Week of August 19th – August 23rd

We had a fantastic week!  We are in the full swing of all our subjects and working hard on collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.  Some of these areas are personal growth areas and ones we will focus on all year.

The first set of grades up through last Thursday have been posted to Synergy. I will update grades every Monday and Thursday in Synergy.  If you are still missing your login, the enrolling adult needs to collect that information from the front office.

We have a busy week ahead of us.  Please read below to find out important dates and content information.

SHOUT OUTS: Congratulations to Cayson who was our student of the week last week.  This week will be Ziggy.  Also, congratulations to Aiden, who became a big brother this past week! (If you have big news that you think your child may not tell me, but you want to shout it from the rooftops, please let me know and I’ll include it).  Thank you to the F.B.I. (Father’s Being Involved) for consistently serving our students and their families every week! If you are interested in getting involved, click here.


8/21 – Picture Day (Order forms came home on Friday)

8/23 – PTSA Bingo and BBQ (Click here to order your dinner from Williamson Brothers:Bingo & BBQ; Western Day (dress up in your best western apparel)

8/28 – Early Release at 12:30 (ASP will be open until 6pm)

9/2 – Labor Day – No School


Reading: We are looking at the elements of narratives with a focus on character traits.  We will be able to use a characters words, actions and dialogue to infer the traits of characters in text.

Writing: We began a personal narrative writing last week.  This week, we will focus on drawing out our middle and endings so that we include detail and create interest.  I hope to revise and edit our writing this week as well.

Spelling: The students will be receiving a word list on Monday.  Their spelling level will be highlighted and will remain at this level for the remainder of the nine weeks.  I’ll be including some suggestions for studying at home.  We will also be working with these words in class. Spelling – Sort2.  The test over these words will be Friday, August 30th.

Social Studies/Science: We have a few more activities with maps that we will finish up this week. We will also be working on the engineering-design process, so this will be a combination week of content.

Math: We are focusing on rounding this week.  This is often a skill that can be challenging for students.  The goal is that given a number up to the million’s place, can they round any digit to a specific place (835,345 rounded to the nearest thousand’s place and also to the nearest hundred-thousand’s place).

Week of August 12th-16th

What a busy week!  We jumped into all content areas this week.  I am pleased with what the students accomplished.  What a fantastic group of 4th graders!

Your child’s Home Folder will have your child’s first weekly behavior sheet.  Please look over it, sign it and replace it in your child’s folder to be returned on Monday.  This is how I communicate study and work habits with you regularly. There is no graded work sent home this weekend.  Expect to see some work next week.

Thank you for sending in your “Parent Homework” as I learned so much about your children.  Thank you also for sending in all your first day folder paperwork.  If you are missing it still, I’ll send home a reminder this week with the outstanding items (Look for the Braves folder that came home on the 1st day of school).

Here are a few photos from our STEAM challenge this week.  As we addressed the 4 C’s of STEAM (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking & Creativity), I see that we have some work to do and areas for growth.  However, as a whole, the students were willing to try something challenging, work together, embrace their fear of failure and reflect along the way.


8/12 – A Study guide will come home for a Social Studies Test on Friday covering map skills

8/15 – Library Orientation

8/16 – Social Studies Test and Spelling Test

8/23 – PTSA Bingo and BBQ

8/28 – Early Release at 12:30 (ASP will be open until 6pm)



Reading: We are continuing with our procedures for the reading workshop.  I’ll be working with students individually this week, looking at accuracy and fluency.  I will also finish assessing students’ reading levels so we can begin guided reading in the upcoming weeks.

Writing: We are working how to become a strong writer within a community of learners. We will begin looking at the characteristics of narrative writing.  We are also going to begin a weekly routine of “quick writes” where we learn to write on the fly.  This helps to build confidence and structure familiarity.

Spelling: We will be testing over their first word list.  Your child wrote these words in their agendas on Monday, as they are in different groups based on a pre-assessment.  The first week’s words reinforce short vowel sounds. The groups will be split up a little more beginning with the next set of words. Spelling List for 8/16

Social Studies: We are finishing up map skills this week.  We will create a study guide on Monday covering the major features of the United States. The study guide will come home on Monday for the test on Friday.

Math: We will continue our unit on place value this week.  We will focus on how a digit’s value changes from place to place.  We will also work with numbers to compare them.


Week of August 5th

We had a great beginning to the school year!  As we look at the upcoming week, I will always post about what we have coming up.

Please return the Pitner Preview Forms (white, yellow & pink) this week.  Please also fill out and return the First Day folder forms as soon as possible.  If you need additional copies, please let me know.  Thank you!


8/7/19 – Parent Homework Letters are Due

8/9/19 – Student “About Me” Bags are due (assigned on Monday)



Writing – We are establishing procedures for Writer’s Workshop.  We will learn how we generate ideas, what the writing process looks like, how to build writing stamina and what the qualities of good writing are.

Reading – We are establishing procedures for Reading Workshop.  We will learn about strong reading habits, how we can think and talk about what we read, how to explain what we think about as we read, and focus on the variety of genres available to us as a reader.

Spelling – We are beginning our first spelling unit.  Your child will be assigned a spelling list based on a pre-assessment of spelling skills and patterns. This will be practiced and reinforced in the classroom, however you will need to also study these at home.  Our test over these words will be Friday, August 16th.

Social Studies – We will begin our unit with map skills.  We will identify and label the important US features that we will be studying and referring to throughout our school year.  In addition, we will look at the tools used in maps: compass rose, scale, longitude & latitude and legends.  We will also be making our own map this week.

Math – We are beginning a unit on place value.  We will focus on identifying, naming and modeling numbers up to the hundred-thousands place.  We will also begin comparing and representing these numbers.

