Week of August 14th

We had a very busy 2nd week of school.  The students are in the swing of routines and procedures.


8/15 – Library Day – We will visit the school library for the first time this year.  The students will be checking out books!

8/21 – Eclipse Day – School is extended by 45 minutes and we will have many exciting Science activities related to this exciting experience

8/23 – Picture Day – Dress your best for a fantastic picture

9/4 – Labor Day – No School in observance of this holiday


Math:  We are continuing our unit on place value.  We will focus on comparing larger numbers and rounding to places up to the millions place.  I will quiz the students on Friday.

Reading:  We will be focusing on what our text states implicitly and explicitly, the different text genres that we have access to, and identifying the different ways we can respond to our text.

Writing:  We will be focusing on the structure of a narrative writing and beginning our first written piece.

Spelling: This Friday will be our first spelling test over sort 1.  The contract is due on Friday.

Grammar:  We will look at plural nouns with irregular spellings.

Social Studies: We are going to jump into our economics unit.  This week’s activities and lessons will look at: goods and services, production, specialization, opportunity cost, and supply and demand.

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