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Conference Week is Coming!

This week is conference week and early release week.  In your child’s home folder, I placed a reminder of our conference date and time.  I am looking forward to meeting with you.  The conferences will all be held in my classroom, so please come to room #410.

SHOUT OUTS – Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for making copies. Thank you to Jolannie for bringing in a special snack to share with the class.  Thank you to the PTSA for a fabulous Fall Festival last weekend!


10/15 – Picture Retakes for those that missed them or would like a retake

10/17 – Spirit Night

10/18 – Hispanic Heritage Month Activities Due (optional), Spelling Test over Sort 5

10/21 – Author Visit

10/24 – STEAM Night

10/25 – Day of Awesomeness (Permission slips will be handed out at conferences)

10/31 – Mystery Reader Day (No costumes, please) – Please sign up to read to our class Mystery Reader Sign Up


Writing – We are beginning a unit on opinion writing.  This week, we will focus on the structure and components of strong opinion writing.

Reading – We are beginning a unit on non-fiction/informational text.  We will focus on the elements and qualities of this genre and begin to look at some of the different structures. Guided reading groups will wrap up our fictional text this week.

Spelling – We are testing sort 5 this week: Spelling Homework Sort5.

Social Studies – We will focus on the French & Indian War, Stamp Act & the Boston Tea Party.

Math – We are jumping into factors and multiples this week.  We will look at rules of divisibility to help us determine factors of larger numbers.

Week of October 7th-14th

As you read this, I hope you can join me in the hope that fall weather will truly begin tomorrow!  We go to recess at one of the warmest times of the day and I will be thankful for cooler temperatures soon!  With that being said, if you decide to send your child to school with a light jacket/sweatshirt, please label it.

If you have not already returned them, please return the conferences scheduling forms on Monday.  Thank you!!!  I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress thus far.

SHOUT OUTS: Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for faithfully making copies.  Thank you to Mr. Hodge for his project work.  Thank you to the Wendel family for their generous book donations.  Thank you to Mrs. Wendel and Mrs. Jarvis for volunteering to be our room reps. Thank you to the Davis family for their donations to our classroom. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers that give of themselves each and every day to their family!


10/5 – Fall Festival @ Pitner – 10am-1pm

10/7 – Library Check Out

10/8 – Field Trip to the Fire/Safety Village (wear class t-shirt, pants & closed-toe shoes)

10/10 – Early Release Day

10/11 – Book Reports are due today, Touchstone Day (Reading/ELA and Math) – The assessments do not count for a grade but help to assess overall comprehension.

10/14-10/18 – Conference Week – Early Dismissal @ 12:30pm


Language Arts –  We are finishing up our Menu project, which reinforces our understanding of the parts of speech.

Reading –  We are working on application of reading comprehension skills.  We will focus on leveled skills in our guided reading groups.

Social Studies –  We are continuing to focus on the skill of reading and interpreting timelines.  We are investigating some of the causes of the war – French & Indian War, Stamp Act & the Boston Tea Party.

Science – We ended up having a surprise Bus Safety presentation, so we will have our STEAM activity this coming week.

Math –  We are continuing with perimeter of rectilinear figures this week.

The Fall Festival is Coming!!!

Please read this note below from PTSA:

Good evening,

I hope each of you and your kiddos had a fabulous break!!!!Our family events committee is gearing up for an amazing Fall Festival this Saturday from 10-1. We are in need of a lot of helping hands for this events. We are so thankful for each of you who make these events possible by your support. If you are a room rep this year if you could send these links to the parents we would be so appreciative. 

Below are the links for any one to donate items or volunteer. All volunteers will have their lunch provided for. The last link will direct you to the PTSA page for anyone to join the Chili Cookoff, compete in the kid’s pumpkin contest or join the PTSA. We would love to see some our teachers compete!!! 



Fall Festival info:

Thank you to each of you for all that you do!!!

Natalie Maddox

Week of September 30th-October 4th

I hope you had a wonderful Fall Break!  I know that I am thankful for some extra special family time!

We are in the final stretch of the 1st nine-week grading period.  We will be working hard as finish strong. Check out this week’s highlights, important dates and shout-outs!

SHOUT-OUTS – Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for making copies, for Mr. Hodge for finishing a very large project, Mrs. Jarvis & Mrs. Wendel for volunteering to be our room moms and to all you parents who work diligently with your children each day!  Thank you to the Wendel family and the Deutchman family (former room-mom) for their generous donations to our class library from the Book Fair. Congratulations to Aidan for being last week’s student of the week and to Nick, who is this week’s student of the week.


