HW: Ask your parents to read through the Unit 5 Geometry letter with you.  Answer the question:  What is geometry?  I have attached the video we watched in class today.      M6U5 Parent Letter-1o9gtb2


MATH 7:  HW:  Complete the Triangle Inequality Theorem handout. Get your parent letter signed if you haven’t done so already.   Here’s a video for triangle inequality theorem:

Sunday, January 28

MATH 6:  Just a reminder to finish your study guide for the test on Inequalities we will take tomorrow.  We will go over the answers before the test and answer any questions you have regarding inequalities. We will be starting a new unit on Geometry on Tuesday so I’m hoping I can properly attach the parent letter for viewing!

M6U5 Parent Letter-1o9gtb2

MATH 7:  Just a reminder to bring your OMG to class tomorrow in order to finish the quiz we started on Friday.

Thursday, January 25

MATH 6:  Our counselor came in for a lesson today on Growth mindsets.  NO HW!  Test on Monday.

MATH 7:   We continued classifying triangles and finding measures of unknown angles. HW:  Study your notes for quiz tomorrow.  Work problems #11, 12, 17, 20, and 22 on the handout.  They may seem complex but I’m confident if you persevere, you can solve them.  Remember all the angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.  Remember what you know about vertical, complementary and supplementary angles to help set up the equations. RE watch yesterday’s videos!

Practice at Quizizz using the code: 679643

Wednesday, January 24

MATH 6:  Tomorrow the counselor will come to class for a lesson.  No real math homework tonight, but you can start preparing for the test on inequalities by reading through your notes and pages 542-544 for writing and graphing inequalities.

MATH 7:  Today we learned about how triangles are classified. HW: You might want to read over pages 630-632 before doing your  p. 633, #1-8. You can also use your OMG.  I have attached two

videos for triangles.

Tuesday, January 23

MATH 6:  We took notes and practiced solving multiplication and division inequalities.  HW:  P. 555, #1-5 all classes; for 3rd and 4th you have a handout to complete too.  Plan on a test Monday.

MATH 7:  We continued to practice with different types of angles and how to find missing angle values.  HW:  P. 621, #1-7 and Complementary and Supplementary angles handout #1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12   Read through OMG notes regarding angles.

Monday, January 22

It’s already the 22nd of January and this is the first Monday we have been in school!  Crazy!  Hope everyone enjoyed the the “snowcation” and is ready to get back in the swing of going to school for 5 days in a row!

MATH 6:  We practiced solving inequalities.  We will plan on a test Monday or Tuesday of next week. Make sure to turn in any assignments that are missing in the gradebook.  HW:  P. 547, #14-19. Chocolate Bar task is due tomorrow too.

MATH 7:  We reviewed types of angles today.  HW:  Finish Vertical angle practice (handout) and maze.  Watch the videos posted last week if you have been sick and/or missed class.

Thursday, January 18

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow days!  I’m so glad I gave you a few long range tasks to complete so you wouldn’t be bored on your time off!

MATH 7:  Meant to post these videos the other day, although I know you guys can search YouTube just as easily as I can!!!

Tuesday, January 16

MATH 6:  We took notes on how to solve and graph one step inequalities.  We also wrote inequalities represented by a graph.  HW:  P. 537, #1-7.  If you need to look back in the text, refer to pages 534-536 for examples.(due 1/17) Chocolate Bar task is due on Friday, 1/19.

MATH 7:  We started the Unit 4: Geometry today.  Get your parent letter signed ASAP for 5 bonus points on the test.  HW:  Angle Maze–refer to OMG notes. Due dates for POW and Scale Factor problems have been postponed until Thursday.

Thursday, January 11

MATH 6:  We continued to work on using equations to graph direct proportions.  HW:  Finish any classwork not completed today.  Watch the following Khan Academy videos to help with understanding. independent and dependent variables

MATH 7:  Due to the block schedule I didn’t meet with 7th grade today, but there is homework due Friday.  HW for 1st block:  Complete 7 out of the 10 scale factor word problems. POW will be due Tuesday.  HW for 7th block:  Finish the POW by Friday.  You will get word problems for scale factor on Friday to complete by Tuesday.  The attached video may help with understanding.

Wednesday, January 10

Math 6:  Today we had a block schedule so I didn’t meet with 2nd or 3rd block.  HW:  3rd block needs to finish classwork graphing packet.

Math 7:  Today we worked on task cards involving scale factor.  No Homework.  I have attached the Scale Ella video if you would like to watch it again.