Week of September 11th

Check out this week’s highlights!


  • Friday Family Night at Sparkles – Friday, September 15th
  • End of the Cherrydale Fundraiser – Tuesday, September 19th
  • 4th Grade Entrepreneur Day – Friday, September 22nd
  • Fall Break – School Closed -9/25 – 9/29


Math: We are continuing to work on subtraction with regrouping while we look at subtracting across zeros.  In addition, we will focus on word problems and application of addition and subtraction strategies.

Reading: We are continuing to build on our knowledge of theme and summarizing as we define our thinking with concrete evidence from the text.

Writing: We are working on fictional narratives with a focus on character development throughout the plot.

Grammar: We are continuing our lesson in mentor sentences this week.

Spelling:  Sort 3 Spelling Test will be on Friday. The contracts are due on Friday as well.

Social Studies:  We are covering 6 Native American tribes this week as we prepare for exploration the following week.  There will be no unit test covering all of these tribes as we will focus on in-class activities.

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