9/30 – Library Lesson & Checkout

10/1 – Fire/Safety Village Pre-visit Presentation

10/2 – Target Field Trip

10/4 – CHOA Cape Day – Pay $1 and wear a cape to school, Zoo Phonics Parade (celebrating Kindergarten), WellStar Visit

10/8 – Fire/Safety Village Field Trip

10/10 – Early Release Day @ 12:30

10/11 – Last day of the Nine Weeks

10/14-10/18 – Conference Week/Early Release Week @ 12:30


Math – We are jumping into perimeter.  We are focusing on adding multi-digits while determining the perimeter of shapes. We will be taking the summative assessment for place value on Friday. Here is the study guide: 4th grade Math Place Value Study Guide. We will be reviewing all week in class.

ELA –  We are focusing this week on the 8 Major parts of speech.  Now that we have finished 2 major writing pieces, we need to refine some of our grammar and deepen our language skills.  We will have an open-note quiz on Friday.

Reading –  We are continuing with our reading groups this week as we focus on differentiated skills.  Our whole group skill will be looking at Perspective and Point of View.  We will distinguish between the two and determine how point of view impacts the way we interpret our text.

Science – We are having our big unit test on Friday over the planets and our Solar System.  Look for a copy of the study guide on Monday – Planets & Solar System Study Guide

Social Studies – We are beginning a new unit on the American Revolution.  This will take us several weeks as we study this series of events.  We will begin with the causes of the war. This week’s skill will include timelines – reading and interpreting them. We will also be building a timeline of events that span the American Revolution.

Fall Break is Here!

Fall Break is upon us! I want the kids to enjoy the break so please just reinforce reading this week!  Don’t forget, I assigned a book report this last week, so the kids need to be reading for the purpose of the project and presentation. There is no need to work on the project this week as they will have 2 weeks when we return: Scrapbook Book Report.

A Few Donations Needed: Also, please save your shoeboxes!  We have a big STEAM project when we return from the break and I need about 6-7 boxes.  If you have one, please send it to school with your kiddos on Monday the 30th.  I am wanting to get a class set of Racquet Balls.  I have been doing a little brain/focus research and would like to try out some techniques with the class.  If you can help out, I would appreciate it!

Be on the lookout for the weekly update next weekend! Have a wonderful Fall Break!

Week of September 16th-20th

We had a great week in 4th grade!  Please be sure to check your child’s folder for graded work and sign their weekly blue behavior sheet. These are due back on Mondays. Thank you!

SHOUT OUTS: Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for making copies.  Thank you to the Angle Family and the Van Alstine Family for their generous donations from the Book Fair. Congratulations to Julia, Ryland and Cayson for winning a free pizza from Hungry Howies for showing awesome character in the classroom! Congratulations to Robby for being last week’s student of the week and to Aidan, who is this week’s student of the month!


9/16 – 9/19 – Book Fair is open!  Shop online too: Pitner Book Fair, Book Report Project assigned

9/17 – Guidance Lesson

9/20 – Planetarium is coming to Pitner (for 4th graders only)

9/23-9/27 – Fall Break – No School


Math – We are working on subtracting with the algorithm.  We will be focusing on strategies with regrouping and across zeros. I’m beginning with fluency checks this week.  We will take 1 fluency assessment each week, focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and then division.  The students will be expected to solve 50 problems in 3 minutes.  We will work on this all year.

Writing – We are finishing up our fictional narratives.

Reading – We are continuing with theme and how we can learn lessons from what we read.  Guided reading groups are in full swing.  Ask your kids about some of their fantastic new vocabulary words!

Spelling – We are beginning Sort 4 – Spelling Sort4. Remember, your child is in the same group as they were originally assigned.  Adjustments may be made at the end of the nine weeks.

Science – We are finishing up our Solar System unit this week.  We will focus on stars and constellations this week.  We will also be working on a research project over a planet of the student’s choice.

Week of September 9th-13th

We had a great week! The short week was no problem for us!  Today, progress reports came home.  They are on lavender paper and need to be signed and returned.  Keep in mind that ParentVue is the program in which you can access your child’s grades at any time.  We are only halfway through the grading period, so there is plenty of time to work on areas of weakness.  Graded work will always come home on Fridays, along with the weekly behavior sheet, so you can always see what skills need to be worked on.

