Week of September 10th

We are a little more than halfway through the nine weeks and we are learning so much!  I’ve been very impressed by the independent research that some of the students are doing to learn more about their interests.  I have been filled with many new concepts about planets and space that your children have found out themselves!  So amazing!


9/10 – Wellstar Visit – “Just Eat It”

9/19 – Huey Lueys Night (Cobb Parkway) – 5pm-9pm – 20% of the proceeds go to PTSA!

9/24-9/28 – Fall Break – No School

9/24-9/28 – Are you looking for a great activity for your child during Fall break that they will love?  STEM Cobb is holding camps in 3 locations throughout the county during the break.  You can choose one or more days for your child to participate.  The exciting news is one of the locations this year is at Pitner!!  Sign your child up to learn and have fun with some of our fantastic local teachers! https://stemcampcobb.weebly.com/


Math – We are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction with regrouping.  We are specifically going to look at subtraction across zeros, checking subtraction with addition, and eventually looking at problem solving.

Reading – We are beginning to look at theme as we continue to map out narratives.  Guided reading groups are working on individual skills. Don’t forget to begin working on the Sandwich book report!

Writing – We are continuing out personal narratives.

Spelling – We are finishing up sort 3  with a test on Friday.  The students’ contracts are due on Friday with their activities or parent signatures. Spelling Homework Sort3

Social Studies – We are beginning our unit on the American Revolution.


Week of September 4th

How can it possibly be September already?  We have flown through the last month of school and have been very busy learning in 4th grade!  We will have our first guidance lesson this week with our new guidance counselor, Ms. Whitton.  Also, progress reports will go home on Wednesday.  Please sign your child’s orange behavior sheet that comes home on Friday and return on the following Monday.


9/3 – Labor Day – No School

9/4 – August reading logs are due

9/5 – Progress reports go home

9/7 – Science test – study guide will come home on Tuesday


Math – We are moving into multi-digit subtraction this week.  We will continue to use multi-digit addition as well.

Reading – We are working on types of conflict within the plot.  Guided reading groups are working on skills covering fluency, comprehension, story mapping, and context clues.

Writing – We are continuing to develop our personal narratives.

Grammar – We are working on possessive nouns this week (singular and plural).

Spelling – We are beginning sort 3 – Spelling Homework Sort3.  This sort is due on the testing date (9/14).

Science – We are finishing up our unit on space and the solar system.  A study guide will come home on Tuesday and the test will be on Friday.


Week of August 26th

It’s so hard to believe we are in the last week of August already!  We have been very busy in 4th grade and we continue to push forward, learning and growing.

Thank you to: Mrs. Edie, Mr. & Mrs. Livingston, Ms. Allsen, and Ms. Thomas for helping with fact clubs this week!  I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos but I’ll be sure to get some so you can see the kids in action!

Check out our highlights for this week:


8/29 – Early Release day at 12:30pm.  Please be sure to convey any dismissal changes for Wednesday.

8/31 – Sprit Night at Escalade

9/3 – Labor Day – No school


Math: We are beginning a new unit on multi-digit addition. We will build on our knowledge of place value to establish the standard algorithm to add numbers into the hundred-thousands place.

Reading: We are continuing to build on our knowledge of the narrative story structure with a focus on mapping stories.  Guided reading groups are also established and in full swing.

Writing: We are building our own narrative stories this week.

Spelling: We will have a spelling test on Friday over Sort2.  Spelling contracts are also due on Friday.

Grammar: We are focusing on mentor sentences this week with a strong focus on context clues.  Our book will be Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun.

Science:  We are going deeper into space this week focusing on the planets, stars, and star patterns/constellations.

Have a great week!

Week of August 20th

We are rocking and rolling in 4th grade!  I’m so pleased with how well the students transitioned this week.

I wanted to let you know that Pitner lost an angel this past week.  Debbie Bernard was one of our former custodians and lost her battle with cancer.  She left an amazing legacy in all that knew her.  If you feel so inclined, here is the link to her gofundme page to help with expenses for her family: Support for Debbie.

Here are the updates for this week:


8/22 – Picture Day (individual photos) – forms came home on Friday

8/29 – Early Release day at 12:30pm



Math – We are finishing up our unit on place value.  We will focus intensely on rounding and estimation.

Reading – We are beginning a unit on the structure of narrative text (stories).  We will focus on the main components of a story, how to identify them, and how that aids in our comprehension of the text.  We will also begin guided reading groups this week.

