Tuesday, April 24

!st & 2nd: Used computer (Edpuzzle)to take online quizzes for the first 8 chapters of Hatchet.

3rd: Continued finishing Ch 3 & 4 questions. TEST OVER CH 1-4 this Thursday 4/26

6th & 7th: Today was a work day to complete anything needed to prepare for tomorrow’s quiz over Ch 1-5 content or vocab.

Monday, April 23

1st & 2nd: Read 10 E story about Rigoberto Menchu and answered the 15 vocab questions. Some students still working on Frayer model for Unit 10. Unit 10 TEST will be next Tuesday, May 1st.

3rd: Read Ch 3 & Ch 4 The Outsiders worked on discussion questions TEST over Ch 1-4 this Thursday, April 26th.

6th & 7th: Finished Ch 4 & 5 And Then There Were None. Turned in character sketch. Study Guide and discussion question given out. They are due Wednesday before the first quiz as is the flashcards.


Week of March 5th-9th

1st & 2nd period:

M: Finished reading Ch 2 Phineas Gage/Complete Ch 2 questions

T: Turned in questions/Inferred meaning of Unit 9 vocab words

W: Mini Lesson on Signpost 3 Extreme Language

R: went over Unit 8 Test/received Unit 9 wordlist and corrected inferences/Started reading Ch 3 Phineas Gage

F: Finish Ch 3 and complete questions/9A

3rd period:

M:  Read Ch 5 Farewell to Manzanar and completed questions

T: Read Ch 6 and worked on questions

W: Discussed Ch 4 and 5 questions/went over Ch 1-4 and vocab Test

R: Read Ch 7 and  Ch 8 answered questions

F: Discussed 6,7, and 8 questions/Read Ch 9 and 10


Monday, Feb. 26

1sr & 2nd period: High school registation took up much of the period today so finish your Frayer Model Unit 8 and the Unit 8 packet due tomorrow. Unit 8 TEST  this Thursday, March 1st.

3rd period: finish Frayer model for Farewell to Manzanar quiz this Thursday, March 1st. Read article about executive order 1099 and answered questions. if time read Ch 3

Monday, Feb. 12

1st & 2nd period: SSR/reading logs, Infer meanings of unit 8 words and turned in/went over Unit 7 test/completed Performance task from last weeks 3rd question: What challenged, changed, or confirmed what I already know.  Infer ws and performance task homework if you did not finish in class.

3rd period: SSR/reading logs, worked on vocab, started Farewell to Manzanar Ch 1