Week of January 14th

We had a great week back!  We also added 2 new students to our class this week!  Welcome Shaniya and Moha!

Here are the highlights for this week:

1/16 – Library lesson and project launch for the State Fair Project

1/18 – Spelling Bee – Cheering on Elita & Julian

1/21 – No School due to MLK Jr. Day

Math: We are working on the “big 7” strategy.  This is one of the strategies we will be using to solve long division problems.  Here are a few clips you can watch to learn this strategy:

Big 7 – Clip 1

Big 7 – Clip 2

Reading: We are continuing with guided reading with a focus on informational text.  Our whole group lesson is paired passages and integrating sources.

Writing: We are working on our informational writing pieces with a self-selected topic.

Spelling: Our spelling test will be on Friday over Sort 9 – Spelling Homework Sort 9.

Social Studies: We are continuing with the Constitutional Convention and the Bill of Rights.

Week of January 7th

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Happy New Year!!!  2019 has arrived and I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2nd half of the school year!  I am sure the kids (and maybe parents) are ready to come back!

Please take a few minutes this weekend to clean out folders and papers that came home before Winter break and wash backpacks.  We want to start the year refreshed!


1/7 – Math Touchstones pre-assessment

1/8 – Math Inventory pre-assessment

Math: We are beginning long division.  We will begin with some general strategies this week.  Please continue to practice those multiplication/division facts for fluency.

Reading: We are working on constructed response as we use the RACE strategy to effectively answer questions.

Writing: We are beginning a unit on non-fiction/informational writing.  We will begin with procedural/chronological writing this week.

Spelling: We are picking back up with spelling this week with sort 9: Spelling Homework Sort 9.  The contract will be due on the testing date of Friday, January 18th.

Social Studies: We are picking back up with Social studies as we look at the struggles of a New Nation.  We will focus on the Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention.

Week of December 17th

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!  I’m shocked that we are in the final week of the semester.  The students have worked very hard and we will be having a lot of fun this coming week.  Please do not forget, we are participating in a service project on Wednesday and we need your donations.  If you would like to send in extra items, please send in more bread.

Service Project:  Please bring in the following item according to the initial of your last name.

A-C:  1 jar of creamy peanut butter

D-K:  1 jar of grape or strawberry jelly

L-Z:   2 loaves of white bread

Also, if you would like to make additional donations to our party, we are still in need of either mini-muffins or donut holes. We have 22 students in our class. Please click on this link: https://goo.gl/DN5Vrg.


12/17 – Holiday Character Day, Math Touchstones, Fun with Ms. Edie

12/18 – Candy Cane Stripe Day – Reading Touchstones

12/19 – Holiday Hat Day – Winter Celebration & Service Project

12/20 – Holiday Sweater Day, Early Release @ 12:30, Winter Activity Day

12/21 – Holiday PJ Day, Early Release @ 12:30, Movie Day

Week of December 10th

Thank you to all of you who already signed up to donate food items to our class winter celebration.  If you have not already signed up, we need 5 more items.  Please click on this link: https://goo.gl/DN5Vrg.

There is no homework for the next 2 weeks.

Congratulations to Elita & Julian our class spelling bee winners.  The students all did wonderfully and I am so proud of them!


12/12 – Holiday Shop for our class

12/13 – Taking the Reading Inventory (RI)

12/14 – Pitner Bucks Store, Fun with Ms. Edie

12/15 – We are taking the Reading Touchstones

12/16 – We are taking the Math Touchstones

12/19 – Winter celebration (8:00-8:45) and service project (9:45-11:15)

12/20 – Early Release at 12:30

12/21 – Early Release at 12:30


Math – We are continuing with area of rectilinear shapes as well as 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication.

Reading – We are working on close reading strategies.

Writing – We are finishing up what makes our favorite restaurant the best writing.

Grammar – We are working on some more homophones.

Science – We are creating a presentation in Power Point on endangered animals.

Winter Celebration

It’s that wonderful time of year for your children to enjoy a classroom celebration. We will be having a winter celebration on Wednesday, December 19th from 8:00am-8:45am.

We will be having breakfast and a winter-themed craft.  After specials, we will be participating in a community service project. The students voted to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the less fortunate, in lieu of a gift exchange.  In the past, Dr. Caracelo’s students have made over 200 sandwiches for a local shelter (This is a 7 year long tradition).  It’s nice to be able to give back to the community, especially in time of need.  I am looking for a few parents who can help make and serve the breakfast.  Also, I need a few volunteers who can stick around for the sandwich-making extravaganza (9:45-11:15).