Writing – We are finishing up our first writing.  This first writing focuses on ideas and purpose.  We will also begin a narrative unit this week focusing on hooking our reader and developing a story.

Grammar – We are going to continue looking at mentor sentences and the use of prepositional phrases.

Spelling – We are beginning sort 2 this week.  The students will remain in their same assigned “group” as last time.  Here are the words for sort 2: Spelling Homework Sort2

Science – We are beginning a unit on space.  We will focus this week on the moon, what makes day and night, how the Earth revolves and rotates, how seasons occur and begin looking at the planets.  We will have a quiz over the moon phases on Friday.  A study guide will come home on Monday.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Rounding Rap & Remind

Good evening!

I wanted to share this rounding rap with you.  We watched this in class today as a tool to help us with rounding.  This is traditionally a skill that can be challenging for students, so as they are working on their homework, you may want to review this.

Rounding Rap – YouTube


Also, I’ll be signing everyone up for Remind.com unless you let me know that you are not interested.  Many of you have already registered but I wanted to give you a head’s up.

Week of August 13th

We are in the swing of 4th grade.  Last week was full of learning and growing.  I’m very excited to continue pushing forward with such an amazing group of 4th graders.  Check out the highlights for this week below!


Target begins this week on Thursday.

August 22nd – Picture Day for our class (each class/grade is different, so check with their teacher)

August 29th – Early Release at 12:30pm



Math: This week we will be continuing our unit on place value with a focus on comparing numbers, ordering numbers and rounding numbers.

Reading: We are continuing to launch reader’s workshop with a focus on identifying genres of text, checking for understanding and sharing our thoughts and feelings as a reader.  We will begin also identifying and using comprehension and fluency strategies.

Writing: We are continuing to launch writer’s workshop with a focus on knowing our purpose for writing.  We will begin our first narrative writing this week.

Spelling: We are still on sort 1.  Our test will be on Friday.  The contract is due on Friday with evidence of the 4 activities or 4 parent initials/dates in any of the boxes on the back of the contract. Spelling Homework Sort1

Grammar: We are going to begin using mentor sentences this week.  This is one of the ways we identify grammar, spelling, and usage in a mentor text.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our map skills unit this week.  We are going to be looking at some of the major geographical features that we will be studying this year.  We will create a map in class on Monday that will be the study guide for the test on Friday.  The students are responsible for knowing the cardinal/intermediate directions on a compass rose and be able to identify and label 6 major geographical features.  Look for the study guide on Monday.

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Week of August 6th

What a wonderful first week!  I’m so fortunate to have such an amazing group of 4th graders in my class!  It’s going to be an awesome year and I’m looking forward to partnering with you.  Check out this week’s highlights and important dates to mark on your calendar.


August 9th – Open House at 6pm

August 29th – Early Release at 12:30pm



Math – We are beginning our unit on place value.  We will working working on recognizing large numbers and representing those numbers in various ways.

Reading – We are beginning reader’s workshop.  We will focus on good reading habits,  what it means to think about our reading and how to show what we are thinking and how to select good-fit books.

Writing – We are beginning writer’s workshop.  We will focus on generating ideas, building writing stamina, what the qualities of good writing are and how to celebrate our writing.

Spelling – We are beginning our spelling unit.  Your child will bring a spelling contract home on Monday and they are assigned to a specific group based on their current spelling pattern needs.  The contract and activities are not due until Friday, August 17th. Here is a copy of the list: Spelling Homework Sort1

Grammar – I teach grammar in a variety of ways.  This week, I will focus on explicit instruction of irregular nouns.

Social Studies – We are beginning a unit on map skills.  We will focus on using a compass rose to identify cardinal directions, using intermediate directions, understanding a letter/number grid system to determine location, using a legend to identify different features of map and how to use scale on a map.


Week of August 1st

Welcome to 4th grade!  This is going to be a fantastic year.  I’m looking forward to getting to know your children this week and helping them grow!

This week we will spend our time doing the following:

  • Establishing a classroom community
  • Learning procedures for the classroom and the school
  • Organizing our materials
  • Learning about our teacher and classmates
  • Establishing rules and expectations
  • Learning about our strengths and areas for growth

We will be playing some games, participating in activities and even taking a few pre-assessments to help me know where the students are in their learning.

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