First Practice Success!!!

Thank you to all of the students and parents who came to practice on Monday! I think it went well. The first few practices are always a bit bumpy. Once the kids get more comfortable with their events and expectations, they tend to soar.

Thank you for the snack donation…BIG hit! If you have not signed up for snack, please do so using the link on this site.

The Water Rocket team is in need of 2 liter COKE product bottles. Please send in your empty/clean bottles to Mrs. Jones’ classroom. Thank you!

I’ll be attending a coaches meeting this week and will send out any new or updated information as needed.


Kelly Jones

Placement for the Events

The events for this year are all very exciting! I know each student will put forth their best effort to make our team shine. Event placement is not an easy task. I must consider the sessions for both county and state to make sure that no student has overlapping events. I also consider the top three choices of students and work very hard to ensure they each get at least one of their top choices. I will be placing event descriptions and directions online and contacting parent coaches. We will begin practice on Monday, October 2nd. If the parent coaches prefer to practice outside of school, I can send all materials home with you.

Parents, please sign up for snacks. The sign up is online. Click on the link on the home page. 


Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Science Olympiad Team Members!

4th Graders (10) and 5th Graders (8)

Sid Malla

Jana Malla

Freddy Wu

Chloe Park

Akash Singh

Rohan Kalia

Adith Sriram

Medha Krishna

Tanvi Bhandurge

Aashrith Muppalla

Aleeza Bandukwala

Jacob Thottungal

Ezra Brooks

Jack Herbert

Will Henninger

Ritvik Ranjan

Abhijeet Ghosh

Vamsikrishna Tadi

 Brinda Gururaj -Shadowing/Alternate

Students, please respond to this form by Friday, September 15th, to tell us which 3 events that you are most interested in being a member. Look at each event and read the description given before deciding on your top 3. Returning Science Olympiads, it is VERY HELPFUL if you select at least one of your events from last year so that you can be the expert and work with a new member this year. Please see Mrs. Jones if you have any questions. 

Students, please post a welcome video on this Flipgrid. You can see Mrs. Jones’ video as an example. Reply to the others to welcome them to the team!

Parents, please subscribe to this site with your email. Thanks!