A letter to parents

Dear Parent or Guardian,

As you most likely know by now Cobb County Schools have been closed until further notice starting Monday March 16th. To minimize the disruption to your student’s education we have put a plan in place for this difficult time.

Here is the plan for Physics:

From the beginning of the semester, students were required to have access to Schoology and the access code is

XH5F-KHNR-5TD87 (in case they need to join the courses again). We have already been using Schoology as a resource to post notes, assignments, and use the calendars to inform students of our daily activities.

Check the Schoology web site daily for updates.

On today, Friday, all students received the assignments for Unit 6 which would take about two weeks to complete. For students who were absent, they need to get the copy from Schoology. All students are required to work on assignments based on the calendar, and the answer key will be posted at the end of the day so they can check for accuracy, and the answer key will be available only for 2 days. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me I will be available between the hours of 10:30 and 12 pm Monday-Friday for student questions/concerns. My phone number is 404-513-9210. Of course, you can email me at any time at  soheyla.sadeghiani@cobbk12.org  ,and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please include your child’s name in the email so I may better address any questions you may have.

My hope is that with a little creativity and technology our students will still receive quality instruction and not simply busywork.


Best Regards,


Soheyla Sadeghiani