SHOUT OUTS: I forgot to do this last week, so I’m combining 2 weeks into 1.  Thank you to the Van Alstine family for their generous donations.  Thank you to Mr. Hodge who is working on an at-home project.  Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for faithfully making copies. Congratulations to Joselynn and Ari for being student of the week for the last two weeks.  Congratulations to Robby who is our student of the week.

I have a “bit of a project” that I could use some help with at home.  If you feel like you have some time to come in and laminate and then take home and cut apart (a pretty tedious task), please let me know.  I can prepare those items next week to send home.


9/9 – Step It Up Fundraiser Kickoff

9/13 – Spelling Test, College Day – wear your favorite college attire

9/20 – 80’s Day

9/23-9/27 – Fall Break – No School


Writing – We are continuing our fictional narrative.  We will work on bold beginnings and stretching out the details.

Reading – We are working on theme – the message that the author is teaching us through their stories.  We are also working on leveled skills in reading groups.

Spelling – We will have a test over sort 3 on Friday: Spelling Sort 3

Science – We are working on planets this week.

Math – We are continuing with addition/subtraction with regrouping.  We will focus on the properties of addition and apply our understanding of regrouping to large numbers.


Week of September 3rd-6th

article, holidays, and labor day imageThank you to all the moms, dads, grandparents and family members who contribute both economically and socially to the wealth, strength and well-being of our country.

I hope you are able to enjoy some time together this weekend!


We had a great week last week! Our kick-off assembly was led by Gutsy the Fox and his emcee.  They did a fantastic job introducing us to our new mission statement: Respectful, Responsible & Empowered! Check out some of their clips here: Gutsy.


9/6 – Progress reports come home

9/9 – PTSA Fundraiser Kickoff

9/13 – College Day – Represent your favorite college with a t-shirt

9/12-9/19 – Bookfair

9/20 – 80’s Day

9/23-9/27 – Fall Break – No School


Writing – We are beginning fictional narratives this week.  We are building on our knowledge of stories and will be following the story arc structure.

Reading – We are moving into identifying the theme of the text, using evidence and details.  We are beginning reading/skill groups this week as well.  The first week will be one group per day as we establish our routines and procedures.

Spelling – We are beginning sort 3 this week with a test on 9/13 – Spelling Sort 3.

Science – We are reviewing moon phases this week as we enter into week 2 of our 4th grade STEAM challenge.  Our content focus will be on the Earth, rotation, revolution and seasons.

Week of August 26th-30th

I cannot believe we are already approaching the last week of August!  Time is flying by!  We are in most of our routines and we are refining our procedures. We had a full week and the students are working very hard!

This week, we have some schedule changes, so please look over the dates below and discuss them with your child.  Graded work comes home on Fridays.  Please look through the work to reflect on skills that are mastered and those that need refining.  Any grades below a 70% need to be signed and returned.  Also, please do not forget to return the blue behavior sheet each Monday.

SHOUT OUTS: Thank you to Mr. Hodge who is doing some “homework” for our class.  Thank you to Mrs. Kruger for her copy help and to the Kruger family for their donations to our class.  Congratulations to Ziggy who was our student of the week last week.  Congratulations to Joselynn for being this week’s student of the week.


8/26 – Library Lesson and Checkout

8/27 – Guidance Lesson with Ms. Perry

8/28 – Early Release at 12:30pm – ASP will continue as scheduled

8/30 – Spelling Test and Moon Phases Test

9/2 – Labor Day – No School

9/6 – T-shirt Order forms are due (please email me if you need another order form)


Writing – We finished our personal narratives and will spend some time working on refining the narrative process through a series of “quick-writes”.  I will be displaying their personal narratives outside the classroom.  I invite you to come and read them!

Reading –  We are continuing to identify character traits through action, dialogue, feelings and thoughts.  We will take a quiz over this information this week.

Spelling – We have a spelling test over sort 2 on Friday – Spelling – Sort2

Grammar – We will focus on nouns this week.  I teach grammar explicitly and then we apply it and practice the skills in context.

Science – We are beginning a new unit on planets and the solar system.  This will be a 4-week unit.  We will begin with moon phases, the Earth, rotation, revolution and seasons.  The study guide for the moon phases will come home on Monday.

Math – We are finishing up our rounding unit.  The skill is mastered when students can round to any place value within 1,000,000.  We will have a quiz over this as well this week.

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