Thursday, April 19

MATH 6:  Complete Polygons on the Coordinate Plane handout (both sides).  We will take Unit 7 test on Tuesday.  Here is the Quizizz code to review:   802272 

MATH 7:  All finished with testing, now make sure you have finished the POW packet and TenMarks to turn in tomorrow.  We will take a test on Tuesday over Unit 6 on Probability.

Monday, April 16

MATH 6:  Today we discussed reflection of polygons on the coordinate plane and finding distance between points.  HW:    game code is:  561011

MATH 7:  Milestones testing started today and will continue through Thursday.  Please make sure to complete all 200 TenMarks questions by Thursday (they should have already been finished but I noticed many of you have quite a few still left to do) .  Your POW packet is due Thursday. Check Friday’s blog for the Quizizz codes.

Friday, April 13

MATH 6:  No homework!  Testing is all done!  YAY!

MATH 7:  Remember to work on the review packet.  Especially concepts you know you struggle with.  Your last 40 questions for TenMarks are due on Tuesday.  Here are the Quizizz codes for review practice:

Cumulative Review Code:  859676



MATH Vocabulary Code:  022261

Tuesday, April 10

MATH 6:  Sixth graders started Milestone Testing today.  There will not be any homework assignments this week.  I do encourage all students to read back through their MSG notebook.  They can work a few of the example problems again just to practice some of the skills we haven’t worked in since the beginning of the school year.

MATH 7:  Seventh graders won’t start testing until next Monday.  We are working on reviewing the skills learned this year.  Students should continue to work on TenMarks assignments.  The review packet of problems will be due on April 17th.  They will have class time to work on this as well.

Tuesday, March 27

MATH 6:  Today we discussed positive and negative integers and examples of them in real life.  We also looked at absolute value as the distance from zero on a number line.  HW:  p. 851, #1-11.  Refer to your notes  or take a look at these videos.

MATH 7:  Today we discussed how to find all the possible outcomes using sample space for compound events.  HW:    Watch the following video before you try creating your tree diagrams for p. 795, #1-4.