Monday, Nov. 13th

5th period: Discussed Vocab Quiz from last week/Completed Ch 7 reading if not finished and discussion and prediction questions. Due tomorrow

6th & 7th period:  Discussed on worked on Unit 5 E vocab. If you didn’t finish in class it is homework. TEST WEDNESDAY over Unit 5 words.

Thursday & Friday, November 9 & 10


5th period:  Turn in Ch 5 questions and Ch 6 predictions/Read Ch 6 of Flipped book/Test tomorrow over Ch 1-6 of Flipped novel

6th & 7th:  Finish Eyewitness Report turn in/Finish Unit 5 A, B, C, and D vocab Both are due Friday/Start working on Freyer Model for Unit 5 vocab


5th period: Test over Ch 1-6 of Flipped novel/read Ch 7 work on discussion questions

6th & 7th period: Finish any work from yesterday/work on Freyer Model for Unit 5 TEST IS NEXT WEDNESDAY

Wednesday, November 8th

5th period: Flipped Vocab Quiz 1. Predict what will happen in Ch 6 by writing a journal entry as Bryce responding to Julie. Read Ch 6 aloud then compare what happened to prediction.

6th & 7th period:

Continue to synthesize the Eyewitness book that they choose to find compelling information.  Hopefully this will conclude using the Eyewitness Books as a text source. This assignment is due on Friday. When finished work on Unit 5 Vocab A,B,C, and D are due Friday



Wednesday, Oct. 25

5th period:   Students reviewed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd point of view from the narrator. We discussed 3rd person objective, 3rd person limited, and 3rd person omniscient. Students read excerpts from books and had to determine point of view. Ch3 and Ch 4 discussion questions due TOMORROW.

6th & 7th period: took test over Unit 4 vocab



Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 23rd and 24th


5th period: Read Ch 3 (Flipped) aloud and worked on 3 discussion questions. Also, finished Ch 1 and 2 worksheet.

6th & 7th period: Worked on Unit 4E vocab it is due tomorrow/checked 4A-D as a review



5th period: Students received yesterday’s worksheet back it is graded for accuracy. It compares Julie’s point off view to Bryce’s/worked on 4 discussion questions from Ch 3 and started on predictions for Ch 4

6th & 7th period: Checked 4E and reviewed for tomorrow’s TEST over Unit 4 vocab. Ms. Wyatt has a quizlet on her blog.