Wednesday, April 1st

Here is our learning plans for the day!

April 1st

I loved seeing everyone today on our Zoom call!  It was fun to see everyone and hear what you all have been up to! You all are learning many new things!  Molly can now ride her bike, Liam knows how to find South Dakota on the map, Francesco was our first in Math leader and  Alison even baked a cake!

Monday, March 30th

Here we go into week 3! Parents you are doing an awesome job and I love seeing all our students work!  This week is the new material as stated in my email.  Remember to let me know if you have any questions.  All the Nearpod codes are on your daily assignment page.

Monday March 30th

Don’t forget to use for all the sites you need.


Can’t wait to talk with everyone again this week through our Zoom calls, and see you in our small groups too!  Have a fantastic Monday!!

Thursday, March 26th

You got this!!  Here is our learning plan for the day.  See your email for the Nearpod codes.  Check your email for some info about Home learning codes for our class Seesaw account, Epic account and First in Math.  Don’t forget to use for where all our info is located each day.

Thursday 3-26

cleverWe had fun with the chalk challenge and there were some hard working math students this week!!!  Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, March 24th

Here is the link to our assignments for today.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I can’t wait to see everyone on our Zoom call at 10!  I will email the Nearpod code to you.

Tuesday 3-24

I hope Liam had a great birthday!!  I love all the birthday cakes you all drew for him! Here is a peek at our fun!

Monday, March 23rd

Attached is our digital learning plan for Monday, March 23rd!

I will be looking forward to hearing from each of you as you are working through your assignments.

If you would like quick access to all assignments as well as easy links to past math games, and other useful sites…try

Select “Login as student” then “Login with Clever” Then use you student # for user name and password. **If asked to choose a new password, just enter your student # again. When you choose my class, everything you will need online for the day is linked up for you ready to go. Let me know if this site makes it easier to access everything. Other schools have tried this and are loving its ease of use.

OR… Just click on the “Digital Assignments for Monday 3-23rd link below and a Word document will download for you to see our assignments for the day:

Monday 3-23

Newsletter for March 23rd:       March 23rd  Click here for newsletter

Go to

I love the pictures of your drawings each day!!  Thanks for sharing all the great work you have been doing!  Watch for my email in the morning with the codes and extra goodies I like to send!

Yay! Sophie lost a tooth and Liam has a birthday today!!  Here are some pics from Friday’s Fun!