Team Recognition and Thank you!

Thank you to the families who contributed towards my coach’s gift! I love you all and could not have done this without you!

I hope you heard about our moment of fame today! Our team was recognized on WESE!!! Maria Clark, our principal, could not be more proud of this group of students.

SAVE your SHIRTS! – Our school’s Science Olympiad team will be recognized at a Board of Education meeting in the fall. Mrs. Clark and I will reach out to all of our members to ensure everyone has the date and time. This is a huge honor and I am extremely proud and excited for this team!

Enjoy the summer!

Kelly Jones


PARTY today and WESE tomorrow!

Wow! It was an amazing day on Saturday! We are excited to celebrate today from 2:30 – 3:00. We can eat some cake and take more pictures with our FIRST PLACE TROPHY!

Tomorrow, I’d like all kids to wear their Science Olympiad tee-shirt for our WESE announcement. Mrs. Clark, our principal, wants to announce our big win on the school news. She cannot be here today due to a meeting but wants everyone to know she is super excited and proud of our team!

Thanks for everything! See you today!


Room for the Day

Thank you to Meilin, William’s mom, for reserving a room for us at KSU! Here are the details below. We can meet there at 7:30 to drop off our things. If you get there closer to 8:00, please head to the Convocation Center to meet up with our team.

The building is closer to Central Deck Parking than East Parking Deck.  I would recommend to park at Central Deck for those who decide to drop off things at the classroom first that morning.

Here is what she said:  “I have reserved a classroom in Education Building (Building D on the ESO Event Map).  It is room 327 (on the 3rd floor),  Food and drinks are okay in the room.  The only request is to ask parents and students not to touch the technology equipment in the room (which I know our kids usually have a good understanding about this).   There are restrooms and water fountain right outside of the classroom, and it’s connected with Kennesaw Hall with covered bridge.   It’s an easy access to Convocation Center (walking distance from the other end of Kennesaw Hall is only a block to Convocation Center, like 30 steps, uncovered though), and right by the Campus Green area.  It has a window you can look out to the Campus Green.”

Thank you again!!!

Updated information on Rain for Saturday

It looks like we will have an assigned space on Saturday… as soon as I find out, I will let you know.

Here is the latest info:

Do NOT set up on the Campus green.  Go to your rain locations and set up your team spot.  We’ll put out signs with team names to make it easier.  Space will be limited, so please keep this in mind when bringing materials.  Rain is not the ideal condition for Saturday’s event, but it is what we have.  And we’ll make the best of it.  😊

  • Opening Ceremonies Plan
  • No parade of teams.
  • Gather team.
  • Enter Convocation Center, take stairs to bottom floor or enter bottom floor from side door.
  • Teams will enter through rear doors in gym.  We will seat you on the floor.
  • NO BANNERS please.  There isn’t any room.
  • Parents sit in the stands.

Water Rockets will shoot in the rain.  If there is lightening, we will not launch.  But that is the only thing that will stop us.  😊

Rain Plans

I will update as soon as I can with more details. As of now, I am not bringing a tent since it looks like rain most of the day. Here is the email that I received yesterday:

It looks like we might have the opportunity to sing in the rain a little on Saturday.  We’ll be soggy and make the best of it.  Attached is our Rain Plan for the event.  Teams from each group will need to find a location in each of the buildings listed to make their “Home Base.”  You’ll be in the hallways and common spaces of each building.  Please consider the following:

  1. If it is raining at 8:00.  No parade of teams.  Gather team.  Enter Convocation Center, take stairs to bottom floor or enter from side door.  We will seat you on the floor.   Parents sit in the stands.
  2. All teams from your groups will need to find a “spot” in these building.  Try to condense as much as possible.
  3. Keep an lane open as a walkway for people to navigate.  Perhaps trying to keep all teams on one side of the hallway with a walkway along the other side.
  4. Yes, parents may sit with teams.  Just remember it may get cozy.
  5. T-shirt Vendor will be set up in the lobby of the Convocation Center.
  6. We will launch as many water rockets as possible.  We will try to adjust launch times around the rain if possible.  However, if all teams are not allowed to launch we will not be able to award medals/ribbons this event.


Group A Teams:

We will do our best to designate areas for people in the Convocation Center.  Keep in mind that we need to make sure people can enter and exit the building safely for opening ceremonies.  Do not block doors and keep a walk way clear.

Reminders and Tips for Saturday

Here are some helpful tips and reminders for Saturday. Please visit the Science Olympiad home page for exact details and a printable schedule.

  • We have a tent that I will bring. When parents arrive, we set it up together. It’s a fun day and I always look forward to spending time with the team and our amazing families.

  • Remember, parking is $10 per car – cash only

  • Look for our team area around the campus green/near the convocation center.

  • Bring a folding chair to sit on and food for the day. There is very little for purchase at KSU.

  • Feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share.

  • Some parents bring blankets and games for the kids to sit on and play while they wait for events.

  • My cell is 770-312-2070 in case of emergency.

  • Sign up for REMIND – to get notifications through the day. The link is here:

  • Bring any Science Olympiad bins and materials back to school before May 17th so I can restock for next year. 

Saturday is our BIG Day

Saturday is just a few days away! Please remember to read important details, schedules, parking fee, and maps on

The 2019 Georgia ESO will be held at Kennesaw State University’s main campus in Kennesaw.  The best locations for parking are the East Deck and Central Deck.  Parking will be $10 per car – cash.  If you have not turned in your required paperwork, please do so this week. Thank you!

Our end-of-year celebration and team party will be on Monday, May 13 from 2:30 – 3:00 in Mrs. Jones’ classroom. I hope you can join us for the celebration and a sweet treat!


Important Information – Please Read

Science Olympiad at KSU Updates


The following link contains important documents that you must complete for the May 11th competition. Please click on the link and download the forms. The forms need to be returned to Mrs. Jones no later than May 1. Thank you! I will have more information about the day as we get closer. Click on the image below to go to the link.

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