Week of August 7th

Our first week of school was great!  I have enjoyed getting to know  my class and their unique personalities!  We going to continue establishing routines this week and begin working full days with our curricula.

Upcoming Dates:

8/10 – Open House at 6pm – I hope to see you there!

8/21 – Eclipse Day – School is extended by 45 minutes and we will have many exciting Science activities related to this exciting experience

8/23 – Picture Day – Dress your best for a fantastic picture

Highlights for this week:

Math:  We are beginning our unit on place value.  We will focus on representing numbers up to the millions place, understanding the value of a number, and comparing numbers.  I will quiz the students on Friday.

Reading:  We are establishing reading routines.  Reading pre-assessments will be administered as well as reading response activities.

Writing:  We will establish writing routines.  We will also begin looking for inspiration for our own writing.

Spelling: We are beginning with our first spelling contract this week.  This is a 2-week contract and will not be due until the test date (8/18).  Your child’s spelling list is based on a skill assessment and your child’s list will be assigned on Monday.  Here is a copy of the list: Spelling Homework Sort1.

Grammar:  We will look at proper and common nouns.  I will quiz the students on Friday.

Social Studies: We will develop map skills this week.  We will also be identifying the geographical locations of our content this school year.  We will create a study guide on Monday.  The test will be on Friday.

I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!


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