Mastery Club Information & Links

Mastery Club Information & Links

Mrs. Caracelo’s Mastery Club

What is Caracelo’s Mastery Club?
This is a club for students who are interested in going above and beyond the normal classroom expectations. It is a way to challenge students and to keep their brains active! I hope to inspire everyone to learn new things all the time because learning never ends!

Each participant will be responsible for his or her own research for this project.  Activity research can be done both at school and home.
How do I become a member of the Mastery Club?
To become a member, choose a question from the lists below that interests you.  Do some research to learn the answer, then share your new found knowledge with Ms. Caracelo.  You will need to write the question and the answer down on a sheet of paper.  Once it is checked and confirmed that it is correct, you will receive a recording sheet to keep track of the number of questions you have answered.  You can become a 1 star member by answering one question correctly, or keep going to really build those brain wrinkles and work your way all the way up to an 84 star member. If you answer 16 or more questions correctly you will become a member of the Caracelo Mastery Club Hall of Fame.  Your name will remain on the wall each year until I am no longer teaching (and I plan on teaching for a long time).  Good luck and keep learning!
Hall of Fame Levels
  • Bronze Members: 16 Stars or Answers
  • Silver Members: 17-29 Stars
  • Gold Members: 30-42 Stars
  • Platinum Members: 43-68 Stars
  • Diamond Members: 69-84 Stars
 Mastery Club is an idea put together by Mrs. Heather Renz, of Oregon.  Thanks to Mrs. Renz for granting her permission to share this wonderful learning tool with students around the world.

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