Week of September 10th

We are a little more than halfway through the nine weeks and we are learning so much!  I’ve been very impressed by the independent research that some of the students are doing to learn more about their interests.  I have been filled with many new concepts about planets and space that your children have found out themselves!  So amazing!


9/10 – Wellstar Visit – “Just Eat It”

9/19 – Huey Lueys Night (Cobb Parkway) – 5pm-9pm – 20% of the proceeds go to PTSA!

9/24-9/28 – Fall Break – No School

9/24-9/28 – Are you looking for a great activity for your child during Fall break that they will love?  STEM Cobb is holding camps in 3 locations throughout the county during the break.  You can choose one or more days for your child to participate.  The exciting news is one of the locations this year is at Pitner!!  Sign your child up to learn and have fun with some of our fantastic local teachers! https://stemcampcobb.weebly.com/


Math – We are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction with regrouping.  We are specifically going to look at subtraction across zeros, checking subtraction with addition, and eventually looking at problem solving.

Reading – We are beginning to look at theme as we continue to map out narratives.  Guided reading groups are working on individual skills. Don’t forget to begin working on the Sandwich book report!

Writing – We are continuing out personal narratives.

Spelling – We are finishing up sort 3  with a test on Friday.  The students’ contracts are due on Friday with their activities or parent signatures. Spelling Homework Sort3

Social Studies – We are beginning our unit on the American Revolution.


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