First Day of School

Image result for 4th grade

Wow!  What an amazing group of 4th graders I have!  I absolutely LOVED getting to know them better today.

Today, we spent time explaining procedures, getting to know each other, discussing how roles in our classroom benefit everyone, and answering questions.  This is a very inquisitive group of kiddos (and I love that)!

Each of your children received a job application today.  Please look over it before they return it tomorrow.  Additionally, some parent homework and first day folder information came home today.  Please try to send that back in by Wednesday, August 7th.

Tomorrow, we will be working on a STEAM challenge, labeling supplies, discussing learning styles, reinforcing procedures and discussing Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset.  It’s going to be a great day and I cannot wait to see your sweet kiddos tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend and I’ll post this weekend what you can expect for the upcoming week!

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Image result for 4th grade

I am so excited to meet my new 4th graders!  I hope you had a fantastic summer and that you are ready to jump in to a great school year.

We will have a Pitner Preview (combined sneak-a-peak and open house) on Tuesday, July 30th. You can come from: 4:00-4:45, 5:00-5:45 or 6:00-6:45.  The first day of school is Thursday, August 1st. I look forward to meeting you soon!

4th Grade Supply List

  • 2 pkgs. of 24 #2 pencils
  • 5 glue sticks
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pkg. of colored pencils or drawing markers
  • 1 ream of white copy paper
  • 24 pkg. of CRAYOLA crayons
  • 2 large pink erasers
  • 1 Plastic pencil box
  • 1 pkg. dry erase markers
  • 1 Black sharpie
  • 2 Yellow Highlighters
  • 4 boxes of Kleenex
  • 1 Pack of Band-Aids
  • 1 Package Red or Green ballpoint pens
  • 5 pocket folders (different solid colors)
  • 5 composition notebooks (wide-ruled)
  • 2 Spiral notebooks (wide-ruled)
  • Packs of 3×3 Post-It Notes
  • Personal Handheld Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Container of Clorox Wipes
  • 1 Container of Hand Sanitizer
  • 1 pair of earbuds

Last Day of School

Congratulations to the students (and their families) for a successful 4th grade year!  This day is always bittersweet for me…sad that the year is over and thrilled at all they accomplished.  This will be my last post for the school year.  I appreciate all of you and what you do for your kids each day.

All report cards will be mailed next week, if you provided stamps and your accounts are cleared.  If you did not provide stamps or owe money on any accounts, the envelope will be held for pick up.  Enclosed in the envelope are summer suggestions, a summer contest, free certificate for dinner, academic certificates, and login information for an online reading program.

Please keep in touch over the summer.  I would love for your kids to email me updates about their days and activities.

Have a great summer!

Week of May 20th

We had a great week full of fun and wrapping up all our preparations for 5th grade!  It’s so hard to believe we only have 3 days left!

Monday, May 20th – Game Day & “Float” into Summer Day! – This day will be focused on cleaning out the classroom and preparing for the end of the year.  Please bring a board game to play today.  In addition, the students will make ice cream sundaes as we “float” into summer.  Everything will be sent home today.  No backpacks are allowed at school after today. 

Tuesday, May 21st – Sports Day! – The students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform or any other sports shirt.  Please do not bring any sports equipment from home, as we will be doing a variety of activities throughout the day pertaining to sports: playing group games inside and an outside kickball game (weather permitting) while having fun together.

Wednesday, May 22nd – Last day of school & Movie Day! – The students will participate in some farewell activities. They cannot bring anything to/from home today except for a snack in a disposable package/container.  We will watch a few movies and bid farewell to our friends for the summer break.

Week of May 13th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms and grandmothers out there!  I know how important this role is in the lives of your children.  Thank you for being there for your kiddos every day!

Thank you again for the outpouring of love and generosity last week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I was so blown away!

ALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!  I would still love for them to spend 20-30 minutes each day reading for pleasure, but there will be no more math homework.  If you would like for them to continue reviewing skills at home, they can log in to Prodigy or IXL.

In the midst of all our end of year activities, we are still learning and growing as we prepare for 5th grade.  This week will focus on:

Social Studies –  Major Battles and Reconstruction

Science – We will continue our unit on simple machines and forces and motion.

Writing – We will be continuing with a poetry unit.

Reading – We will apply our reading standards to content-specific material.


5/13 – 4th Grade Field Day

5/14 – Summer Library Presentation

5/15 – Kell High School Orchestra and fun with Mrs. Edie

5/16 – Rescheduled Color Run

5/17 – Autograph Afternoon & Yearbook Distribution

5/20 – Classroom Clean Out & Game Day

5/21 – Sports Day & Early Release Day (No backpacks)

5/22 – Movie Day & Last Day of School – Early Release Day (No backpacks)

Week of May 6th

Testing continues this week!  We will test (and have community breakfast) on Monday and Tuesday for Math.  Thank you for helping with donations and helping your kids get to bed early!

ALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!  I would still love for them to spend 20-30 minutes each day reading for pleasure, but there will be no more math homework.  If you would like for them to continue reviewing skills at home, they can log in to Prodigy or IXL.

For the remainder of the testing day, we will be working on Social Studies, Science and some Writing.   We will apply our reading standards as we integrate our Social Studies and Science content. This week will focus on:

Social Studies – North vs. South and Major Battles

Science – We will continue our unit on simple machines and forces and motion.

Writing – We will be continuing with a poetry unit.


5/6 – Math Milestones day 1

5/7 – Math Milestones day 2

5/10 – Career Day & Color Run

5/13 – 4th Grade Field Day

5/15 – Kell Highschool Orchestra

5/17 – Autograph Afternoon

5/20 – Classroom Clean Out

5/21 – Early Release Day (No backpacks)

5/22 – Last Day of School – Early Release Day (No backpacks)

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