Monday, November 5


HW for Monday and Tuesday:  Both sides of the handout writing algebraic expressions.  I have attached the examples from class today if you didn’t get them all done.  Pay special attention the order of numbers and variables when using subtraction and division.  If you need more examples, p. 376-377 in your textbook will help.  Visit Mrs. Rudd’s blog for additional help with the homework if you need it.  She has done some of the even numbered problems.

If you want some extra practice with substitution for algebraic expressions then you might want to use the following quizizz codes for evaluating expressions.   Go to and enter following codes:  662142  and 031518


Sunday, November 4

Morning Tutoring Labs will begin Monday, 11/5
8th grade science will meet at 8:15 on Mondays.
ELA for all grades will meet at 8:15 on Wednesdays.
Math for all grades will meet at 8:15 on Thursdays.
If your student is interested in attending, they should report to the cafeteria at 8:15 am and they will be picked up by the tutoring teacher. No student will be admitted to the morning lab after 8:25 AM.

LAST morning to retake the Percent/Measurement Conversion Test is Monday, 11/5 at 8:15 am.  Please report to the cafeteria and math teacher will pick you up at that time. Come with test corrections completed.

Tuesday, October 30

HW:  Complete the Study Guide and read through your MSG notes on exponents and order of operations. You can watch the following video for some reminders for Order of Operations.

If you are wearing a costume tomorrow please remember to bring canned food items.  Also, a $10 gift card will give you credit  for bringing 10 cans.  The top 20 contributors from each grade level will have an ice cream party.


Monday, October 29

HW:  P. 359, Even Numbers

Quiz on Wednesday over Exponents and Order of Operations

You can wear a costume to school on Wednesday, but remember it must adhere to Durham Dress Code policy.  Don’t forget to bring you canned food item for Thanks for Giving campaign that kicks off on Wednesday.

Percent and Measurement Conversion Retake will be Friday, November 2 at 8:15 am or Monday, November 5 at 8:15 am.  Bring your test correction form stapled to your test in order to retake the test.  I have attached a key to the test so that you can locate your errors on your test.       Measurement Conversion and Percent Test (Key) (003)-15wympj

Friday, October 26

A look ahead for next week:

We will have a quiz on exponents and order of operations on Wednesday.

Test scores for the Percent and Measurement Assessment are in Synergy. Test retakes will be offered Friday, November 2 at 8:15 or Monday, November 5 at 8:15.  If you want to retake the test, you will need to fill out the test corrections form.  You won’t be allowed to retake the test without those corrections so don’t leave them at home!

Thanks for Giving CAN food drive begins Wednesday.  Bring in canned food or nonperishable food items to contribute.

Monday, October 22

HW:  p. 125, #18-28, you DO NOT have to do #25!  Be working on your Study Guide to prepare for the TEST on Wednesday over percent proportion and measurement conversions.  Remember:  Show your work using a proportion or ratio table to solve the problems.  Study guide is due on Wednesday.

If you would like to review for the test I have attached a quizizz to play.   code: 740421