We are requesting donations for our class treats and our sandwich service project.  Please go to this link to view the donations needed for our final days of fun: https://goo.gl/DN5Vrg

Service Project:  Please bring in the following item according to the initial of your last name.

A-F:  1 jar of creamy peanut butter

J-O:  1 jar of grape or strawberry jelly

R-Z:   2 loaves of wheat or white bread

If you would like to send in extra supplies for the service project, please send in an extra loaf of bread.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the crafts or serve food, we would really appreciate any time you might have.  Please let me know if you can make it!

Also, on Thursday, December 20th, we will be having a winter-themed activity day.  On Friday, December 21st, we will have a school-wide sing-a-long and a movie day. I’m including donation requests for those days as well in the Signupgenius.


Week of December 3rd

Happy December!!!  It’s hard to believe we have already arrived at the last month of school!

We will be having our winter celebration on Wednesday, December 19th from 8:00am-8:45am.  We will be having breakfast that morning and we would love to have a few parents help prepare that morning.  If you are available, please let me know.

Also, in lieu of a gift exchange, my class will be doing a service project.  I’m so excited that the students would prefer to think of someone else during this season.  I’ll be sending out more information this week about donations.  We will be making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a local addiction recovery shelter that houses families.  This is a long tradition in my classroom and always one that makes a lasting impact.


12/3 – Wellstar Visit – Temper Tamers, Class spelling bee

12/7 – Hour of Code, PTSA Dinner with Santa, Holiday Shoppe Preview

12/12 – Holiday Shop for our class

12/19 – Class Winter Celebration

12/20 – Early Release @ 12:30

12/21 – Early Release @ 12:30


Math – We are continuing to work on 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication with a focus on area this week.  We will also look at how to use the algorithm.

Reading  – We are continuing to focus on annotating text and show our “thinking” as we are reading.  Skill groups will continue working on text-dependent questions, summarizing, constructed response and decoding.

Writing – We are beginning a new opinion writing on our favorite restaurant.

Spelling –  We will take a test on sort 8 this week. Spelling Homework Sort 8

Grammar – We will work on a few more homophones:

Science –  We are going to be working on an endangered animal project.



Week of November 26th

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for the time to spend with family and friends! We have a busy week planned with much to learn.  Please help reinforce regular habits and routines so we can maintain consistency, as much as possible.


11/26 – Watershed Presentation from the Cobb County Water Department

11/27 – S.O.A.R Presentation

11/30 – Reading Logs for November are due

12/7 – Dinner with Santa


Math – We are digging deeper into multiplication with 2 x 2 digit numbers.  We will focus on the same strategies (area model, distributive property, algorithm) but with larger numbers.

Reading – We are continuing with non-fiction text and will focus on annotating text.  Skill groups this week will be focusing on: constructed response, decoding, Text-dependent questions and summarizing.

Writing – We are going to analyze examples of opinion writing and determine the characteristics of good writing.

Spelling – We are beginning sort 8.  The contract will be due on December 7th.  Spelling Homework Sort 8.

Mentor Sentences – We will be reading In November by Cynthia Ryliant.

Science – We are continuing with ecosystems with a focus on food chains, extinction, hibernation, and adaptations.

Week of November 12th

We are cruising through 4th grade, learning and growing constantly!  I’m amazed at how much the students are learning each day and growing in the process.


11/12 – Cherrydale Fundraiser Pick up – 2:30pm-6:00pm

11/15 – Special Thanksgiving Book and Craftivity with Mrs. Edie

11/16 – Culminating Movie as we finish our book, Indian in the Cupboard.

11/19-11/23 – Thanksgiving Break – No School

11/26 – Special Visit from Cobb County Water


Math: We are working toward using the standard algorithm in multiplication with 2×1, 3×1 and 4×1 digit multiplication.

Reading: We are working on main idea as a class and non-fiction skills and strategies in guided reading groups.  We are working on summarizing our text.

Writing: We are finishing up our opinion pieces on what makes a good friend and will complete a persuasive writing on turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Grammar: We are working on homophones this week: It’s & Its, Two, Too & To and Whether & Weather.

Spelling: Sort 7 is due on Friday, our test day.

Science: We are beginning a unit on Ecosystems.

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