Links for Class


Multiplication Fact Practice –

Multiplication Tables Practice –

Multiplication Games –

Multiplication Facts Challenge:

Multiplication Practice –

Double Digit multiplication –

Long Division –

Decimals 1 –

Decimals 2 –

Decimals 3 –

Division Timed Test –


Severe Weather Webquest:

Simple Machine Webquest:

Ecosystems Webquest:

Types of Clouds:

Water Cycle Web Quest:

Cnstellations are patterns of stars –

Images from Hubble

Bill Nye talks about the SUN!!!

Inside the International Space Station

Drinking water in space!
Space Toilet! 



Social Studies

European Explorers

Route Maps: Route Maps

Explorer Profiles: Profiles


American Revolution 

French and Indian War –

1765 Stamp Act –

“taxation without representation”

Sons of Liberty” & their activities –

Boston Tea Party –

Oreggon Trail Game –

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